When is the best time to exercise according to science. Before or after a full meal?

Sofie Y.
I would say before a meal. This will help you digest your food better and you won’t be uncomfortable working out with a FULL stomach. Exercising also increases you metabolism so that should burn 🔥 fat and makes it easier on your body. You can workout after eating I just find it works for me way better to exercise before. 🙂

Klaus Q.
You tell me, science! Get that heart rate/metabolism going first, or pig out and then couch potato? Personally, I choose both and try to balance "respiration" with "consumption."

Christoffer E.
Hello. If you will type the first sentence into google search,you will get your answer. However, i think it is better to exercise in a empty belly in the morning and half full in the evening. This feels best for me. Good luck.