I’ve found that I struggle with feeling motivation to exercise because I feel that I’m not doing enough. What do you do to motivate yourself to exercise?

Jessie O.
I find a goal, so that exercise is the means, not the end. For example, I can take my pets out on a longer walk so they are better. I can be friendlier to the environment by walking to the store. I can go to x place to do something. On the way, I exercise. If my goal is to exercise it just becomes tedious. I can also play a game, I love volleyball or ice skating, rock climbing, kayaking… But I think of it as enjoying myself, I hate the concept of having to exercise. Lastly, I like being productive around the house and garden. Who said a good in-depth cleaning while dancing along to fun times doesn't build up a sweat? Or gardening? Whatever works for you: who's standards are you measuring by when you say "not enough"? Who do you want to impress or please? It's your life, so do your thing!!!

Elsa Z.
I set small goals and find someone to be my accountability. I send that person a quick text each day letting them know that I’ve done the workout. The accountability helps me the most because my brain tells me someone is waiting one me to text them.

Johnny O.
I honestly I always just think to myself I want to be a better person and to be a better me I need to do this. Put on some music get up and dance go on a run stretch

Omaima N.
To me every single move is exercise like walk to the kitchen or go to the work or school when I am lying on my bed I move me legs as an exercise. So you should do that to feel like you did something like you did what you work for it and you will get encourage to do more and more.

Nadine N.
I realised that the idea of perfection is my worst enemy. Yes of course it would be great to do an hour long workout every day but I know that sounds too much for me to even start and I wouldn't do anything. And something is always better than nothing so I started looking at it as at getting moving. Whatever I feel like that day Whether it's a 5 minutes stretch because I can't do anymore, a 15 minutes yoga or a full hardcore workout. I stopped having huge expectations but to have grace while I try to be healthy. Something is always better than nothing. And the little something will gradually grow

Alexandra L.
I usually listen to some pump up music to get motivated. As well, I’ll look on Pinterest at healthy lifestyles which make me motivated to be healthier.

Pantea Q.
I use an app calls FitOn.
It sends me a reminder and it hase variety of choices so you can simply choose something which fit to your time (5min, 10min, 30min, …), strength (mild streches, intense workouts, …) and the place you are at (home, office, …).

Beta O.
Hello there! maybe try to surround yourself with motivation and try to always have your workout clothes on because it just gives you more motivation to do your exercise and also write down how you feel before and after the exercise, so you can see the difference between how you were before the exercise and ofcourse after the exercise. Just get that "I'm not doing enough" out of your head because that's the thing that prevents you from getting the thing you want just go for it and I wish you the best.