What do you do for exercise on days when you have no willpower at all?

Derrick S.
Just take a walk…its amazing how much better you’ll feel! It doesn’t have to be very long but it may put you in the mood for your regular workout.

Evan G.
I usually try to start off by getting on the floor and stretch then next I tell myself I can do a little more. Next thing you know, I’m doing yoga or some strength training depending how I feel. Even if you don’t end up exercising, at least you got a great full body stretch in.

Louise I.
Well. If I don't feel like exerciseing on certain days because my willpower has gone for a holiday. I call upon my why power. I reflect back on the reasons as to why I started this and how much it will benefit me. Another thing I do ( if for some reason my first option doesn't work) is I journal. I write down the reason I just don't feel like it . Whether it's a bad day from work, the wrong morning or I just didn't feel like it. I don't beat myself up for for skipping a day of exercise. I simply give myself the chance of redemption with these two options. One or the other always works. 🌸

S Lvia S.
I walk around the neighborhood and try to get the step count to at least 10,000. Otherwise, I try my best to do one round of my own sets or jog.

Cenilda P.
On days where I have no motivation to move, I do five minutes of yoga with the app Asana Rebel. It has the option to add another work out if once you start, you feel like you can do more. I know I can do at least five minutes of something and more often than not, I end up adding time on to my workout.

Abdias E.
I tell myself, “I only have to dance around to this one song.” I dance and most times feel like moving more afterward. But if I don’t, I won’t force it. All it takes to build this habit is a little movement that you build overtime. You won’t powerlift or run a marathon everyday, so don’t let the image of where you wanna be stop you from taking a small step in the right direction today!

Enrique C.
Hmmm I've for I don't need will power if I just set my alarm a bit earlier. Then when fabulous says exercise I hot the 4min core abs and 7 min fitness routine and don't have to think about it!

Gumersindo Y.
Anything from cleaning your house lightly to getting out of bed and walking around the block should be considered exercise on your worst days.

Reginald Z.
Well,the one thing you can do to exercise when you have no willpower, is walking. Here's why. Walking helps you exercise every part of your body and, also is great for overall health and well-being.
Selmaan A Ali

Liesa O.
I start it with easiest exercise and do minimum repetitions. The main point is to appreciate what was done and make it clear that it is fine to do it the light way sometimes

Astrid N.
The Way i see it is, is that you gotta be realistic. I have a hard time training 1 hour each Day. Partly because i dont have time and lack the willpower. But thats ok, because i accept thats how it is right now. So i train using the 7 training thats on this app, but if i cant fo that, i will atleast go for a 20 mins walk. In time you Can take on bigger Challenges, when your willpower has grown. But for now, just be realistic and have something as easy as a walk for backup. Good luck! And remember it takes time!!

Tammy C.
On days that I feel weak I try to realize the reason why I am trying to better myself – family, kids, health, etc. For me that is always a reason to at least work out 10 minutes every day.

Felecia S.
When I feel exhausted or without the will to do anything, I don't force myself into an intense training. Instead, I put some nice music and I stretch. And sometimes, this gives me more energy so I start do some push-ups and squats.

Krista U.
Yoga, it doesn’t take a lot of motivation to just breathe and stretch. It allows me to warm up slowly and before I know it, I’ve been at it for 20 or 30 minutes.

Nino O.
I think if you don’t have willpower to exercise it’s better walk while listening to your favorite things like music, talk show etc

Emily Z.
I just do thirty jumping jacks, maybe a few squats, and stretch. Then, if its a work day, i end up getting exercise just by doing my job taking care of scuba diving gear.

Emily A.
I usually don’t workout, since I started using this app I’ve committed myself those 8 minutes every morning, it’s a very serious mental battle and struggle.

Edgar C.
I lay on my yoga mat and cry for awhile. Then one small stretch, then another. If I can through my entire stretching routine then often I feel better and motivated to move into exercises but if I don't that's ok too.

Cecil O.
I try to motivate myself with something interesting, for example instead of doing a 7 minute work out, I do sun salutation yoga circle several times. It is less intense and feels like you're performing some kind of a dance. Main point is to move in any possible way, just do something different from your standard exercise set.

Walfried O.
Actually I’m a new starter. I just started exercising since a month. Right now I’m taking baby steps. 4min of tabata and 4min of yoga. I do it as soon as I wake up. As soon as I wake up I deink a glass of water. Stretching for a min, 4min tabata, 4 min yoga, another glass of water and then I go to brush and other routine. Ut takes only 10min. I wear pajamas which are not coming on my routine, so I do everything in my pajamas in my bedroom itself. I keep water bottle next my bed previous night only. Once I see that I get motivated in the morning. I didn’t break the chain once I started. I guess if I’m doing it in my bedroom it shouldn’t affect even if I’m traveling or visiting friends and family. Just wake up 10min early.

Crist Foro Q.
I actually do yoga and stretches following a video on my bed..it’s much easier, comfortable and it gets the job done and by the end of it you’ll feel the energy flowing

Brayden C.
Mobility work. It's important to do but not strenuous, and I can do it at home in front of the TV. Basically working out your joints, ligaments, and tendons instead of your muscle or heart. Most people neglect mobility, so even if you're doing it once a week you're well ahead of most people. It helps improve recovery and prevents injuries too. Really focus on building the mind-muscle connection while you do it. That helps your gains for the next time you weight/resistance train even on days you don't actually train!

Irene B.
I was trying to make myself exercise but never could, because I didn’t prepare the environment for my exercise. From this week I’m doing yoga in bed – several poses that work great fro stretching and wake my body up!

Rasmus E.
Willpower is unreliable. Habit and preparation is better!
I don’t rely on willpower. The night before I decide what I’m doing for exercise, and lay out the appropriate gear next to my bed. Then when I get up the easiest thing to do is to put on the clothes I laid out and do the planned workout.
I also take into account my physical and emotional status when planning – if I’m getting enough sleep and not too stressed out I may plan a vigorous or longer workout. If I’m stressed or sleep deprived I may plan a shorter yoga routine or a nice walk in the sunshine. 🌞

Tracey Y.
I have a planned "fallback option" which is essentially a bare bones workout which can be done with no equipment next to my bed. It's about a 5min routine, but it's 5min better than nothing.

Selma W.
I do yoga because it is nurturing and easy to start on the floor. Isn't that where you want to be after all? That's definitely where I would rather be. Then I start moving slowly at the pace my body wants to go. Without knowing it's happening I end up doing more than I thought I could. Nurture yourself my friend!

Beatrice V.
I say that I will take 5 push ups, just for the sake of it. I usually end up doing more as well. Not much, but small wins is good!

Julie W.
Hand on heart I hate exercise. When I really can't be bothered I head for a walk….once I'm outside and the fresh air hits me I want to keep on going so walking is the way to go!

Noham Y.
I'll start by just walking around the house, moving my body, and lightly stretching. Just getting yourself in motion is sometimes enough to motivate you to keep exercising. Another thing that helps is having some music that gets you excited or watching videos of other people you admire for motivation. If all else fails just remember that exercise is good for you and actually fun to do.

Liva W.
I walk my dog. He is always so excited to go for a walk that I just HAVE to take him. I feel guilty if I don’t, even if I’m really tired and just not in the mood.

Maya N.
Find a way to just move. It doesn't have to be your normal routine, or even a routine at all. Just move. Stand up in front of the TV, and do some arm circles, or small leg lifts from side to side. Stretch. Move enough to feel your blood pumping, and make some muscles warm. The movement doesn't need to be structured; it just needs to happen.

Julia U.
Start with a set (20 reps) of pushups, followed by lunges and sit-ups. Usually at this point I am in the “flow” and go for another round and pull-ups.

Hans Henning U.
I try and complete atleast on round of Surya Namaskar (sun salutations), a series of 6 simple exercises. And during the process, if I feel I that I am making some progress, I do a couple more rounds of it.

Monica X.
I tell myself it's not necessary to exercise, wait till my mind is calmed and then unexpectingly and suddenly throw myself into training before my mind ecen realises what's going on

Emmerich F.
I have to be honest, if I have no willpower at all, I just skip it. Or, I do a really light and short stretch and set of 10 pushups

Catherine R.
I start by walking in place with high knees and then I push through. Once the blood is flowing, it gets easier to say yes to exercise. It is its own reward.

Simon O.
(I excercise at the gym)

I set small goals: I tell myself I only need to walk to the gym. The next goal is to tell myself ‘I only need to go on a treadmill for a minute’ and then repeat that for however long I think I should stay at the treadmill. Similarly, if you’re doing weights you can tell yourself you only need to do 1 set of this exercise.
You can also go to do a group workout or go exercise with a friend – that satisfies my competitive side 🙂

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Mille A.
I think for me it’s all about preparation. I often like to run in the morning, so a good perpetration would be to prepare my cloths the night before. But I also created another little preparation habit for myself: I prepare how and how far I run just before I go running. I use an app called Footpath or a website called www.onthegomap.com. This habit helps me because it takes away uncertainties about my run like: how far will I walk, what route will I walk and how long will I walk.

Louis I.
Those days happen, for sure!!! Then I try to focus on why I want to exercise in the first place, then even if I do one of my 7 minutes exercises I feel good about keeping my promise to myself ,and that every little helps!!! ♥️♥️♥️

Armando E.
Just try to do something really small. Go for a walk around the block. Stand and run in place. Do something active even if it’s not your usual routine.

Jay E.
Today was the last day of my goal for my morning ritual. I was tired and did not feel like doing 15 minutes of exercise, which for me is walking my dog. I tried to convince myself I would do it later, looked outside and tried to convince myself it wasn’t nice enough out. Then, I tried to think about how good I feel once it’s done, how much my dog likes it, and how I get to have breakfast when I get home. I went out and did it and felt very happy I did. Now I feel ready to tackle my day!!

Erik F.
The short answer is: anything.
The long: something is better than nothing. Stretch, wiggle your body, one pushup/squat/bicep curl, use the things you need to do anyway and make them mindful (take stairs, walk the grocery store, clean or garden…)

Mina Y.
In reality, I have given up on some days… just like some if the examples we have read about when learning about how to change behavior and develop rituals and routines.

I also still may get negative wit myself about not exercising on a given day- sometimes I have skipped 4 or 5 days in a row of my usual jogging routine.

No matter what, I somehow will do at least a brisk walk and make sure I have at least hit my calorie burn goal bare minimum for the day through brisk walk in addition to the other daily activity (I arbitrarily have set that I must burn at least 620 calories a day thru activity- a low goal which I usually make myself feel better if my Apple Watch tells me I have doubled on any one given day especially if I get a good exercise session in that day)
But nowadays if I missed an day of exercise, I don’t beat myself up about it, I usually don’t feel good already the rest of that day, and then I double my efforts to make my environment easy to get my exercise session in the next day- ie my sneakers, gym clothes, music and headphones 🎧 ready and I refuse to look at my pager or iPhone or email until I at least jog a mile or 2 on a treadmill.

R Mi S.
Sometimes, if I’m not feeling like exercising at all, I’ll just get up and move for 10 minutes or so and try to do that 2 or three times in a day. It’s not intimidating to do 10 minutes.

Dolores E.
I walk. I try to commute walking. It’s not strenuous, but it’s good exercise if you walk at least half an hour. It allows you to observe, think. I listen to books, podcasts or music.

Craig P.
On days i am not feeling motivated i do 10 -20 minutes of yoga on YouTube usually with Shona vertue. When i can i like to do her short videos everyday. It really helps with my breathing and stretching and gets my heart rate up a bit. Another thing that helps me stay motivated is making sure the workout is easily accessible- so if it’s a gym class it should be close to my office or house :). I hope this is helpful !!

Elsa Y.
I play lacrosse as a sport so every day I’m at lacrosse practice or a lacrosse game. And we’re always running! On the weekends I usually bike jog or run around the block.

Astrid U.
I love walking and I love starting my days with a 45 minute gratitude power walk which I do first thing unless it’s my running days. It’s a privilege and I feel at odds if I don’t either walk or run.

Vanessa C.
Remember your why. Get contact with what inspires you. Do the bare minimum and find out what you need to do to have more willpower tomorrow (usually, a good night’s rest!).

Wulf X.
The chain help me a lot.
The chain of days I already managed to stick to the routine.

I start my playlist, the songs in it a soaked with the exercise movements.
In every song I remember what exercise I do and the inertia just makes me do it with full drive

Mathieu Q.
I usually do the following

1. Go for a brisk walk.
2. Do 20 minutes of yoga. Ususally it is harder to start it. Once you start it it becomes much easier. You can watch some classes on YouTube and that should get you going.
3. Defer it until tomorrow.

Frida A.
I have stopped seeing exercise (or other habits that I want to keep up) as choices. My alarm goes off on my phone telling me to exercise, then that's that. I have no choice. I go take on my clothes and run. Also, while it can be painful sometimes, I would like to get to a place where doing the exercise is less painful then not doing it.

Maria U.
Recently I set a challenge to my self. My challenge is about going to work running every day for a month.
My work is about 10k from my home. To be able to do this I have to wake up every morning at 5:30. I don’t sleep well every night, in fact, I didn’t slept well for a whole week despite of the big effort and energy spent.
There where days, already in Wednesday that I felt too tired to wake up, just thinking I’m all the way ahead of me. Waking up was already a challenge. Let alone going running…. and in that moment, I’m the bed, I remember why I’m doing this. Every reason I remember. All of them pass trough my head.
Because I want to fix my sleeping problem, because fixing this will help me to have a better mood, more focuse, more energy, because I want to finish what I start, I want to be diciplinated…. and so I’m in my long list of reasons. All this reasons, that I have very clear lift me up from bed.
I also think in how I feel every time that is hard to wake up, and I actually do it. How proud I feel. I think in this moment, I’m the emotion, in the feeling.
And I think in how bad I will feel if I don’t. In the emotion of that as well. And all that push me forward.
I hope it helps.

Tilman U.
I stretch. Just stretch. Nothing fancy. I get up, like this morning, very tired, and I shake my hands, arms, gently swing the arms up and down. Then I slowly bounce on my feet, shaking and loosening my joints and my connective tissue, fascia.
I do a few slow deep breaths. Then I drink water. Then I relax. If I still feel like, meh, I just let it go. I’m going to feel lazy some days, and I will not feel guilty for being human.

Cl Mence E.
Currently I struggle with this and tbh don't do any exercise then and just lose this battle. Instead I try to battle the reason for low willpower which is usually a task I deferred or most of the times: lack of sleep. So I prepare everything to make tomorrow a great day and go to bed early!

Elias E.
I just always push myself and I thought it’s good to let you know that you can use many workout apps out there; they will send you reminders and push you to do it.,
I use NTC myself.

Edgar P.
I jump the jumping rope first thing in the morning as part of my morning routine. Only 10 min and you burn tons of calories.

Another option is to practice yoga. I doesn’t seem like an exercise but the importance is to keep moving and love your body

Chiara A.
I put on some of my favorite music and dance. I have some weights and resistance bands that I use as well. It gets me in the mood and feels good.

Don T.
When I have no willpower you can always do something small such as a detour to your way to work. But you can also give you a reward (healthy reward)

C Lestin T.
I start doing a very light exercise in bed. I first move my toes and try to get them moving so that I can feel them making noises then I move my feet, my leg so that I can feel their muscles are in the right places and then I do the one minute breathing exercise I guess it is available on fabulous, and then I only move my upper body so that I know my upper body also works perfectly then I feel grateful for being able to move my body and start doing a little less lighter exercise again in bed and finally and luckily I get out of bed, and start my day, fabulously:)

In S E.
When I’m sick, like now, I don’t exercise and I don’t feel bad about it. My body needs to not exercise (cardio) during those times. If it’s about motivation though, the only thing I’ve found that helps is just doing it. Stop all the whatever kind of bad self talk or excuse making self talk and get out of my head, put on my gear and just go through the motions. Eventually, and quite quickly, my brain thanks me.

Edilaine O.
Usually on days I feel I have no will power to excercise I try to move around the house more, do push ups or jumping jacks around the house.. however it’s not working. I am a person who needs a motivator or tools to make sure I am going in the right directions.

Malou P.
Well, if it’s just one off day, I don’t exercise because In the end one day doesn’t matter.

The best thing I think, is to get that guilt out of your head. Don’t be brought down by lacking the motivation for only one day.

You may want to consider something you may do at night. When brushing my teeth I use the 2 minutes to do a jog in place.

Then, if I’m up to it I listen to 2 or 3 songs and do V step, side step and jog slowly in place.

You see, that is 6 minutes of exercise and every little bit helps.

If you are really not up for exercise then meditate on anything that is positive and good.

Also, please don’t compare yourself to others you may think are super duper exercisers. Or in any other way. You are you, unique and loved.

Urte S.
I start on a nice soft mat and do lots of stretching. I use that time to do some self-talk or listen to music that starts out slow and revs up til I feel like dancing! I made my own playlist. But, my guess is that major music apps has something they've put together. Really, there are a few days that it's hard to get rev'd up past the stretching. On those days, I'll throw in 10 minutes of abs and 10 minutes if free weights and call it "good!"

Noa Z.
I'll usually do some yoga. I can do it from home, which is nice. It's also nice because I can work in some meditation to help see why I have no motivation.

Enola E.
I normally go to the gym at 6.40 and my golden rule is not to think whether I have willpower or not. But if I cannot push myself to go, I try to walk those 10k steps or do a stretch or vinyasa flow or swim in the pool

Marshall F.
Usually I like to exercise at home because I don’t like when people are watching me. But I have these reminders that tell me that I need to work out. On days that I don’t want to I force myself because I know that if I don’t, I won’t reach my goal and I’ll end up feeling bad for myself after.

Jeppe P.
Just choose something fun that you enjoy rather than associate it with a chore or a pain. I love getting on my bike and love yoga. I wouldn't dream of running anywhere! There, for me, would be a lack of willpower do great… Nothing would make me do it

Laura Z.
On a weekend I will go for a short walk, maybe to do an errand like groceries. On a week day I will do yoga/stretches in my home.

Noah P.
When days are tough, I’ll just go for a walk and listen to a podcast. I’m getting in my exercise for today and learning something new. I try to just do as much as I can for the day, starting is the hardest.

Constanze F.
I'm always in the mood to dance to a good song. I just can't help it. I also get energy from watching other people be fit and energetic. It's contagious. Just watch a video on youtube about working out and you'll get in the mood to move your body.

Brooke J.
I force myself to dance in my underwear for 10 minutes to my guilty pleasures playlist, if I don’t want to workout after that well okay I tried, but usually I will have gained enough energy and excitement to put on my workout clothes and go for a run or do a circuit.

Andr A Z.
Hmm I would go for something fun, dancing or taking a walk with a friend. I do my workouts in the morning before I have time to consider not doing them 😬😬

Giulia O.
When I have no will-power and I just would like to lay down on the sofa, I try to think how I'm gonna feel after my training session. That feeling of fulfillment, of energy and satisfaction that I have after exercising. Just think of the after and go to the gym to reach that point

Carrie Y.
Just do a little. Anything is better than nothing. Go down the stairs and run back up. Dance around with loud music. Just get warm.

Altiva T.
I bring that willpower in my head and force myself to exercise even if it is only for 5 minutes. It is still a celebration to kick start your day with 😉

Louane S.
I take a walk because that's better than nothing and it gets me out of the house to breathe some fresh air which is invigorating.

Lena N.
I shorten my workout significantly or choose an alternative short workout option. For example, instead of doing 20 of each move, I'll decide to do 5 of one move. Usually, once I've finished that 5, I start to feel like "Well, I'm already here. May as well do the rest of it." Or if not the whole thing, I'll at least do a little more. The point is to maintain the habit – at this point in my morning, I exercise. This is exercise time. And even a small amount of effort, over time, can make a huge difference in your overall strength and fitness, so it's still progress.

Bete Q.
Still exercise at the same time but lower the intensity or duration. That way I am still reinforcing my habit of exercising consistently. Sometimes it’s ok to listen to your body and take it easier some days. Do yoga, or go for a walk, but still intentionally move your body.

Brennan U.
Take willpower out of the equation by setting myself up for success and making a habit out of it, then do it anyways! I sleep in my gym clothes and go first thing, before I talk myself out of it 🙂

Albert Y.
On days when I really don’t want to exercise, I just do a short yoga sequence. Maybe just for 5 minutes, but at least I did something.

Donna O.
I try to walk around for a bit. Even for five minutes. Go outside and get some air. I also have apps that let me do short, ten minute workouts so I don't feel too behind. Easiest would be walking or light yoga though. Walking takes no effort, just get up and walk out your front door.

Lo C T.
I enjoy the Sun Salutations. i do it three times and it takes literally five minutes, it doesn't put pressures on muscles or breath. It is a nice stretch for when i don't feel lime running or i'm sick