What the best method to cut out sugar?

Yusum U.
Try to not think about it. You can talk to people to get your mind off of things or watch funny and scary videos to forget about it. You can also tell a friend or family member to lock the sugar away until you’re done cutting off your sugar levels. You can also let yourself earn a reward when you’re done with this. Getting a reward will motivate you and let you know that this isn’t pointless.
Miriam X.
Gradually reduce it. If you're used to eat 10 cookies per day, start eating 8 for a few days, and reduce the number everytime you feel ready and non-needy of sugar.
Kimberly W.
Cutting out sugar is hard. I did it by reducing gradually the amount of sugar I took in. Say, if I drank my coffee with 2 little spoons of sugar, the next few days I added only 1.5 little spoons of sugar. And then only 1 little spoon and so on. Now my body doesn't carve anymore for that much sugar.