My body feels a lot better and I feel less tired, but surprisingly for me, I haven’t reduced weight at all. Not a kilogram. When I started, my weight was about 100 kg and today it’s the same 100 kg. Is this normal if I only do the 7 minute routine? I would like to reduce my belly. Is the abs routine enough, or should I start running 30 min every day? Thanks.

Ross J.
To be quite honest, I know very little about exercising and working out (I have way less arm muscle than most dudes my age, and only have any leg muscle because I skateboard and play games that include a lot of running). What I can tell you is that, from my limited knowledge, 7 minutes of exercise will likely not be enough to start losing weight. I would definitely recommend running for 20-30 minutes, or doing any other available sports like biking (or skate/longboarding) that can potentially be even more fun running and help just as much. I’m glad to hear you’ve been feeling way better lately! Keep working at this; you’ll get there!
Leo Q.
The best way to reduce your belly, whether you like it or not is to be in a calorie deficit. Simply eat less calories than you burn, that is how you lose fat. By exercising you increase the amount of calories your body burns- cardio would burn more than an ab routine so this could help you burn more calories to be in a deficit. Hope this helps!
Naja C.
It is normal to appear to be retaining the same weight based on one measurement. Reducing stress and activating more energy means you are changing your metabolism. That’s a great thing! Adding too much exercise too soon can add more stress to your system and move you away from your goal. Taking a look at the foods you eat can help enhance your metabolism. Reducing sugars, incorporating more vegetables and fruits for greens and fibre as well as balancing your carbohydrates and protein will help move you closer to your goal as well. Reading up on food nutrition and balance for your body type would be a great asset. This is what I have been doing for many years and it’s worked wonders. You’re doing great!
Ruhollah A.
There's a lot that goes into weight loss. The simple explanation is you lose weight when you spend more calories than you take. So to lose weight your activities during the day must take more energy than you are getting from food.

One way to get to this is obviously increasing activity. So going from 7 minutes to 30 minutes may well help. The kind of activity of course matters as well.

Another way is to decrease the intake. It's important to know that this doesn't mean being hungry. More than eating less, it's about eating smart. Do a little research but basically you need to eat stuff that make you feel full faster for longer. Also you need to treat junk food like a bad habit and specially stop having sodas and sugary fizzly drink like that. They not only make you fat but also make you eat more. Beer, alcoholic or not, also makes you have a big belly.

At the end of the day the most important thing is, don't give up! You'll get there, sooner or later!

Dayvet N.
Yes it very normal I workout everyday some days you keep the same weight sometimes to you lose it or gain it. That happens to me as well
Mette Y.
A weightloss is happening with both excercise and healthy food. You can run for hours but if you are still eating to much or unhealthy you will not loose weight. I have lost 12 kg in 6 month, due to healthy food and being in a calorie deficit, and wokring out. I run 3 times a week, and then I do some excercises with weights 3times a week. But rember, food is important and drink 2,5-3 liters of water every day
Fatemeh U.
I'm actually working out every day too and I don't lose weight too.. I think I'm just burn the fat that I've eat on day.the only time I losed weight was the time that i don't eat too much or I workout REALLY hard… That's definitely different for people, but I think may running help you. But remember you are beautiful just the way you are:)
Anna P.
reducing weight is simple math
calories burned must be higher than calories intakes
healthier diet will help you have lower calories intake while having all the nutrients needed
exercises will help you burn more calories
healthy diet and exercises are two faces of the same coin
good luck 👍