How do you have workout clothes at the ready?

Ethan F.
I normally work out in a t-shirt and athletic shorts, which is basically what I wear any time of day. As long as they are comfortable, breathable, and able to move with your body, you're good. I also swim on a team, so I get ready for practice every morning, obviously ready to swim in a bathing suit.
Kevin P.
I put my clothes out the night before including my shoes. I have one article out all the time as a reminder to set the rest of clothes out . Works for me 😊
Nora P.
I lay them out the night before and it helps more than you would except and it give you some motivation to go too and that is awesome 😀
Tess E.
Yes, I have an entire drawer dedicated to workout clothes. It may be beneficial to put out a set of clothes next to my workout bike to remind/motivate me to exercise daily.
Elizabeth T.
I put them next to my bed in the closet sorted by bodypart. I always make sure I wash them regular so i wont run out of clothes. My shoes are also often in my bedroom.
Gundi U.
I think i do exercise normally, i don't need to prepare too much. I only need shorts with a T-shirt, maybe sneakers. THAT'S ALL.!!
Anthony F.
My entire wardrobe is workout clothes mainly. I prefer fashion for function and comfort mainly guess that just dertermined my being
Louisa P.
I normally wear something I can work out in at night and workout at my house. Take my dogs for a long walk and do some small things.
Aurore E.
I usually set them up like I set out my clothes for the day, but in a different place, like near the bed or in the bathroom, so they're the first thing i put on in the morning. Then my mind is already getting geared up to go to the gym or start the day.
Jamie T.
I don't have workout clothes yet. But I need to add that to my to do list. A task that will be difficult considering it is summer outside, and my thighs rub together with shorts on.
C Lia Q.
Prepare my clothes before I go to bed, I always put it beside my bed, so that I'll put it on immediately when I wake up❤️
There's another one small thing I'll do before I sleep, I'll get my exercise bag ready, and place it at the door handle where I could see in the morning💃
I m dressed up, the bag is ready, I've had my good breakfast, every single step are all remind me to walk out right away💪

Ps. When I m in my bed, I'll try to imagine what i'll do the next morning, it kinda helps me prebuild a routine that would happen the next morning.

Elba N.
To be honest I think it's a great idea to sleep with the clothes on as the app suggests, but I don't do it because after a few hours I feel to warm and I tend to wake up. So what I do is: I prepare them and put them beside my bed (e.g. you can put them on the floor, bedside table or chair). So they are there beside me and it's not much effort to put them on as soon as I get out of bed.
Laila U.
I either take them out of my drawer and put them on my chair, or else they are folded neatly in my drawer for easy removal.
Lana O.
I have them right beside my bed, most importantly the first thing i see should remind me of the pleasure of movement. Remember: how great it is to be able to move your whole body, then is seems preposterous to whine about some workout. Love yourself, take care of yourself-enjoyment is key!
Gaetano U.
I put the clothes in the bathroom the night before, and I have socks ready in the shoes in the morning so everything is prepared.
Tobias N.
I don’t. Actually I find it strange to answer this as a how question.
When I have it ready, I keep it in a box next to my bed, so I can put them on instead of a pajamas or such.
I don’t workout in shoes, so there’s that. Born ready, but no tangible object to remind me to do the work.
Vanessa U.
Don't overthink what workout clothes can be. I always have my workout clothes ready on a shelf for when I need them but they are just an old, loose, thin, cotton shirt and some shorts. You can also use pajamas as workout clothes too! Hope that helps!
Frida E.
I have my workout clothes hanging in my closet and drawer and it is the first thing you see, so when I need them, I can quickly take them out, put them on, and head out the door to the park or elsewhere.
Charlotte Z.
I make exercise part of my routine, I go to the office riding my bicycle and I need to have my closet settled up for that, pants, T-shirts and snickers on and then a change for the office
Abelardo F.
I put everything including socks out on my dresser and put my shoes nearby on the ground. This eliminates having to think about what to wear.