How do you motivate yourself, when you see that the others from a jogging group are showing much more rapid results and you seem to be stuck, despite big efforts?

Samantha Z.
I just do it. But that was when I worked on my doctorate. After the doctorate, I have done nothing. I feel depressed. I feel like I'm not accomplishing anything and I'm just sitting here. I make myself go through the motions. But I'm not excited about it anymore. I don't know how to get the excitement back. I think I expected big things once I finished the doctorate and then I moved from CA just at the time I would get the stipend and move forward-well I thought so. So I think since I left I stopped my forward motion. I didn't get the salary. I didn't get the job or deal and so I gave up. I have been feeling bad ever since. I'm a teacher here. I believe in CA I would have been made something. Just because they knew me. I didn't start my business because I didn't know what to do. I guess I gave up and stopped My own forward movement. I'm not gifted coordinator, I'm not making tons of money like CA, and I don't have the amazing CA restaurants I had. So why don't I mske the forward movement? When I got here I wanted to start my business, but I listened to my son and his wife because I wanted to impress them. My husband was scared and I gave in to his fear instead of understanding. I fought. I always wanted understanding, but I was the one not understanding. It's all been me!! Omg, it's all been me, however, I'm just going to change it, because how could I have known before the experience? We are all just having experiences and trying to learn from them. What are emotions for? They hold us back. They make us afraid. Or we overcome them.

Samantha Z.
Perseverance and faith in yourself. I’m not sure if my experiences will translate exactly over, but I was on a swim team for 11 years. At first you see massive growth, but then you hit a plateau. As if nothing you used to do that worked continues to work, and as if nothing you’re doing is working. However, work you put in is still work. Sometimes results go unseen for a little while, but I promise that if you continue to persevere and believe in yourself (as cheesy as it sounds) those results will come. Perhaps not today, nor tomorrow, nor next week. But when they do come, just know that you’ll be glad you kept going. It helps if you find people who keep you going or are willing to get through the grit together. Hope that helped!

Josephine O.
Well, heres a big piece of advice: Never, EVER, compare yourself with others. Others are different, so have different results. Don't pressure yourself. Slow processes have big results.