What are some easy and quick exercises that you can do in the morning with just your body weight? I currently use dumbbells in my exercise routine but would like to mix it up a bit. Thanks!

Eddie B.
I try my best to make sure I can handle my body weight by doing body weight exercises like push-ups, squats, lunges, planks, dips from a chair etc. They really do go a long way
Ylenia Z.
I always suggest yoga! Even small exercises can lead to great progress. Try with some morning routine or the sun salutation.
Jane N.
Push ups, from the floor or from a countertop. Run stairs instead of going. Sit ups with you're feet on a chair or in the air.
Margherita N.
I started using a lot of different “15 minutes dance workout” that I find on YouTube! There are many diverse videos with music and exercises of any kind. Everyday it’s different, it’s fun, it gets me moving, and I’m more willing to keep going than when I do the usual exercises. And it puts me in a great mood!
Anna Y.
I think it really depends on what you’re looking to work on most! Like core or arms or cardio? Planks, donkey kicks, I love squats and there’s actually like a million different ways to use dumbbells and squat which I love and a lot of stretches and lunges you do can do just using a chair those are some of my favorites. Wall sits those are really easy and great for your core. I do little stuff like that while I watch tv. Jumping jacks are great cardio, sit ups. I always recommend just trying a bunch and finding what you feel works best. I love the stuff that makes me sweat and scream and really pushes me but that’s easy enough I can do it on and off through the day to keep me focused so like a lot of stamina type things like squats and etc that I’ve aforementioned and I actually made a spreadsheet for it and I have a binder with it and form references and cues so you have all the resources out there I’m sure you can give it a great go. ❤️ Hope you find what works best ❤️
Taylor P.
Calisthenics is this easiest set of routines to follow, but personally I balance my weight sessions with HIIT circuits on YouTube 🙂
Tamara Z.
Yoga is an excellent way to build strength in all muscles. Plank pose is especially effective, and then you can learn side planks and other useful poses.
Priscila F.
Hi, I usually do 30 sit-ups,20 crunches,30 sec Russian twists,30 sec mountain climbers,30 sec bicycle crunches and a 30 sec plank in the mornings it takes about 5-10 minutes and is not too hard.
Bye 😀
Romain Z.
I've been putting on yoga videos, just starting with five minute or shorter videos. Yoga is a form of strength training, and I hear it's great for your mental health too! I also have a little booklet with exercises, and I wrote some down on it too. Examples are squats, lunges, burpees, pushups (I just do wall pushups), crunches, hip lifts, dips, planks, jumping jacks, and jogging in place. I also like to run every other day. I started with five minutes, and now I can run twenty minutes sometimes. And dancing is fun too! Good luck on your exercising!
Rebecca P.
I use the Workout Trainer Skimble app and here I created 5 "8min workout" selecting only the exercises I would like to do in the morning ( so easy and light). You could try too. I suggest yoga and Pilates exercises if you want to go zero/low effort, and something like barre exercises or dancing moves for intensive/aerobic workout. In this way, you only need your body and nothing else ( at max something like a chair for the barre exercises)and you don't need to lay down on a mat or anything that could disincentive you. Personally I find all of these really working for me.
N Amh Z.
Listen to your favourite upbeat song and just dance. Get you pumped for the day while still moving the body and exercising but it doesnt feel like exercising
Sonia Z.
You can use resistance bands to do clams, glutes workout such as fire hydrants , glute kickbacks and hip abductions. Do sets of 3 of each exercise it should take you about 20 mins.
Hope that helps !
It S Me V E.
For quick morning cardio I would do some jumping jacks and high knees in place to get your heart pumping and ready to go. I think holding a plank for 30 seconds would also be a good morning exercise. And if you wanted to do a quick core exercise you should do either crunches or bicycle crunches. I hope this helps 🙂
Tim T.
Do jumping rope for the warm up after you do the stretching then push ups, squats (try the different variations), do some core exercises
Marjorie U.
I definitely suggest squats and pushups! Learn about the proper form for each, and don't feel bad if you can't do many the correct way at the start. It's more important to perfect the form than it is to aim for a lot of reps.