How do you keep the exercise up 7 days a week?

Carlo O.
I personally feel lethargic and unable to do very much if I don’t excersize once per day. But on the days I feel lethargic but still can’t get myself to workou, I’ll have it be a light day where I do something short. Then on days I feel average or good, I’ll make it a harder day so that I feel a bigger sense of accomplishment. But truthfully you have to enjoy the feeling and empowerment you get after excersizing. Then you have to let that feeling drive you to prioritize that in your life. There’s no subsitute for that motivation and hard work
Aljinan N.
I put a reminder on the time I need to exercise on , always remember my goal and remind myself that i need to exercise for my health because people know they need to take care of themselves so that's what they do .