Is it better to exercise after eating?

Chlo Z.
its definitely unhealthy to do exercise right after eating food. I would suggest you wait atleast 2 hours before doing any physical activity
Debra J.
I think it depends on the person! For me, if I don’t eat enough before I exercise, I can get really lightheaded. But I know for other people, they’re completely fine fasting for hours before a workout. Either way, I wouldn’t recommend exercising within 30 minutes of last eating a meal because nobody likes throwing up.
Keely F.
I believe it’s better to exercise before eating. I can always get more done, push myself the hardest, and then reward myself with a healthy meal afterwards. Sometimes if I eat first, I lose my motivation and my energy to do the most.
Wendy U.
Id say its better you exercise a little bit everyday if you wanna exercise directly after eating thats fine too just make it an habit we got this💪
Pinkfedoras N.
No! This is because the food needs time to digest into the body, otherwise you're gonna have an unpleasant time in the restroom. It's best to wait 15-30 mins (depending on how harsh the exercise is to the body) to let the food digest a little bit – then, you're free to do whatever.
Jo W.
It really depends on yourself and how much you eat. For example, if you eat too much, you could throw up. If you eat a little like a snack, you may not. It’s up to you, but I recommend exercising after, so you don’t feel lightheaded while working out.
Harp P.
No, because you might throw up or be hungry afterwards and you don't want to double up your calories if u know what I mean.
Lois S.
I would suggest no, the moment we eat our body would need energy to digest the food and spending the energy in exercise would effect digestion. Also from my personal experience, I used to feel vomiting sensation when I started running after have a little milk.
Sa Ba O.
U should always eat before exercise if it's not soft yoga or stretching, but after eating u should wait 1 or 1:30 hours at least to do intense workout or etc.
Jesse N.
I think that start exercising before eating breakfast can ensure a reward after you’re done the sessions and willing to work out more
Sol Ne T.
Depends on what I'm doing that day. Cardio? No food for the 2-3 hours before the workout. I end up with a cramp if I eat anything too close to a run. If I'm doing a strength-byilding routine, I need a little fuel beforehand. A couple eggs or a protein bar does it. But if I'm doing both cardio and strength, I bring a carb-based snack with me to refuel after my run.
Xylia Z.
Personally I wouldn't. Only because for me, I can get cramps due to it. I also find myself too lethargic or full to exercise and will find those as my excuse.

I also notice that if I exercise before I eat I'm definitely more awake. I'm able to conquer the world when I do it that way.

So it depends on the person! I know some people can exercise right after a meal, but I'm not one of them! I'll admit it! I'm more lazy after eating if I don't exercise before I eat.