Do you exercise before you eat breakfast or mix it up a bit? I find it hard to go straight from eating to activating my core.

Lara E.
I exercise before because if I exercise after all the food is moving around and then I end up feeling like I'm going to vomit
Bernward Z.
No no
Don't go straight to do exercise right after eating your meals just wait for 30 mins or 1 hour then go. As if you will go straight to do exercise right after eating your meal it will not give you means your exercise will not give you any benefits out of it.
I do exercise not in morning but in afternoon. And evening.
Gabrielle E.
I have been eating after exercising and showering. For me it feels uncomfortable to exercise after eating, but it's also not good for digestion because you want to keep your nervous system in the 'rest and digest' state after eating. I have the same debate often though because I don't always feel I have enough energy to exercise properly in the morning before food. Maybe when you wake up and drink a glass of water have a small snack like a banana or cereal/protein bar before exercising, and then have a proper breakfast after? It's a tricky one for sure.
Ilgin N.
depends on my mood and my level of hunger. i dont force myself when im really hungry so i just have a breakfast then work out in afternoom
Norah Y.
Normally I do exercise before breakfast ,it's much easier for me and it helps me to take on a day feeling stronger and energetic.
Karen F.
I mix it up. I don’t eat before sometimes so any muscles I’m working out can be built up when I’m eating. I drink water to relieve my hunger so my core does not bother me as much. If you find it very hard you can always start out by eating an apple in the mornings that way you have a healthy boost to your workout.