What are your tricks and secrets to keep the habit of exercise (or others) going?

From J.
No tips. No secrets. But determination and adoration for exercise. I have been exercising for a rlly long time now. I feel like i need it to escape from the real world for a bit make it fun play tv while u do so . Make it fun
And your alarm does not wake u up it is your determination
Rosvita S.
It's challenging, but honestly I use this app as inspiration to do things, I struggle and this app helps keep me in check
Halin L.
Just thinking about my goals and why I do this and the most important thing is enjoy the path you take while reaching to your goals
Motive yourself🦄🏃🏻‍♂️💪🏻
Soham P.
I started small, tried different variations of tasks until I found something that felt right for me; giving me an immediate smaller reward by actually listening to my body telling me I do feel a little better. Yoga became a big thing for me and I started a 30-day-yoga-journey with the mindset that I didn’t need to do it again very day as long as I followed the correct order of days~ Soon enough i WANTED to do at least some yoga every day. It’s now a part of my morning routine but at the same time the window opener to the rest of my day and I feel more ready and stabile to take it on.
Find what feels right for you and sooner than you think it’ll reward itself; don’t push yourself to the point you’ll feel strained. It’s a gentle effort.
Michelle Z.
I just keep telling myself it’s to help me feel better. And it does make me feel better so even though I feel like I do t want to do it, I’m always happy I did.