Does exercise actually make you feel better every day?

Irena E.
Yes. It gives me a boost of energy and it is helping me physically and mentally heal. I enjoy doing the yoga routine I have adopted.
Ma Lle O.
I don t like to exercise alone at home. Generally, the kind of exercise i like is only yoga and walking. Since all yoga classes are suspended now, what i can do is to take nice walks. Anyway, i m not a morning exercise person but what i do is to go to work by bike
Julie F.
Definitively yes. I'm surprised at how much better I feel on the days I exercise, and it seems that exercising in the mornings has the most effect on increasing my energy for the day as well as upping my positive feel good vibes for the day.

For some reason, the more difficult and trying the workout, the better I feel afterwards. Additionally, my body feels so much better after working out for a few days in a row. My body feels limber, light, and ready. I love it!

Kazim F.
I would say yes, but I think not everyone likes to exercise. You just have to put some physical effort into something to start your day, in order to make it easier to start other things during the day. You could also for example clean your room or go for a walk.
Hellen L.
Yes, I had already noticed it gives me more energy and disposition to do things even tho I'm always lazy to start it, it really feels better after I've done it. I had a habit of doing yoga every day and I remember how it helped me. I'll try to start doing it again, slowly, in my time. This time ill stick to that habit 😻
Herlinde T.
Actually yes. I have felt when I do exercise I'm in a better mood the rest of the day. I prefer do it at morning to take advantage of that effect. Also it gives me more energy to overcome many things. So, I really recommend it to you. Maybe you can try few minutes at the beginning, in that way I think could be easier when we don't have the habit. And remember, just do it, don't let your mind think about do exercise, just jump and start now!!.
Raul R.
I’ve beendoing wake up with joe for nearly two weeks having one day off a week. I do feel more energetic about an hour later and feel more proactive. I’ve been following it with yoga which helps centre myself and stretch me out. It’s also helping me feel less tired and to sleep better
Matt N.
When you first try to exercise you may feel like you have no motivation and just feel tired. Once you first start you feel really bad, but after awhile you start to feel better and happier. Exercise is good for your health and well-being. Keep up the good work
Alyssa I.
Yes it relieve stress and make u happy and energetic, doing it every day u have a good time to meditate and to healthy lifestyle.