what do you do to complete the exercise goal?

Isabel P.
I like to run while listening to some 80s rock to hype me up. Since its summer ive also been going to the pull with my friends
Veronica A.
What I do to complete an exercise goal is by completing it to get it over with without having to stress over it and having to make up for the next day.
Tomothy O.
To complete my exercise goal, I do different things. I use the free workouts available in this app. However, when I'm feeling a bit lazy, I turn to alternate workouts that can be done while seated. Finch is a great app to use because it has workouts and stretches you can do while seated and stood up; all for free. There's also YouTube, and other platforms and social media's that can help. You can also ask family or friends or other trusted people for tips and even workouts.
Adolyne Q.
It depends on the day and what I feel like doing. Sometimes you just need to get moving fast and sometimes you need walk or to stretch out. But committing to movement for a period time each morning is what benefits you most mentally and physically