How to practice mindfulness?

Emma U.
Meditation, Attentiveness to the present moment, and breathing exercises. Each of these sinple activities can recenter us to the here and now. Mindfulness is mostly focus and awareness whilst evaluating our intentions and purposefulness. Listening (figuratively and literally, with all our senses) is the skill most useful to hone when improving mindfulness.
Malege G.
Mindfulness requires you to firstly find a quiet space where you ease your mind totally releasing all thoughts and tensions in the body that maybe distracting or taking up time and energy from you. Once you have released all this tension and thought start to breathe deeply and with every breath sink deeper and deeper into a mental state of true relaxation and deep inner peace where you allow the mind to reach a state of inner reflection where you allow your mind to absorb all the natural surroundings and serenity around you focussing on the positive thoughts that replenish your mind and soul. Enjoy this deep peaceful feeling of mind body and soul fully reaching a place of true elevation.
Tobias Z.
Make it a Priority. To start a daily mindfulness practice, you need to make a commitment to sit for at least five minutes a day. …
Create Sacred Space. …
Pick a WHEN. …
Replace Bad Habits with Good. …
Don't Go It Alone.
Let Go of Expectations. …
Be kind to yourself.
Cian P.
Pause and take a moment to listen to thoughts that come into your conscious awareness. Don't label them as good or bad, just feel them. If you let them flow, they will all pass. Trying to hold onto them only creates stress and discomfort. Go with the flow and let your mind be free.
Tamisonel N.
Find a quiet place in your house in the morning or evening times whatever you’re feeling to empty your mind all the worries of your daily life. You just have to seat there with your back straight and your eyes closed within that moment you could be able to concentrate on your conscious mind about your life goals.
You have to be able to do the mindfulness every day until you make it as an habitual work on your life goals at the moment you meditated about 15 minutes. That’s how you practice your mindfulness to learn about your future life goals and not think about your past life.
Jakub F.
Prepare a list of things that are bothering you in life and do everything there is possible to get rid of them. Also a meditation is a saviour, not gonna lie.
D Z.
Meditation is a big help and so is just making it a daily objective. If you're trying to break old patterns then just knowing what triggers them helps a lot.