How long do you like to sit and breathe for before exercising?

Delores F.
I guess that would depend on what type of workout I’m doing. If its cardio or lifting I don’t sit and breathe. In my mind that almost seems counterproductive, not saying it is, but it just seems that way. With yoga or something of that nature I usually sit for a few minutes, up to 5 just being.
Gene O.
I use the first 5 minutes of my workout session to do some yoga stretches and deep breathing to open up my body. It makes a huge difference in the energy i put during my workout.
Kaylee O.
I’m not sure if i’m understanding correctly but I will try to answer. I rest between sets of exercise for 45 seconds or thereabouts. If i’ve Been struggling with the move, I try to figure out what’s giving me trouble & how to fix it, visualize myself doing it correctly, etc.
I don’t generally do a big think before working out, however, if that’s what you meant.
Lucy O.
I like to prep and then jump in. Although if the routine in doing includes moments of stillness, I'm all in. I don't really take time after either, I jump to the next thing. Perhaps I should evaluate this and try a little stillness before and after.
Brooklyn W.
I am in the making exercise a sticky habit journey so there is a routine I follow in the 5-6 minutes before starting my routine which involves mindfulness so there is some sitting and reflecting but not much. it takes about 5 minutes or so to put on my workout clothes so not much sitting and breathing before but definitely after for about 2-3 minutes especially when I am answering what i am celebrating
Asta N.
I never thought about doing that before. I usually just get up and start. However, from now on I will take a minute of deep breathing before starting
Priscilla U.
Sometimes “breath in – breath out and go for it”. But in the morning I have to gather my thoughts for a while. I think, at least 10 minutes.
Brooke W.
I normally jump out of bed, drink water and go right into pushups. But i do like the idea of taking 1 minute of deep breathe before starting.
Ana S E.
Hii! Well, I like to sit and breathe for around a minute. It’s not too long and not too short. For me, breathing and sitting before I do exercise is something that shouldn’t take long. But of course, everyone is different. So, maybe , you can take a moment to sit and breathe, and stay there until you feel you feel energized.
Rebecca R.
I like to do a few different breathing exercises before working out. They tend to be between 3-5 mins each for a total of 15mins breathing exercise. If I'm rushed for time I prefer to cut my work out in half than sacrifice on the breathing.