I have difficulties getting up early, the other habits of breakfast and water are easy, but the exercise remains difficult due to not wanting to go out of bed. If you had a similar problem, what helped you?

Tristan N.
I Personally struggle with this myself. But i tell myself if i get up and do my exercises i feel better maybe not during it but definitely after it
Maria B.
To make myself get out of bed I usually sit down and do a bit of meditation to calm down and to wake up the brain a little bit.
Jess Y.
I am this way myself. When my very first alarm goes off I have to take that opportunity to wake up. When you wake up right away you'll feel less tired. And then I wash my fash with morning wash to also wake me up. Then I drink a tall glass of ice water. Then I tell myself, if I excersice then I get a snack. If not then I domt get one
Honor S.
Well for me i hate getting out of bed so I do it first thing and I feel amazing after just visualise ur dream and voila.
Alicia T.
Going to bed early is most important. This can be difficult, but remind yourself that wasting time in the evening on social media is hurting you in the long run. Prioritize your health. Set reminders on your phone on note cards by your bed that encourage you to go to sleep.
There will be times where you can't go to bed earlier. An important task must be completed, you committed to celebrating a friend's birthday, or you are just struggling to sleep. That is ok. Have two plans for excercise. One if you wake up on time and one if you only have 10 minutes or less. If you find you are waking up but just laying in bed make a third plan of in bed stretches and exercises to warm up your body. Then if you still have time do your shorter work out. If you miss a day don't beat yourself up about it, just do better the next day.
Zeinab Z.
I had the same problem but I started with some stretches in the bed for the morning , then I started practicing restorative yoga on the mat . You don't have to start with some hard practice all what you need to is to tell your body that you are awake now
Tomislav X.
You have to get out of bed for breakfast, so after breakfast, before getting back in bed, you should at least try for 5 minutes of exercise. Fabulous provides great less-than-10-minutes exercises to choose from.
Weronika X.
I am.in the same situation. I find it hard to get up and out of the bed in the morning I feel like bed is the only nice option then! However every evening or so I think what time I am going to get up next morning and always set my alarm. I is usually set for 7 am sometimes I set it to a different time just to see if I can get up. I have accepted my struggle and I am trying every morning as until now I am not able to get up in he morning 🌞 good luck just keep trying and don't be hard to yourself 😉🌈🌈