How to turn fat into muscle?

Sadi P.
Your diet plays the biggest role in your body composition. Eat a diet high in vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains and lean protein. Cut out the sugar. Limit the alcohol. Do this for a long time. It takes your body a while to change. Be patient. Then also, add in exercise. Walking is a great way to start. If you want to build muscle, consider strength training with weights or isotonic exercises where you hold a position for some time. Eventually, the fat will be burned up into fuel and you will build muscle.

Chloe O.
fat doesn’t turn into muscle. You burn fat and build muscle. To lose fat you need to keep your heart rate elevated so do HIIT mixed with cardio (NOT ONLY CARDIO). And build muscle by doing reps between 8-12 with weights that are heavy enough to push but light enough to control and fatigue by the end of the set. Key: more muscles you tear the more rebuild and grow. Consistency is key.

Norman E.
Watch what you eat, and exercise. Eat a balanced meal of carbs, protein and fat depending on what is your purpose of bulking up or just lose fat and gain muscle, you should do some research according to your body type (ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph). Then do a lot of cardio 5 times a week to burn the fat and do strength training at least 3 times a week, it doesn't have to be a long routine, just make sure you can squeeze everything in your daily routine according tobhow much time you have.

Samantha B.
Do sit up will NOT help get rid of fat in the stomach it just pushes it you can run, swim or you can go rock climbing it’s really fun and like an intense workout I climb at boulders climbing gym but you can find one near you

Frederick U.
Fat cannot be turned into muscle – you can lose and gain fat, you can lose and gain muscle. The simplest rule for losing fat is consuming less calories than you burn; to gain muscle, exercise regularly and eat something protein packed or have a protein shake afterwards!

Jessie S.
It’s impossible to turn fat into muscle. You can build muscle and lose fat, but fat does not turn into muscle. The most efficient way to build muscle is to lift weights.

Louna Q.
As a professional volleyball player; I think that the best way is to exercise but if you’re not used to. Start by walking. Try to walk at least 15 min a day and some hiking in the weekends.

Lucas E.
What I believe and what has worked for me is to do cardio, cut down on the carbohydrates and eat more protein and fats. Fats are seen as bad, but I believe the good fats like in avocados have really helped me lose fat. Also getting good and consistent sleep has helped improve my fat weight loss and increased my muscle gain. To gain the muscle weight it’s eating proteins and toning muscles. This is basically what has worked for me and I hope it works for you, too! Everybody is different when it comes to their bodies and shaping them.

Jonas C.
Fat doesnot turn to muscle can reduce in favor of building more muscle having a healthy diet and exercising, especially HIIT…it does not come in one day though,you'll have to be patient and motivated…ps: green tea 30 min after mealshelps burn stomach fat and adding cinnamon to food, especially desserts, helps distribute the sugars evenly in the muscles instead of fat

Brad Z.
As far as I know you can’t turn fat into muscles but you can lose the fat and build muscle for that you have to incorporate cardio and weight training and remember to be on a caloric deficit. Diet is the most important

Severo A.
Best way is to start weight training 5 days a week, eat adequate protein intake .8 to 1 g/lb of body weight, high intensity interval training, limit refined carbs, practice time-restricted eating where you have a feeding window of 9 hours per 24hour day totaling ~14 hours of total fasting every day, Black coffees ok but no creams, milks, or sweeteners whatsoever. This will help your body start to burn its fat stores and help reveal that underlying muscle. One day at a time.

Prac Dio S.
Start to do something 😋 I can recommend combining cardio workout 3times per week, 3times power exercises and 1 day off for rest. You can start with 15minutes every day and then make it longer until you will do 45minutes each in work day.

Carl E.
I don’t think that fat literally turns into muscle. When you “burn fat” the atoms that made the fat come out of you in the form of CO2 (breathing) and water (breath, sweat, urine).

Building muscle helps accelerate the fat burning as it requires more energy to maintain the muscles, even at rest.

Alex C.
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Loane E.
I’m no expert but I would think lose the weight first then work to gain muscle if you want to be lean but if you just want muscle workout with the appropriate diet I’m no nutritionist

Lyna P.
It takes the perfect combination of proper diet and regular work out. First, identify the food/s that give you fat, and gradually reduce your intake of it, while replacing it with a healthier, easier to burn option. In my case, white rice gives me belly fat. So i reduced my intake to half a cup every meal, and replaced it with a banana, sweet potato or whole wheat bread. Until I can do with just half a cup of rice for the entire day but, with a good serving of healthier carbs.

Once the food is addressed, choose a work out to help you sweat out the fat and build muscle, with more focus on the areas that are fatty. 🙂 I hope this helps.

Marie U.
Well, I think basically you work, you move your body. In any way you want or can, but you must meet the condition that it has to cost you some degree of effort and be sustained for a reasonable period of time. I know the expert opinion of at least 20 minutes after you have started sweating at least 4 times a week, and I also know that aerobic work definitely comes before weight lifting or other kinds of muscle-building routines.

Felicia Q.
Not sure how scientific this is… but I do strength training and cardio regularly, and I eat wholesome foods while avoiding added sugars, processed foods, and processed carbs.

Debbie Z.
You need to do exercises that help build muscle. Weights. Or HIT training. I don’t really focus on weights. I’m a tiny skinny woman due to my genetics. I’ve even worked with a trainer and ate more protein and barely gained any muscle. I didn’t push myself extremely hard though. I gained enough muscle that it makes it easier to pick up things and etc. But my boyfriend is working on gaining muscle mass. He works with a personal trainer. He does HIT training and weight exercises. He also eats a lot of protein. That’s pretty much all I know.

Kristina U.
I’m drink plenty of water, eat healthy foods and exercise. If you aren’t motivated to do a workout, then find another physical activity you enjoy. Walk the dog, go for a walk, stretch. Something is better than nothing, even if it isn’t intense.

Katrine F.
Making healthier eating choices like eating an apple over eating a Reese's cup. Exercise at least for a few minutes each day. It does not have to be fully structured, it just needs to be consistent

Anna B.
You don’t. You can lose fat while gaining muscle, but it’s not the same as just trading them in.

To lose fat, you need to watch what you eat and eat less. Maybe try to cut back on snacks and desert or ask yourself if you really need to go back for seconds. But don’t worry about fitting in with any special diet fad. Cut back on fast food, pop, candy, chips, red meat (pork, beef, venison, etc), pizza, waffles/pancakes. Sugar is the main contributor to unhealthy weight gain, but you should also avoid foods that are fried or feel greasy. By no means do you have to give these things up. Just cut back. If you can give up pop or red meat, good for you. But start by just eating it in moderation.

To gain muscle, you need to exercise and eat more protein. Simple enough in theory, very difficult to stick to in practice. It takes willpower to change how you eat, but the results are worth it. Lifting weights is probably your best bet if your goal is simply to gain muscle. Don’t forget to do a little cardio though, maybe for warm ups/cool downs. If you’re new to lifting and can afford it, a trainer is a great resource to learn safe lifting technique. If not, ask a friend who lifts to show you. Lots of lifters will jump at the chance to show a beginner the ropes. Failing that, google technique videos, but be careful not to add weight too quickly, as it could be dangerous. I recommended articles from Nerd Fitness or You can find workout routines as well. As always, take what you find online with a grain of salt, but these are good places to start.

Now, I did say that you need to eat less to lose fat but eat more protein to gain muscle. So how to balance these conflicting requirements? Still focus on clean eating, but don’t eat less than you currently do. Or eat only a little less. And you should eat more protein. Don’t go nuts with it, but try to add protein to your diet.

I know you probably weren’t hoping for diet advice, but that really is ninety percent of the battle. There are endless pages on diet trends and counting calories out there, but my best advice to make something stick is to just eat healthy foods. Worry less about calories. If you don’t feel you’re making progress (and you’ve stuck with it a couple months to really see if change happens), you can try counting calories and macros and all that stuff. But just start with simple changes, and see what happens. You’ll be amazed what can happen with just a little effort if you are consistent with it.

Noilves F.
I do weights. It help the core strengthening as well as turn d fat into muscles. If u r beginner pls do with trainer till you learn all techniques.

Janice U.
The fat of our body cannot be turned into muscle. While exercising the fat of our body is converted into water and carbon dioxide. But our body can loose fat while gaining muscle simultaneously.

Doris T.
Caloric deficit. You need to eat less food that your body need but still have enough energy to do your strength workout. The best way is to have a coach that can guide yo in this, since everyone’s body is different. Does not have to be someone that you need to pay to be with you every week, but that can give you some guidelines to where to start.

Lucile I.
It is my understanding that you cannot turn fat into muscle. What you can do is change your diet to include more veggies and less starch while increasing activity.

Diovanda Q.
Make sure to focus on toning instead of fat burning search up ways to tone and find the right routine to fit you, just dont give up and keep working hard in no time that fat will become muscle.

Jessie S.
Start Strength Training. …Follow a High-Protein Diet. …Squeeze in More Sleep. …Add Vinegar to Your Diet. …Eat More Healthy Fats. …Drink Healthier Beverages. …Fill up on Fiber. …Cut Down on Refined Carbs.

Carl N.
You can’t. That’s the short answer. The long answer:

Fat and muscle are to completely different things. One does not turn into each other, however, it is possible to reduce fat and gain muscle.

You muscles burn fat for energy. Start an exercise program that includes weight training to build muscle and cardio to burn fat. The bigger your muscles get, the more energy they will use, thus the more fat will be burned. The final result sure does look like fat has turned into muscle.😉

Grace T.
That really is a hard question to answer. It depends on diet, sleep patters, how we deal with stress, places our bodies like to fight to store fat. That being said, if you can eat more greens, reduce processed foods, eat less red meat and pork and have a solid exercise routine that is consistent you will see results.

Cameron C.
You cant covert fat into muscle. They are two different things. You can switch to a protein rich diet with plant based proteins making up the majority of your meals. That will encourage muscle growth while also melting fat.

Louna N.
Technically speaking, I don’t think you actually turn fat into muscle – but you can build muscle and in doing so turn your body into a more efficient fat burner. To lose fat, you mostly need to change your diet. Exercise can help intwo ways that I am aware of: 1-you’ll burn calories, and 2-as I already mentioned, when you build muscle your body becomes a more efficient fat burner. Exercise might get you 20-30% depending on how you go about it, but to seriously lose the fat (the other 70%) you need to eat better! ☺️

Detlev E.
Losing fat and gaming muscle is done by getting to your target heart rate* and using your body or other weights as resisitance. Avoid cardio other that to get your heart beating. Add whey protein shake as a meal replacement. Goodluck

Owen E.
Burn fat and build muscle. I've found that to burn fat about 20 seconds of burpees is effective but if you're in an apartment complex mountain climber exercise is better. To build muscle the gym is probably the best option but I do 30 pressups, situps and squats each day followed by whatever exercise I have time to do.

Clifford F.
i just read an article saying that you can only lose one kg of fat per month. Therefore, going crazy will only make you lose muscle and water weight.

Logan B.
Fat doesn't literally turn into muscle, but you can shift your body composition to less fat and more muscle. It is fairly straightforward – exercise with a mix of cardio and strength training on a regular basis. Combined with eating less. That should create a calorie deficit that results in your body using fat to fuel your activity while also building up muscle. You may actually gain weight but look leaner.

Aymeric Q.
You can't technically turn fat into muscle. However, you can do resistance training to build muscles, while going on a very low carb or keto diet to more quickly burn fat off.
They say that "abs are made in the kitchen". Ultimately, exercise can contribute a bit, but it is still the old equation of eating less calories than you are burning. At best, you may burn 5 or even 700 calories in a workout. One pound of fat is 3,500 calories, however.
So use a near-keto diet, be sure you have lots of protein, and pump that iron.

Gesa Q.
This answer deserves a better portion of my understanding to the now lifestyle of fun and recreation online. Originally designed for computer game players, the type of contact and approach covers the business side of venture. But there is also an exercise portion to now as revealed by Joel Therien, body builder online.

One of my takeaways from start-up the venture into this facsimile for a measly few of $7 had to do with the bulk fiber Joel Therien introduces as the first of one of his product line. No one else he says is selling this bulk fiber; It is made from inulin (I believe this is the chicory plant)? When going through dietary supplements to take in converting fat to muscle. The first understanding has to do with fat cells and their sponge like nature.

Joel recommends using a home gym equipment or going to the gym to use the equipment there. Those machines that target pin pointed muscle groups ought to help fix the body. But saying this, is in advance of my source to my $7 facsimile. Excuse me for mixing advance together with source.

Look to begin with a seven to eleven minute warm-up using gymnasium equipment following from taking the inulin bulk fiber product before starting the warm-up. There is a great video I saw of Joel Therien demonstrating the action a bulk fiber product has outside of the body.

The next step has to do with dietary and nutritional requirements for converting fat into muscle? Bear this in mind. {Proteins; Carbohydrates; Fats;} that is the order of eating given to me to combust food into fuel. For reversing the procedure, then this gets advanced. So, I am thinking the questioner has a flabby belly but, is not extremely wide around the girth…

One last point I want to make in advance of fat cells acting like sponges. Has to do with fat being stored in two locations. The body can have an internal fat storage around the internal organs of the body or the body can have an external fat storage underneath the skin. Men and women bodies differ in this way with the fat stored under the skin. Women store their fat in areas around the glute while men store their fat around the gut. The measurement of body mass index is only one indicator of obesity. Mine turns out okay, but the other measurement of internal fat indicates inside my body I have 49% internal fat as reading from a device that sends a current through the body from hand to feet. This measurement reading output suggested I had the body of a forty year old when I was thirty years of age at the time. The idea to buy another nutritional product, but this time, a plant protein powder.

So, wrapping up in conclusion and the summary: converting fat to muscle is an advanced procedure that one should not want to get involved in from the start with their body mass index or their internal fat storage. Boy or girl.

Nutritional requirements form the foundation of going to the gymnasium and using the equipment with the help of a personal trainer. {proteins, carbohydrates, fats,} Study and exercise will help clear the mind of any mis-construations the mind holds over the body. Learning muscle groups and what exercises target those muscles …this is how I live during my triathlon performances and the exercise doesn’t alter my body much. The nutritional value and the mental clarity greatly enhance the overall affect of converting fat into muscles.

I feel the above answer goes into a few key source points and then discloses an article or two on the advancement of study towards using the mind to shape the body with shear force of mental willpower. Another duplication of the above text could include the offline variants of converting fat into muscle but, in the above mentioned, I chose to start off with online techniques that I had already bought into. Again, this can be found at with Joel Therien, body builder online.

Elena E.
We must exercise all the time, don’t think too complicate to start ; just streching , even using stairs instead of elevators is a good way, be careful about what you eat because you are what you eat; try useful oil sources like olive oil or natural butters that made of natural sources. Don’t consume junk food. Look at the calory and ingredients before you decide to eat something. For Burning calories of A little package chocolate ;you have to run at least 1 hour or more. Even so don’t be pessimistic

Malou X.
By a proper diet and workout. Also after each vigorous workout do make sure to stretch out. Have ample protein in your diet

Lison T.
20% exercises and 80% healthy eating. This will eventually turn fat into muscle. Also lifestyle changes sleeping early turning off social media daily movements.

Tracey J.
You can’t turn fat into muscle. You have to lose the fat and gain the muscle. Cardio and Weight lifting along with a healthy diet high in protein should help 💪🏻

Carol O.
You don’t, what happens is that as you build muscle you burn more energy even while resting which causes the fats cells to be used up.

Oliver E.
There is no way to turn fat into muscle. They are two different types of tissue. You have to remove fat and build muscle.

Gustav W.
Fat does not turn into muscle. Fat breaks down and fat cells shrink and fat energy is used in the body when sugar is not available.
Muscle grows when it is used excessively.

Andreas N.
You need to restrict calories by 20-30% of daily requirements and start beeing physically active, combine cardio excesise with strength workouts.