How do you keep exercising interesting? I don’t want to hit a plateau.

Gracie S.
try starting off small and building up to something bigger. This way you’ll have a goal to look forward to. If you keep determined and keep at it, you’ll never get bored. If not, try something new; you don’t have to repeat the same workout over and over. Find something else that makes you feel good . Experiment

Malika E.
i do what I like and blend it in with stuff I do and must do. like I go to school and I can't not go so I just go to school and "hike" at the same time. if I have time before school I do some stretching cuz it's the only type of exercise I can do all day if I can. so the key is to find something u like and exercise doesn't mean getting sweaty it means to move your body in any way ur comfortable

Ka Ti E W.
I try something new and keep it short. Doing the same thing over and over for long periods of time is what will make me quit real quit. So instead, I have decided to try out beginners to yoga, & I just do it for a little bit in the morning & if I'm feeling crazy, I might throw in a 7 minute workout!

Anna E.
I always try new things and do new things every time I work out. It also helps to make super fun playlists that you adore, and only listen to them while exercising. As always, working out with a partner and/or friend is always a good idea!