Why should we exercise in the morning and night?

Marvin X.
Because when you do the morning you can make sure that you get some exercise done that day and get your metabolism going. In the evening it jump starts a sluggish metabolism and helps you to sleep better.
Vanessa X.
In the morning give us the nice boost we need after a long sleep our bodies need feel awake and stretch will prepare for the day ahead with a great feeling
Cameron J.
Exercising in the morning is supposed to energize one for the day, but in my opinion, it drains my energy and I feel tired for the rest of the day if I exercise in the morning. The exercise itself also doesn’t feel good or rewarding because my body is not warm enough yet. Exercising at night may harm sleep as there’s adrenaline in the body. Exercising in the afternoon or evening is the best, since my body is awake and the moving will get me tired for a good sleep once the adrenaline wears off
Kelly J.
Morning exercise helps give you the energy you will need to tackle the day. Evening exercise allows you to blow off steam from the day you had. Both give you a release of endorphins that keep you feeling good, all day long!
Cassandra Y.
We should exercise as soon as we wake up in order to prime the body for the day. I work on alignment, core stability, and mobility as soon as I get up. It really helps set me up for success. Toward the end of the night, I stretch and wind down with some yoga. Does the body wonders!
Clarence E.
Yoga is a great exercise both in the morning and night. You can add core movements in the morning and extra streching in the night
Megan C.
When you excercise in the morning, it prepares you for the day ahead and gets your energy going, then excercising in the evening can relieve you of stress and allows you to unwind😊
Th O O.
Exercise whenever you want, some feel better when it's done and over with early, some like to sweat out the day's stress. Some go at lunch break. Just get it done when you feel best, and what works best for you and your schedule
Rachel C.
This is almost too scientific to answer but the morning gives a great energy boost I find, and in the evening it can be a great thing to find peace and focus before bed.
Diane U.
Morning exercise makes me feel more prepared for the day. I feel more mentally focused and ready to take on the day. Evening or nightly exercise helps me unwind and fight off stress
Kenzo T.
I’m not sure. I exercise a few times a day for 10/15 minutes. Mostly it gives my body and brain a little boost. I’ve exercised before where I did one long gym class etc. once/day but this way seems easier in terms of my lifestyle and more natural in terms of natural human body flow. I like the thought of moving continuously through the day rather than pushing myself in one spurt.
Arnfried J.
This way we can break up our workouts to make them less daunting. Like do half of the work out in the morning and the other half in the evening.