For those of us that have no trouble digging deep at work but lots of trouble finding that same strength when it comes to exercise, how do you find joy when it’s just feels like pain?

Garcia Q.
Work through the pain.

Envision your ideal self before every workout. Remind yourself why you're doing this, and just take the plunge.

There's no doubt you'll be miserable, but every so often you'll catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and realize what you're working towards.

There's a certain clarity… A high almost you'll feel on occasion. Take it in for what it is, and do what we're all here to do. Be your best self.

Connor P.
I find joy in defining milestones, tracking my accomplishments and listening to a good soundtrack or motivational video/audio.
L On I.
I found the biggest thing for me personally was choosing a form of exercise I actually enjoy. For me that was boxing and having fun beating on a heavy bag. For my wife that looks very different, she finds that yoga is her best outlet for exercise.

I also try to make the exercise itself more enjoyable. I made a playlist of songs that pump me up and make me want to take things on. I have that cranked up when I do my exercise.

All in all it comes down to finding the exercise you enjoy doing and making the experience more positive. It's hard to begin but over time it becomes easier.

Gen Sio Q.
Remembering that exercise does not always consist of dumbbells. I am a workaholic and heavy lifting is not on my to do list right now. However, I always make time for meditation. So my exercise is yoga, as it is a blend of something I already make time for (mental discipline) with exercise (physical discipline). I also have a dog that I walk every morning. So some days I can choose to walk her for 30 minutes or play chase with her for 10 minutes which contributes to her daily exercise as well. In conclusion, instead of trying to think of a new routine (1) think of something your already doing and how to modify it and (2) never settle on one form of exercise. I can either do yoga, play with my dog, or swim. Options based on mood is always awesome.
Marion S.
During my workout I always remind myself: pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. After my workouts I pay special notice to the positive changes I see. I try to notice improvements in energy, physical energy and try to notice my stress level (always lower than before the workout). Also, I try to be aware of the gratification I feel once I have completed a workout.
Hannah U.
Hmm… I don't usually feel it like pain. I like to think about it as a school project; something that you can do later but then that will be very hard. If you do it systematically day by day, you instantly feel better.
Dierk Y.
I love exercising and try to enjoy the feeling of vitality and strength. I try to breathe in through my nose into my belly and take it easy, keeping a check on my body. For me if anything is too painful or uncomfortable I adapt it so that it is easier, slowing down or pausing so I enjoy and get stronger with ease and gently.
Volkmar F.
Well, I know it is not working for everyone, but for me the biggest game changer was to go home and sleep right after work. One hour after work I am sleeping, and I have roughly 6-7 hours in the morning for myself. The other thing is, just start it, and concentrate on the first steps. If I just do 4-4 sets of pull ups+push ups, that is 15 minutes, everyone has 15 minutes. Often after the last set I feel like I can still keep going, and if not, thats still better than no exercise.
Lea G.
Think of why your exercising. Think of how happy you’ll be when you get more used to it. Think how much better life will be. That should keep your mouth nd of the pain
Frank R.
Remember to play like a child! Keep moving and trying! Make adjustments so your body is still pushing but you aren’t bringing upon injury pain.

Each day you try the movement will slowly but surely become easier and you will find so much joy in this moment that the next pain will become a trigger to get to the other side because you will know you can do it!

With all I have been taught so far it is always the small changes that lead to the biggest breakthroughs; so start simple and practice your small plan until your body and you meet the breakthrough that will lead you to the next thing and the next thing until you are so amazed by your own inner power!

Misty Z.
Knowing that in the end it will pay off , just need to think that slow and steady will win the race, look at the Tortoise and the the Hare
Joel C.
I exercise in a way that I find fun to help keep me motivated and find joy. For example, I like to exercise with a friend so we can catch up while working out. Or I listen to music I like and I try to reserve that music for only workouts. Or I exercise in a place that is fun, like the park for a walk, so it's something else I can put my mind on.
Mario E.
The trick is to find what motivates you. We are not all the same. Maybe the promise of a healthier future or that awesome beach body is enough motivation for some people but if it's not for you then try and remember the last time you had so much fun you didn't feel the pain until later. It's okay if it was a long time ago. If progress motivates you start tracking your results, if competition gets you going, find someone to workout with, or a sport to join. Most importantly remember just because you enjoy it doesn't make it a luxury, it is exercise even if your not mentally having to force yourself to do it so don't let yourself get to busy for it add it to your calander when your putting down priorities and schedule around it.
Abigail O.
By exercising in the morning before my very demanding work day begins- I feel as though my early morning walks are a gift to myself. Starting small, appreciating what is pleasing during my walk, building extra distance each week and celebrating each small triumph.
Tatiane N.
The minute I start exercising I thank myself for making the effort to be healthier. When it gets tough in the middle I tell myself I'm stronger than I think, and I tell myself I can beat this challenge. And as soon as I'm finished I lay down, close my eyes, and daydream about the ways exercise improves my whole life. Then I smile, congratulate, and thank myself for the good thing I've just done for me, even I couldn't meet all of what i set out too.

I think doing a little bit at a time and being glad of it is better than pushing myself too hard and giving myself a hard time afterwards.

Josephine P.
I struggled with this for a very long time, and after much trial and error, I discovered that I am willing to exercise by doing things I enjoy. Yoga is my favorite thing. I also learned from this program the importance of ritual, so before I begin my morning yoga routine, I put together a small makeshift altar on my coffee table, light a candle and an incense stick and I'm ready to go. Doing something I enjoy with something beautiful and sacred to look at makes me feel grounded, centered, and ready to start my day with enthusiasm and gratitude.
Don E.
I think it’s really individual what works, but for me it helps having a concise and efficient program. I follow one designed for a broad spectrum of people, from completely untrained to in good shape. It’s neat because it’s not overly ambitious, 3-4 quite short sessions a week and then it gets harder as it progresses. It helped to really know what to do before I started working out. Maybe that’s because I’m quite good at following a schedule. The one I follow is research from a Norwegian university, but there are certainly more programs like that. Good luck
Resi O.
I use Eckhart Tolle to “feel the life” in my body as I exercise – I can literally feel how much good the exercise is doing. I also do things I love like dancing, yoga, Pilates – I strength train with them because gym machines have always made me feel as if exercise is a slog too. Also, I use DailyBurn where I can pick programs based on instructors I enjoy for how motivational they are as well as how good their class is as well as do a different class every day with other people who are online at the same time- I feel a lot more motivated when working out with others and this gives me virtual workout buddies.
Nicklas A.
You need to find the type of exercise that you actually like to do. Once you get going with a dance workout, or strength training, or simply a walk outside, you make it a habit by continuing to do it several days a week. Then once it is a habit, you can dig deeper into specific types of exercise that will help you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals.

For me, this was realizing that I hate going to the gym. I occasionally liked going to a Zumba or barre class or using the indoor track, but the climate of the rest of the gym was not for me. After I started going for more frequent walks outdoors (while listening to a podcast I enjoy) I decided to try video workouts at home. Now I stream an online workout each morning, before I can talk myself out of exercising. Doing it first thing in the morning has helped me stick with it. Consider the time of day you’re most likely to have enough energy, time, and willpower to finish a workout. Make a playlist of your favorite tunes to get yourself excited to workout. Or listen to an interesting podcast. Soon you’ll find yourself looking forward to exercising because of what you’ll be listening to along with it. You can always restart if you fall off the wagon. Give it time, and give yourself grace.

Isobel O.
First thing first, make sure you stretch before you start!
If you go to the gym spend 10 minuets on an exercycle to warm up
Always make sure you stretch after too.
Guenther Z.
The pain is tough to push through for sure! I got some fabulous headphones for Christmas and I focus a lot on the music. It helps me pick up my steps. I push myself a little, but remember my limits and stop if I need to.
Marius T.
The accomplishment and goal meeting / beating is a joy that is possibly unparalleled. Furthermore the endorphins that are released from exercise are chemically pleasurable. Finally, exercise is scientifically proven to improve and maintain cognitive ability, unlike anything else known to man.
Justino Q.
Well, it’s not necessarily the fact that I enjoy it, but the fact that my body is getting stronger, which makes me want to work harder. I read this quote the other day, it was on Quotes Alarm, that said something about how when you push through the pain, you will feel sore and your body will ache sometimes, but if you push through it, your body will thank you for it later. And if you want to wake up to quotes everyday that you can learn from, you should get the quotes alarm app. It helps me to feel more motivated to actually do the routines everyday!
Daryl J.
I actually look forward to it each morning. I’m following a lift program where I lift weights, HIT, and do core exercises. It’s broken up into smaller components so I just concentrate on conquering each smaller section at a time.
Sofie M.
Get really connected to your “why.” It will feel impossible to find delight in the desire to stick to goals like regular exercise if you’re not passionate about why you’re doing it in the first place.
Benjamin W.
Work is easy. Exercise for me isn’t pain however it is easy to make excuses. The best thing I can do is get out of my mind.
Marie O.
Two ideas for you: (1) Schedule a daily walk or other activity with a friend. That will both be fun and mean you have a commitment. (2) Schedule something really short that can be done with no equipment for the beginning of the day, so there is no excuse not to do it. Use a 7-minute workout app, or do a 10-minute yoga video, or just go up and down the stairs at your home or apartment.
Paige P.
On days like that I dance…i just put on my earphones and pump up the music and before i know it i have been dancing for 2 plus hours and enjoyed every moment and a great cardio session.
Ma Lie P.
I find both equally difficult at different times. Now exercise is easy because I have a schedule and I know what needs to be done. Work is hard because I'm just starting my third paper and there's lots of uncertainty and I never know the next step. If I know the current and the next step- and it's not too boring- i get work done too.
Corinna E.
I think of how great and proud of myself I feel when I’m done knowing that it’s great for my health, body, mind & spirit.
Filippa W.
I would suggest 2 things:
1. Watch yourself when you exercise. Don't strain your body to do things it's not cut out for at that stage. For example, if you're running you can slow down your speed. But there is somethings that shouldn't change even when you're strained like the amount of time to exercise or number of reps etc.
2. See what type of exercise you like and is comfortable for you. I don't like going to the gym to use fancy equipment, this type of excercise is harder for me. Instead, I like yoga where you can focus on your breathing and move slowly. The challenge is to maintain a posture for some time. And also jogging, not running like some beast is after you, except if your body becomes comfortable to run but I advise not to do it for too long.
Louna U.
I detract myself until I can get my want to finish a project to kick in. I currently use an app called "Zombies, Run!". This app tells you a zombie store as you run along, listening to your work out music, as if you are one of the characters.
Sofie G.
Good question, I struggle sometimes. Try to remember how good it feels afterwards. Have a variety, and try to find something you really like doing in that moment.
Villads C.
Find exercise that you want to do, that is fun rather than do what you think you have to. I get bored when I have to do running or the normal gym stuff, however I play a couple of sport that I enjoy and it makes it easier when it comes to exercise because I am focus on the fun aspects rather than the exercise itself.
Liana F.
I always go by the expression “no pain, no gain” In other words, if you don’t feel pain while exercising, you’re not doing it right & therefore not bettering yourself to be and feel better about yourself. Listening to music while exercising also helps me get and keep motivated to push harder to better myself.
Anastasios U.
I think the important part is to start with something that you actually enjoy, like yoga or swimming or rock climbing. Secondly what works for me is having a reason for doing it and lastly knowing that the pain is only temporary and once you get past it you can keep on going
Rubi P.
I usually get my exercise from doing martial arts in a group. The group factor encourages me to try and do the best I can even though sometimes I feel like I can barely stand. If you're on your own try and follow a video or don't imagine it as exercise. Tap into your inner child and give it a creative twist.