How do you stay motivated to keep exercising?

Josi U.
I like to dance so, I made a Playlist of my favorite songs and I watch many dance videos and try to copy. I used to do 197 pounds and now I am 165. If you don't love to do the workouts you are doing then switch to something else you like and feel excited to get up and do. <3
Niamh E.
When I wake up in the morning, I usually think about what has to be done before I go to work or wherever I need to be. Sometimes when I’m not feeling it, I might it skip a day. But there may be other days where I push myself to be the best I can be.
Aphiwe Z.
Discipline over motivation. I say this because motivation is temporary, some days you will no be in the mood to go to the gym and then you don’t end up going but with discipline you would have trained yourself that you need/have to go and that’s it’s not a matter of feeling in the mood. Train your brain to make exercising mandatory.
Islam Y.
There is not one way. Depends on the mood, but I try to remind myself of why I'm going this for. And convince myself to do the bare minimum and while I'm at it I just dial the tone up.
Jadir Q.
Body shape and capability.
Ive basically been a sportsperson throughout my childhood. When I stop doing workout, it makes me feel down at the core strength. Core strength gives you confidence that your body is capable to support whatever your mind visualizes. Thereby, increasing your confidence exponentially.
Nylah N.
Start off small. Maybe yoga or simple stretches. Try going for a walk that turns into a run. Strive to train for endurance not strength. Good luck!
Molly J.
I don't particularly like my body at the moment so right now that is my biggest motivator. However, I hope that when i achieve my dream body, my continuing motivator will be my mental health, as exercise is known to improve that. My mental health is a side reason i started exercising but once I achieve my first goal, I'll continue to keep achieving my second one. I also motivate myself by hyping myself up, out loud, i know it sounds crazy, but it really does help. Especially when i'm in the middle of a minute long plank, small things like 'you can do this!', 'just a little longer', or 'it'll get easier', really helps me to finish the activity.
Eva Y.
To be honest I just do school sports so that is how I get my exercise done. Sometimes I don’t have the kotivation to do it but when I get to the field and start playing I feel great