How do you know if your small amount of daily exercise was enough?

Anita P.
You just FEEL when it's been enough.
You can train for two hours or just ten minutes, and feel satisfied with what you've done.
It doesn't matter for how long you train, stretch, or anything.
What does matter is that you do it, every day and in different ways.
Moving your body is a joyous activity, even when it seems forced; be grateful about being able to do so, while doing it.
There might be a specific training that does not align with you; HIIT, weightlifting, powerlifting, calisthenics, cardio, bodybuilding, boxing…you can try so many things, that I'm sure you'll find your fitness path, whatever it may be.
That being said, live in the moment, feel your body, feel the energy, feel the anticipation, the excitement, even when you're tired.
Just never give up ❤