I want to have exercise as my routine for the morning which it currently is, but I don’t want it every morning, as I feel guilty skipping it on days when it isn’t possible. Can I vary the task list for morning routines across the week? I. E. Due to work commitments I can’t work out on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I don’t know what to do on those days when it comes up in morning Routine. I have stretch set every day which is great, but want to vary the exercise portion.

Julian S.
Keep doing the routine exercise during the day . Try to do every morning after brushing teeth. if you skip it in morning do it once you are back from work have tea take rest then stretch in the evening . If you miss a day continue the next day .
Kimberly U.
As long as you do 5 to 10 minutes of stretching everyday, just check the box when your finished even if you have a 30, 45, or 60 minute exercise session scheduled. You are the only person you are checking this box off for. No one else matters. If you know that the 60 min exercise sesh isnt for that day, just check it off when you complete your stretching. The point is to be in a habit of getting up and moving no matter how long you do it for. Tues and thurs do your stretches then check, all other days do long and check. The timer doesnt matter, only that you did what you were supposed to do.
Lindsay W.
I think the best thing to do here is not to feel bad if you HAVE to skip it on certain days. In earnest, however, the point of the daily routines is to make time for it every day.
Even if I can't complete the exercise component in the morning, I make sure to make time for it every single day, and just snooze the reminder as needed until I have a the time to complete it. In the long and short of things, they're daily rituals… making them a "when its convenient" task defeats the purpose.
Katja X.
I just mark things done whenever I have planned to not do it or have a rest day, since it is important to have rest days etc. No need to feel guilt.
Francesco T.
Why don’t you do it in the evening? There are some times I miss the morning exercise. But I really enjoy fulfilling daily exercise task even in the evening.
Connie T.
Give your commitment for doing exercises later on.Yoga and Walking/Running can also be included in exercises.So you don’t feel guilty.
Alexander N.
Not an answer but I completely agree. The biggest flaw for this app is that it sets you up to fail/cheat since it’s impossible to do the exact same thing every single morning – sometimes you’re traveling, sometimes you had a late night before, sometimes your 2-year old wakes up early etc. this app would benefit from having a weekly routine as well as a daily
Victor F.
Hi, why don't you try a quick yoga session on the days you can do your regular workout routine? I use that for the days something goes wrong and I run out of time to a full length workout session. Btw, yoga is great!
Frederic U.
I put the exercise time as a separate routine and then set the alarm for only certain days of the week. That way it shows that I complete the rest of my morning routine every day and the exercise only on the days I plan.
Jana P.
Hi! This is a real and genuine issue that a lot of people struggle with. I know you may feel guilty skipping a day or two, but sometimes that’s what you need to do because your body needs time to rest! But if you really want to get some activity in anyway, I would suggest going on a 15-20 minute walk before or after work, or maybe even on your lunch break. You could also try to incorporate a night time yoga flow before you go to bed.
Elias B.
Its better to put variety according to ypur lifestyle, that way you don't get too used to it, and you stop seeing it as a chore you have to do every morning, but more like making it a comfortable "me-time" for you and your body. It's good to take breaks weekly to allow your body to get healed and avoid getting your muscles hurt. Variety also keeps things fun and interesting!
Alyssa F.
I have the same problem. I’m not very tech savvy, so I can’t figure out how. When I don’t have time for something, I just check it off anyway. That’s all I can really think to do though. Sorry for the bad answer 🙂
Angie X.
Professional trainees said that you have exercising day after day. It is mean 3-4 times per week only. But if you move 2 days on the evening is even better your still will exercising every day:)
Mahyar Z.
It’s good that you do stretches everyday and it’s totally fine to let your body rest twice a week. Resting let your muscles grow better. Make it a habit and you will enjoy it