If you don’t like exercising alone what do you do to compensate that besides seeking others if you don’t have others to exercise with?

Cameron F.
There are platforms online with live classes you can tune into, i would google “live yoga classes” or whatever you want to do and find people doing it the same time as you! It’s like long distance workout groups 😊
Emmie Y.
Actually I like to exercise alone. This way I can go at my own pace without the worry that I’m going to too slow or too fast. I can focus myself and doing the exercises correctly and efficiently.
Mads Z.
Initially I used preworkout supplements to get me amped up to train. Now I've built up a habit of exercising so i no longer rely on them
Faustina Q.
Well, a good option for me has always been to listen to music. But often times when I workout I'll FaceTime my friends and we'll workout together. You could also get a small group together.
Edgar Z.
Good question. I don’t how to answer this. But I’ll give it a go. Keep in mind, I’m not experienced with having an exercise habit.
Try listening to music, podcast, anything audio to fill in the silent void. That’s something that I can think of.
Find activities that you can do by yourself. Whether it’s running, walking, hiking, dancing. There’s some activities you like to do with others, and other activities you like doing by yourself.
Travis C.
Two suggestions. First, apps. Several mobile apps include voice-guided exercise programs, which isn't a perfect replacement for exercising with others but does increase the motivation you feel when not alone and pushing yourself. I've tried a few and found them all helpful.

And, second, attitude. I know you didn't ask for advice on perspective, but so much of exercise, especially weightlifting, is mental. If you can change how you think about exercising, then you can conjure up serious motivation. For example, set a goal and consider an exercise part of a personal challenge. Or, think of it as a game with progressively harder levels to beat.

Claudeci Q.
I listen to podcasts while I work out. It helps give me something to look forward to. I also walk my dog, which I think has been the biggest boost in my consistency with walking. It would be nice to have a specific person or group to work out with, but the podcasts are at a good start.
Jerry S.
I don't mind exercising alone anymore but I used to. What I would do to keep myself motivated was use workout videos that had a lot of people in the video. I hated watching the videos where there were only two or three people and everyone was perfectly synced with each other while I could barely catch on to what the actual move was. I noticed when I watched the videos with a crowd there would always be a couple of people who didn't have it down perfect… Like me… So I would feel more comfortable. And I would write down my goals and my progress and make sure to put it somewhere I could see it everyday. Like the bathroom mirror. That way I wouldn't forget and push myself no matter what. Street a while I started to tell myself "this is my goal, not my friends. I'm responsible for me, not them, so if they don't wanna participate, I won't short myself!"
Mathias X.
Listen to music or look up videos online! YouTube has a ton of options and it's kind of a virtual way to have someone there.
Claire Y.
Talk with a supportive friend on the phone. They can help keep you accountable and it's not a bad time to catch up with them.
Jost S.
As a senior citizen, I'm more inclined to stick to low impact excercise, like walking, yoga, and Pilates to build core strength.
Ekkehard X.
A workout video with other people in it is good, or gonto a gym where there are other likeminded people. Music is what I use. Crank it up!
Maureen T.
I'd suggest working out in the comfort of your own home or, joining a gym. Joining a gym is awesome because everyone there is working on their own Fitness journey. I feel like everyone says the same thing, but honestly no one is playing attention to what you're doing. . .everyone is focused on themselves. Try it! Go to the gym or, try some home workouts on your own!
Lucas E.
Exercise is not just aerobics or calisthenics. Housework is exercise. Sometimes I put on music and dance. Every little bit helps. I don't have a car, so at least I walk to bus stops, if not all the way I have to go.
Rasmus U.
I know exactly what to do my friend! Just keep in mind some useful exercises and listen to songs while doing it or maybe even see the exercise on your phone (like an image of the exercise) and play songs that make u dance immediately. That's what I do my friend and honestly, it has helped a lot!
Frederikke Z.
Cycling is my routine if i need to go shopping , and i prefer to walk daily if the place which i need to go is closer than 5 km .
Nicolai Z.
I have gym buddies at the gym i go to, but i only go to night classes which are sometimes hard to make. I struggle getting up early; thats my problem. I should try exercise with my roommates
Eust Quio E.
Exercising with a friend or a colleague is privilege very few have. For me, being involved in fitness apps such as Strava which record and publish your accomplishments help me overcome the loneliness. My friends on the app encourage me to do better and creates an environment of healthy competition. Being involved in interest groups which accept all comers is another way of motivating yourself and others who are in the same situation as you.
Larry F.
I MUCH prefer exercising alone. I'm am super self conscious about my body and have no intention of letting anyone see me try to be physical! But I like having that time to myself as well. I can focus better and have more fun
Isaac S.
For me, I would prefer to exercise with others; however, I find that finding a good pair of running headphones and putting audio books, podcasts or work documents (pdf read aloud or webinars) is a great way to engage my mind while exercising. Also working out at low heart rate (Maffetone Method) makes running less painful, more enjoyable, progress faster, injured less and have more energy throughout the workday.
Recording all of my runs on my gps watch also allows me to share with friends who are also working out- and this makes for an opportunity for mutual encouragement and accountability. My wife and I also have a training plan on my refrigerator and this helps with the accountability aspect. Finally, it’s fun for me to check the leader board on my Nike plus app (automatically connected to Garmin and Strava) to see friendly competition with friends on weekly, monthly and yearly miles run.
Albert P.
Make a commitment to work out with a friend, and then update them whenever you work out. Even if you're not working out at the same day or at the same time, sharing your progress with someone can be a great way to hold yourself accountable and engage in that communal feeling.
Jessica F.
I will try to find an exercise that is energetic to do even alone. Like dancing.

Or I will try to do an exercise that can be followed in video format so that I feel like I'm following along with many others

Tony O.
You could try joining an exercise class. You could also try listening to podcasts where there are two or more people talking to each other. It might make you feel like you are in on the conversation if it is a topic you enjoy.
Bruna S.
Honestly , I just do it. The hardest part is usually starting . Once you can overcome that ,then the hugest obstacle is gone. All you have to do is focus on finishing the excercise which albeit seeming impossible at first , it isn't that hard to do after all. Also once excercising become becomes a routine ,it becomes a little easier to do it everyday because your body becomes mentally and physically prepared to do it daily. Just keep at it and don't feel discouraged if you are unable to excercise on certain days give yourself four cheat days a month or whatever and utilize them whenever you need to . Good luck and keep striving for the body you want !