Do you exercise every day? Do you worry about over-training?

Margie J.
I’m trying to exercise everyday to keep the momentum going, however considering over-training I alternate between stronger exercises like HIT and lighter ones.
Margot Y.
Every morning, I do something simple like three jumping jacks and two push-ups. I don’t worry about overworking because I just give myself a few minutes to do it.
Sandra W.
Yes, I exercise everyday for my mental health and physical health. Exercise helps me to focus and think better and I am more positive. Exercise also make it possible for me to move around better due to my health conditions. When I exercise it reduced the physical pain in my body and increased my mobility.
Aisha Z.
You can say that , I actually play with my friends in the school , I am not worry about over- training because when I get tired I stop playing , With time, I had good flexibility !
Chris Y.
I don’t exercise everyday , but i do try to workout at the least 3 times a week. As far as over training, no. Training more just means you’ll get to your goal faster than projected.
Lovelii C.
I do exercise everyday. But I don't worry about over-training, why because I've told myself that I will be doing it everyday but when I get burnt out I'll have to rest a little bit.
Sanaya Q.
I definitely don’t exercise every day but I try to do some physical activity which will keep me moving it could be just a walk it could be dancing it could just be basic stretches or even household chores like cleaning etc.
Falco T.
Honestly, never in my life did I exercise daily. I truly think it's not necessary, you could definitely just exercise 3 or 4 times a week. I definitely worry about over training that's why I give myself days off.
Sebastian O.
I don’t exercise everyday but when I do I get really sore the next day to the point where I can’t move much so then I worry that I might have over trained