How long should you wait before you extend your workout routine to longer than 10mins without falling off the bandwagon?

Aubrey G.
10 minutes is easy. You can even exercise sitting down. If you have a dog, take it for a little walk. Enjoy the exercise time as your time.
Carina T.
The time for everyone should vary. Start with extending it on your own terms, implement that a few times a week until you feel confident to make a permanent change.
Jeremy Y.
I increase my workout incrementally (about 3-5 minutes every few days). I am mostly focused on proper technique to reduce injury and breathing. So it’s ok if it takes me longer to increase my workout
Ava P.
I only waited a week, and added 5min to my time every week. I feel it’s important to up the ante every week, if only a lil bit.
Ernst August T.
It is important that everyone goes at their own pace and doesn’t overwork. When it get to the point where you’ve grown and it isn’t a challenge and it’s easy go on!
Frederikke W.
Wait until your current routine becomes easy for you, then up the ante. You can still have the same length of a workout (10 mins) with a higher intensity and have it be equally or more than effective.
Jocilene Q.
I have no idea. Currently ı exercise different amount each day. The day before was 15 min, yesterday was 18 min and today will be 16 min of yoga sessions
Gladys X.
If I am correct in saying that I’m not an expert or a professional, but it seems to me that it’s a strictly individual matter because one person’s energy levels and stamina threshold may differ from another’s, so to be safe I would seek professional advice from your health provider or health education expert.
Daryl T.
Whatever will work for you when you feel secure in your routine. After one week, maybe two, of consistent exercise at ten minutes, I'd start to extend – by something as simple as one minute at a time.
Oscar F.
Scientifically, I don't know.
I enjoy working out, so I do it often and have been working out since middle school (I'm 24 now), but unless I've signed up for a class or have steady gym dates with other people, I do lose consistency. I keep coming back to it because I enjoy it.
How long should you wait if you want to make it a set in stone habit?
Ernest J.
When it feels right. Are you in a habit and routine of the 10 minutes? Is it a natural part of your day? At the end of the 10 minutes do you feel like you are at a point where a little push would feel good? If so, try adding on one more exercise, or 3 more minutes of walking followed by 2 minutes of stretching. Or, tack on dynamic stretching to the start of your workout and do it before walking, cycling, lifting, etc.

You could also learn a sun salutation and add in 1 or 2 yoga poses for stretching, blood flow, and mental clarity at the beginning as a way of getting the gears turning and centering yourself before the day.

There is no set in stone answer, or formula you can apply. (I wish there was!) If you add on and find yourself falling out of your routine or being discouraged, reduce the time or amount again and go back to where you were comfortable.

If you add on and find it's a good fit and feels right, stick to it for two weeks and add on again.

Once you get to a certain level of both fitness and routine you'll find that adding on – increasing time, distance, strength, reps, etc. will be a more natural process.

Once the routine is set and the habit built you base when to increase on performance. If it's weight lifting, you lift a heavy weight a few times. Heavy might be 3, 5, 8, 20, 60 pounds. Just depends on where you're at. You do 3-5 reps, failing at the 3rd or 5th. When you do it enough days that you don't fail on the 3rd or 5th rep, next workout increase the weight by 2.5-5 pounds if it's a free weight, and 1-5 pounds if it's a dumb bell.

For walking, cycling, elliptical, swimming or any cardio, after the routine and habit are set, once you find at the end of your fitness session that you could do more or would like to do more, add in another walking block, or down to the next stop sign and back. If it's cycling outdoors, add in going to the next signpost or stop sign, or a big tree further down, some kind of visual marker. If it's indoor cycling, add in another 3 minutes, or sprint for 30 seconds and then pedal at a slower pace for the last 2.5 minutes.

For an elliptical, try adding in 1 more minute, or a 30 second sprint and then regular pace to cool down for 2 minutes.

You could also just increase the resistance so you're doing the same amount of time but with increased work load.

You could go from 10 minutes at a steady pace to 10 minutes of intervals of mixed sprinting and steady state.

Even before you increase the time you can increase the intensity by upping weight or resistance, or by adding in sprints.

If you do add sprints, start small. Maybe do steady state for 2 minutes, Sprint for 10 seconds, steady for 2 minutes, Sprint for 10 seconds, steady for 2 minutes, Sprint for 10 seconds, steady for 3 minutes, Sprint for 10 seconds, steady cool down. Then you're worked out for 10 minutes but upped the intensity in a way that boosts metabolism, boosts cardiovascular function, and boosts metabolism.

If you're dancing for your 10 minutes, you could add stretching before or after.

There are so many ways to increase. You can add time at the beginning or end, or increase the intensity of the 10 minutes and find that 10 minutes is still enough and that you don't want or need to increase again until you're comfortable at that intensity.

You can add dynamic stretching, static stretching, or yoga to the beginning and/or end.

Hatha yoga is a type of yoga that is great for strength and flexibility.

Kundalini yoga is a type of yoga that is great for breathing, focus, flexibility, and mindfulness.

When you feel ready, add either more time, more intensity to your existing time, or stretching to the beginning, end, or bookend of your 10 minutes.

If it's not a good fit, don't be afraid to switch it up. Try to do something you enjoy and avoid things that make you miserable.

I hope that helps and that you have a great day.

Ida Y.
I am wondering if 8 minutes vs 10 minutes is more of a mental exercise than physical. It sounds shorter especially with low impact exercises. With more strenuous workouts I feel every second and will quit to soon.
Nathan N.
I’ve actually always worked out and have been doing so consistently for years. So this one is tough for me to answer. I would say as long as you’re feeling up to it and you’re comfortable at 10 minutes then maybe push yourself a little further
Ann P.
Until the habit is set in stone. Until you are confident enough in your time management skills to factor this in without question. Perhaps do it increment by increment: one minute longer each time, only progressing another minute when you're comfortable with the new duration. Habits take time to build.
Rosa X.
You have to make sure that your muscles are committed first. When your mind snd muscles say , this is boring and you feel as if you are doing nothing, move forward. change up your routine also, add more time. Remember, if U have a lot to do during the day you also don't want to have your routine take up the whole day. Sometimes splitting up your time is better to keep your blood flowing during in the middle of the day and also awakens muscle. If you fall off the bandwagon grab those instruments ( muscled) and start moving. Pat yourself on the back it's good that you recognized the problem.
Elenara Z.
Try a longer workout just once and don't force the change to be permanent if you don't like it. Whenever you feel like the workout you did was too much, whether it was 10 minutes or more, just allow yourself a modification or more rest (during the workout) so that you can complete it.
Alo S T.
I think that, I have already extended my workout time up to 10 minutes. The reason you're asking me is that I didn't mention this in your data base. So I will change my habit duration.
Albert Z.
Normally, after 1 week, you have noticed the change in your strength, endurance and flexibility within your body and muscles, you can work out longer .

This is a journey to understand your bod better, so please listen to it before making a progression .

Morris C.
It all depends on the individual. My excuse was that I didn't have time for exercise. So I started with 10 minutes. But I soon found that that was too short for me. Do I move to 20 minutes. Funny how I found the extra time. My goal is to fo that for about a week to make sure it's instilled in my routine before adding either a more intense workout or more time.
Elizabeth S.
What worked for me was to only commit to 10 minutes (or less), but then do a second or third short routine if I felt up to it. After a few months of that, I felt ready to tackle half hour routines from the start. Another thing that helped me was using a variety of routines. has many free videos and you can search by length to find short ones.
Alexander O.
I believe it depends on what you are doing. If you try a class, typically about 30 mins, you may not do that class again right away, and return to your short 10 minute work out but you did a longer work out. If you are running for 10 mins, i believe only adding a few extra minutes every week. You wouldn't one day just run 30 mins. Hope that makes sense.
Alejandra F.
It’s important to advance slowly, but fast enough to keep progressing. Personally, I wait a minimum of a week to increase my runs, and never increase by more than five minutes. However, I’m much more strict than most people need to be. If you go out and run (or walk or whatever you do) and you get to ten minutes and still feel like you want more, run a couple extra minutes. If this happens to you over and over, try raising your goal time by a couple minutes. If you still consistently get to the end of a workout and feel the urge to go longer, increase a bit more. It’s all about small steps. Don’t shock your system.

PS: the one exception I would potentially make is for structured fitness plans or classes. Just be sure you’re really ready for the added commitment. It’s much better to slowly, steadily improve than to overwhelm yourself and end up losing your drive.

Have a great day, and best of luck in your goals!

Joseph J.
I gave myself a while – until I completed the Unexpected Journey. I tried to start with 15 minutes and fell off within the first month. I started back up again with Fabulous and gave myself 12 days before moving to 15 minutes and this morning I just moved to 20 minutes. But morning exercise has been
Sofia C.
I am apps and challenges that are incrementally increasing the exercise intensity or duration that is needed to be done. So instead of me deciding they help me. The way they increase it is interchangeably. Let's say for a week you walk 1 mile for 6 days. The second week you walk 2 miles for two days and 1 mile the other 4 days and so on.
Malthe N.
Really at first sometimes I made morning routine not exactly at the morning, but I tried to do it. And less than a week it was included in my time table: wake up, visit WC, brush teeth, drink a glass of water, exercises, breakfast. For how much time I spend to the morning exercise it depends on my plan to that day: every morning I do not less than three exercises, different exercises what my body would like this morning during 3-5minutes to the 1hour. It’s easy you should only to try-to start! Good Luck!!
Gabin Z.
I think you should wait about two weeks because you have a habit already of doing that so it is easier to plan your workout
Wolfgang X.
When we start doing something it always starts with pain. No pain no gain. When we suddenly start running, we feel pain in our legs that night. So, the day on which you think 7 minutes exercise is just easy for you, extend it to 10 minutes and then try to master that.
Stephanie F.
I waited until I'd longed for it when I skipped it once. Might sound weird, but after a week or so I forgot the water bottle and that morning I reached for it, nothing there, so I got up and got myself a glass instead. I missed the water being there. The same thing with the clothes and excercise. Do it until you forget it once/forget the workout. You'll hopefully feel bad later that you skipped it and will do it later or feel bad the whole day. That way you know you're ready and is has become a habit. Hope it helps and stay fabulous
Francisco U.
I started doing longer workouts by accident. When I was feeling good and just didn’t want to stop just yet I suddenly found myself at 15 minutes. Last night I stayed for an extra karate class that I’ve always skipped before for a total of 3 hours. It was a long way from barely being able to make it 30 minutes last April.
Pit Goras E.
Whenever you want to move forward. I do a walk from my apartment to a fixed location every day. It takes close to a half hour for the whole walk
Ros Ngela C.
Dont make it longer, keep it short. If you wanne workout more just go sporting in the afternoon, in the weekend, after your morning routine or evening. Dont force yourself in your morningroutine to do a longer workout, just do some more when you want to do more. The workout in the morning is to get up and get energies not to make progress.