Do you ever start to enjoy exercise?

Maria E.
Yes! I used to dislike exercise, but now I look forward to doing it everyday. It's also helpful to do exercise that you like (bike riding, material arts, ect.)
Annelies X.
Since I am personally not a good friend of sports and exercises, I find myself enjoying dancing to music much more and so I tend to dance double the time of an exercise. Learning dance routines or watching dance tutorials can level up your exercises!
Jimmy U.
I decided to start a healthy regime at the beginning of the year to go along with my healthy eating. I always enjoyed yoga so I had to push myself to be consistent. I knew if I tried to go out I wouldn’t be consistent enough so I found an app I can do whatever time I chose. Luckily, I do it in the morning or the evening when the feeling hits.
Nina J.
Absolutely! The first few times I start a new routine, I often lose motivation, whether it's an exercise or just washing my face in the morning. When I really push through and get to it being a habit, exercise will improve my motivation, mental health, my spirits and my confidence. Exercising always makes me feel good about myself and be happier. I enjoy exercising when I know I'm working towards something and when I know it's a struggle worth while. 😉 #goodvibes #yayexercise
Din F.
Yes, it makes me excited to pick out what video I want to follow, weather it’s an intense workout or just a yoga routine.
Danie B.
Not entirely, but a little bit, I have installed an app that allows you to customize the exercises. I'm Italian so I don't know if there is an English version but just write on the App Store or Google Play Store exercises at home and find several, install the one you like best and use it as much as you can
Philomena A.
Of course! It takes time but when you find the influencers that you feel comfortable following, it will feel amazing! Now I love my workout time, it makes me feel so good afterwards
Jamie J.
Yes, i started doing yoga recently and i’m really enjoying doing it. I had a problem with exercising recently, i couldn’t motivate myself to exercise at all and i’m really happy i finally found something that i like doing.
Jennifer U.
Yes absolutely! When you can see the progress you've made exercise becomes more of an opportunity to continue my path to success.
Jared W.
I do sometimes enjoy exercise. It always depends on how motivated I am to start an exercise. To get motivated, I like to think of the outcome in the end, or start off being in a good mood then I’m happy through out the work out. If your one of those people who dislike working out, I’m here to tell you if you start working out, don’t stop, because then all your hard work just goes down the drain. Also watch your diet if your exercising, because then you could just work out and gain all that weight that was just burned.
Michelle Z.
Yes I do enjoy exercising because it allows me to be more confident about my body image and also it makes me proud that I've done something productive
Danie B.
I often enjoy exercise especially with other people but often find it hard to work up the motivation to begin, as with other things that I enjoy or will bring me relief such as socialising or drinking water.
No Lie I.
Yes I do
A long time ago I was an athlete (softball player), but now my joints knees, shoulders and my back are rusty and sore. Every time I try to begin practice the pain is discomforting
Ida Y.
I can really enjoy a brief exercise because sometimes it just gives me an energy boost. Probably because while exercising you’re focused on your body instead of your mind. To me it’s a good distraction from my regular things
Kasper W.
I feel better after I do my morning yoga. Waking up with aches or a headache reminds me that I just have to take ten minutes in the morning to work that out of my body and be rid of it. And I choose a light routine so that I can have breakfast before and not feel sick.
Danie B.
Yeah you do actually. When you enjoy the exercise you're doing then you start to like exercising. You look forward to waking up to stretch. It's very nice.
Danie B.
YES!! always choose workouts you enjoy. so for me i chose short ones at first because it gave me the accomplished feeling of working out but it didn’t take much time