After my exercise, I feel tired, and like I don’t have enough energy for the rest of my tasks… how should I change this?

Marie C.
Probably the problem is that your exercises have high intensity. I think starting low intensity would be better beginning. Stretching and yoga are great options.
Samantha U.
take those feelings as a signal from my body that I should keep going. it may have been the first time I've moved my body in a while and that's my bodies way of bringing my attention to this and use those feelings as motivation to move forward with confidence that it will get better. as I continue to give this love and appreciation to my body, I will begin to feel energized and motivation to complete the rest of my day with a happy heart, mind and body.
Nafi N.
i feel you! i feel very groggy after exercising sometimes. but luckily i have learned a few tricks to prevent it! first off, start your workout with something light, like stretches. it will keep your mind at peace. second, eat something energising before! like yoghurt, water or fresh fruit. dont stick to coffee though! third, make sure you are getting enough sleep:))
Inessa E.
Consider whether you are ready for the intensity of the exercise you are doing.
Are you new to exercise or out of the habit of exercising? It’s easier to get back into exercise if you have been into exercise in the past. Less so if you haven’t.

Consider whether you are taking in sufficient healthy and energy-rich foods. You may need to eat (maybe a slow release apple and banana) before you exercise if time is limited before you exercise. You’ll want to gauge how soon you are comfortable exercising after you’ve eaten.

Olu E.
After working out , I usually eat something with energy then take a rest for some minutes before continuing my day and stretching also helps
Brittany J.
Maybe try drinking more water throughout your day. Try having a light healthy snack before and after exercise. And less sweets. I am anemic so this happens to me a lot what I have listed has helped me tremendously.
Lorenzo Y.
See.Its normal to feel tired after exercising.If you feel like you don't have enough energy for the rest of your tasks it's fine.Just do one thing.Make your exercise light.Here is a list of a few exercises you should do and will not make you feel tired:
1.wall sir for 30 seconds(if 30s is difficult for you then do it for 15s)
3.step up onto chair for 30s
5.Jumping jacks for 15s
If you do these 5 exercises regularly you will not feel tired.
Hope my answer was helpful.And yes don't give up on exercising just because you feel tired try the exercises I listed it will help.
Laila E.
Do stretching and meditation after exercise this helps to cool down relax both your body and mind giving energy for rest of the day. It works for me 🙃
Willow F.
That could depend on a lot of different factors like:
What time of the day do you do your workout? Is it fresh out of bed when your energy stores haven’t been depleted yet or at the end of a busy workday? And are you nurturing your body enough so that it has energy to be active? Maybe you’re not sleeping enough? All of these things okay a role in how energetic you feel after a workout!
Meta X.
You can do less exercise, Star with 10min then 12 and so on… Also you can change the exercise try with something it's easy and funny like dancing or ride a bike.
Pj Z.
May be it's because of heavy workouts or not having a enough sleep I think you have to take much care about it
It's only my opinion
Laila E.
Do stretching and meditation after exercise this helps to cool down your body and mind, giving you energy for rest of the day. It works for me. 🙃
Philip F.
Typically after a workout I’ll make a smoothie and the tends to help my energy levels go back to normal or I’ll have a cup of coffee right after while I’m prepping the smoothie up