How can you keep working out with a schedule where you can’t get enough sleep?

Pyt X.
Make time in your day where you can rest take breaks or even small naps if you have time and changing your bedtime schedule and just watching something til you fall asleep and if that’s not enough meditate and just feel motivated!!
Rosa W.
Take time to study your day and plan ahead on when the best time to potentially get a workout is. It doesn’t have to be long, it could even be a full body workout focusing on the most important movements. Ex. Squat, Deadlift, Bench, etc. You could also split up a workout throughout the day at home to still get the work in. Doing anything no matter how little is more than nothing. Go for the 1% improvement over the 0%
Rhonda P.
some bodies are different. my body, if i drink enough water and eat healthy, and with a bit of caffeine, can handle 6 or less hours of sleep. the lack of sleep i doesn't stop me from working out. it doesn't exhaust me. so if you are used to sports, it will be easier to workout tired.
Bien N.
Actually i just drink a cup of coffee or tea and trying to wake and actually i try to fix that and I start to sleep for like 11 or 12 hours ‼️‼️
Emily E.
I don’t think you can because by how munch sleep you get is how your day goes and if you don’t get enough sleep your schedule will go off track if I didn’t have enough sleep I would add Power Nap into my schedule