What do you do when you are so completely exhausted from running around all day, working like crazy, and taking care of the little ones? I crawl my way to bed at night. What could I do to find the energy to exercise?

Mikaila E.
Do small exercises, nothing too intense. The littlest things to start. With time it will become second nature and you can start doing it for longer or more intense.
Jose Q.
I normally try to excercise displine even in resting, specially when I still have other things to be done, the more indispensable the tasks the shorter the time to rest.
I lay on the least comfortable place, e.g. On the floor… Tell myself, e.g. 15 min. rest, and I measure the time with my biological clock (without looking at the watch).
Stand up with attitude and Just Do It.
Oscar O.
I think about some gift I can give myself if I do some exercise (even little). Once I start, I know from experience that I will feel better afterwards, so it becomes a habit. The hardest thing is to start doing something!
Lynn P.
Honestly, I don't go to the gym, run or do any form of exercise requiring high energy, since I also run around between work, homemaking and little ones.

I DO however make a proper effort to stretch first thing in the morning and I try to do light ab exercises to heal my diastisis recti. I find that the stretches (especially shoulders and upper back) get rid of any leftover sleepy haze and small cramps and wakes me properly to start the day's activities.

Stretching is also nice and quiet, so there's very little chance of waking the kids before I'm ready.

Sadrudine S.
The most effective way is to build it into a happy!
What I would recommend is working out at the same time each day/night.
Set your self a visual cue, something that triggers your mind to go “oh when I see this/do this I am to then go exercise”. It could be getting into your workout gear, it could be setting up your workout space.
After you workout then set yourself a little reward, something that you will only give yourself after you exercise.
That way when your mind sees your cue, it will think oh when u see this, if I exercise, I then get this reward.
Do this until it becomes automatic and then you will have a lasting habit