What exercise makes you happy and excited to start moving?

Marlene P.
The most happy exercise for me is to dance. I have a small video with some basic steps of Salsa (Latin dance). It’s a very happy rithm and makes me in a great mood. Anyway, I started to add a small habit even before breakfast that also gives me a boost. After drinking water I now make some breathing exercise, a small yoga routine (5 min) and then a quick meditation exercise (just imagining me being healthier and happier with my new habits). Feeling great about it!
Anat Lio C.
Yoga, it leaves me with a calm and happy feeling that I approach the rest of my day with.
After yoga I feel more motivated to have a run or strength workout the next day
Hermelinda C.
I like to start my day off by a nice walk in the morning. Me, my boyfriend, and our dog all go together! I find it’s easier to walk everyday if I have a support system with me keeping me accountable
Daniel Y.
I do a small workout of situps, push-ups, and squats in the morning, but later in the evening I go for a swim. Doing lap swim in the summer is low impact, but it also is a good way to end a really hot day
Jeppe W.
I love jumping Jack's, as I am moving all day at work it's harder for me to do. I realize now that if I get to work early I can eat breakfast and exercise
Lisete Z.
100% the answer is dance cardio! It’s fun, gets your brain involved since you have to remember the moves, and it makes the time go by faster. My heart rate skyrockets but the moves usually aren’t too difficult and don’t wear me out as bad.
Cati Cia Q.
I guess cardio and targeted exercises such as crunches, Russian twists and planks. They make me feel better about myself after I’ve accomplished them.
Ione E.
I love weights. Not sure why—it probably has something to do with how it’s all done very slowly, which I like. High intensity, fast moving exercises aren’t for me.
Sofia Z.
Dancing! It is absolutely my favorite exercise, and if you pick songs you really love it doesn’t even feel like a burden. It doesn’t have to be some choreographed routine – I just jump all over my room to a few songs and it’s a great way to buen calories and keep energized.
Jen Q.
Honestly, no exercise makes me happy and excited to start moving. But, there is one exercise that I actually want to do and I know a lot of people hate them, but I have to say pushups.
Judith O.
I enjoy putting on some of my favourite upbeat songs and just dancing. This would preferably happen in a larger space and dates back to when I enjoyed dancing in my parents lounge room as a movement break during study.
Jeremy O.
I am fond of yoga sets like sun salutations and five Tibetan rites. I feel such an influx of energy after it that everything seems possible.
Xiomara Q.
Yoga and dancing. It makes me happy that i can even do yoga in the first place and dancing is just absolutely fun for me to do in the first place.
Lorraine C.
I really like yoga, planks, and bodyweight exercises. I've been meditating for years now and can dismiss a certain level of physical disconfort as unimportant so long as I know it's not doing damage. Yoga helps stretch out the miofascia between my ribs, my spine, my hip flexors, and the long poses give me time to slow down my breatjing and explore the body sensations with curiosity. Thwy're low impact, but thwy leave me feeling supple instead of rickety, and the poses help me keep my balance as I begin to near my 40s
Alice T.
Walking helps. It exercises your whole body and sometimes helps you feel energized too. So, that's what I'd suggest. Also, try some stretching.
Mya P.
I really enjoy walking. During walks I can clear my mind or I can problem solve and it is also a great way for me to get rid of any anger that I may be feeling. I also find that walks are great for planning a future goal or just to let your mind wander.
Sophie U.
I always love dancing so I thought what if this would be my daily exercise. Sometimes, I found myself dancing in front of the mirror. I just move my hips and sway my hands and feet. So, I started dancing regularly and it keeps me motivated to keep moving because through dancing I can exercise and do what I love.
Jean Z.
Eexercising in the pool is one of my favorites. I also love to walk because I get to see the beauty of the nature. I also try to practice mindfulness. Stretching isn't always fun, but I like the feeling.
Jeffery Q.
Anything that involves a game or some sort of competition. For example, tennis (best work out! Especially with a partner), cycling (the Challenge to compete with my previous time or allow myself room to cycle with ease) or hot yoga (finding balance within myself is a challenge).
Enno F.
It depends. But I like bodyweight exercises mostly. Also, I’ve been having some problems with my right shoulder recently, so physiotherapy is what gets me going these mornings
L Rke F.
Honestly, my favorite workouts are app driven one's that talk and coach you through and clap when you finish, makes it feel like I am acomplishing something big
Norbert J.
Yoga! I especially love Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube. I also love little full body workouts I find on YouTube too (or just create myself) to an upbeat song!
Fabien E.
I do bodyweight training which requires no equipment at home. I can listen to my own music and get moving right after I wake up ^^
Tobias Y.
I like to wake up every day and make 10 reps of push ups or bar raise / dumbbells exercise just to get my body energized for the day.
Harald Z.
Dancing… listening to the music I love and can't help to move and sing to always makes me want to dance… play it while you're cooking, cleaning, or if you're bored..
Julie N.
Going on morning walks with my dog. I do it early as the sun is rising and no one else is out. I love having that time to myself and having Finn with me makes it fun.
Jeffrey P.
I love to dance and do yoga because I am a dancer so that kind of movement comes natural to me. But as I start my Day very early and waking up even earlier for workout would be contra productive, sometimes morning 'workout' is also a quick 20 min walk from home to bus station.