How do I pace myself in running and not waste all me energy on the first lap?

Brent F.
It can be difficult when starting out,
You should run with a pace just outside of your comfort zone, you can switch between running and walking every minute or 30 seconds, if the lap is long, beyond your abilities, you may run out of energy before you make it

There are a few recommendations:
1. Be mindful of your pace and breathing
1.1 breathe in this order, going to the next step when youoe running out of breath: nose in, nose out – nose in, mouth out – mouth in, mouth out
2. Never break the 10% rule, do not increase your running distance or speed by over 10% in one week
3. There are a few training types:
3.1 Endurance: you run witg a comfortable pace as long as you can, you can do it once or twice a week
3.2 Interval training: you sprint as fas as you can for a while, and walk when youre out of energy, repeat
3.3 Distance training: you go in a slower pace than usual, focusing on breathing, posture etc, trying to run as far or as many laps as you can

Theres no one-size-fits-all, be open-minded and always experiment and explore new methods, this can be used as your starting point!