How do you stay motivated?

Oscar C.
I like to see the chain get longer and I don’t want to break it by stopping. Also, I feel the difference in my energy level and outlook. I want to keep feeling better.
Jeff P.
The Fabulous app. I have taken on many endeavors and each time my motivation and maintenance of motivation is different for each endeavor. My endeavor now is to lead a simpler healthier life and the fabulous is keeping my motivation up on this one!
Raul S.
Interacting with people who have achieved the goal you want to achieve. Getting a coach. Getting a plan. Getting back at it everytime you fall off.
Etelvira W.
The app, right now. I like knowing I am taking baby steps to a better me. Any little positive thing helps me not be so negative about my situation right now. I like knowing that I can take control of the little things even if I can't control the big things. (Work schedule, pain, etc)
Stephen E.
Modivation usually depents on results. A long time ago I use to weight 110kgr and after a few years of exercise, healthy eating, the result was to weight 83kgr and look the way I wanted. That's my Modivation…. Everybody can do that and it's real, can happen!
Steffen Z.
This may sound strange, but I don't. The problem with motivation is that it can be fickle, especially for me because I struggle with depression (specifically with Major Depressive Disorder). So, instead of trying to rely on motivation and falling short when I try to lean on it and it's just not there, I cultivate discipline, which is reliable all the time. Motivation can be fleeting but discipline is forever!
Johanne E.
I just do it. Sometimes I try to make excuses that I’m too tired or too busy but I tell myself that I’ll just do a little for a few minutes anyway because I will ultimately be more productive and energetic for doing it. With exercise I am actually starting to look forward it now rather than dreading it.
Alfred C.
For me is has to do with what I consume from people and media. So I try to hang with people who are pursuing their goals and I try to follow and read things on social media and the web in general that are related to what I want to achieve. That means I’m feeding myself constantly with ideas and energy that are encouraging me in my goals. It’s not perfect but when it works it works really well.
Hilde Y.
It is difficult, especially if you are struggling psychologically. Take baby steps, go at your own pace. And remember, you’re doing this for you, not for anyone else.
Astrid Y.
Fabulous h3rrinnering, get inspirect en dagboek , herkenning in verbetering. Zal wel lastig worden bij een baan, voor nu dankbaar dat het nu kan.
Huishouden en chayenna doe ik ook ( de baan voor nu)
Melissa F.
This Ap has help my motivation. The reminders and feedback show me my progress. I have always been motivated by visual progress. I love crossing things off a list. It motivates me to get the next thing done so I can cross it off too! I also give myself permission to rest. The quickest way for me to lose motivation is to beat myself up. Positive reminders are a HUGE part of my motivation! Sometimes I simply forget I was supposed to do something! Most of all, I stopped trying to rely on willpower!! Habits, habits, habits. It's the reason I say to give yourself permission to do the easy workout. Showing up every day is reinforcing the habit which is one more winning battle toward a victory in the war! I change my environment. If I'm fasting, I remove the food from my kitchen. If I'm trying to change the way I eat, I only keep certain foods.
Every time I'm successful at something and I track it so I remember being successful, I stay motivated.
Ruben E.
I am motivated by watching and listening to inspirational people. And by listening to music. And by focusing on growth.
Valentina P.
I post my personal philosophy, purpose, vision statement, mission statement, and values on my wall in my room and read it every time I’m unmotivated. That is usually enough to give me the motivation needed to do certain tasks.
Keith U.
If I’m completely honest with you, it really isn’t easy, at least for me. If you’re asking me what I *personally* do in order to stay motivated, then I’ll do my best to explain.

You’re doing this (whatever that may be) for a reason. What is it? Is it a good (or good enough) reason? If not, find another reason that motivates you more, or foster the growth of the current reason you have.

For example, I work out every day (or try to!) because my body hurts if I don’t. I know fitness will help my back and joint pain, so I work out to prevent pain. It’s an added bonus that my fiancé enjoys working out as well, and is helping me improve my skills.

Some mornings, I’m much too lazy to do anything. I’ll slip up. Life gets in the way. But it’s okay. Just put in the effort, and the results WILL be worth it! Best of luck!

Soan S.
We all have days where we don’t feel like it, thoughts rush into our mind and we are stuck in a loop. My motivation comes solely from being the best version and push myself everyday to reach there. I have set alarms so I don’t forget to do my tasks mentioned in the app. And just 12 days in I have seen the difference.
Karla W.
It’s less about motivation and more about routine. You have to make yourself do the tasks every day until they become a routine. At some point, Once they become a routine you can drop them off the list but only when An item is so ingrained in your schedule that it is inconceivable not to perform the task
Ella G.
I decided not to beat myself up over missing a couple of days of habits initially. That way I didn’t feel terrible if I missed my routine and had an off day or even an off week. I also start really simply. My routines are very simple and as short as possible so that I can fit them in around my toddler and managing a business from home. Making baby steps first before adding in bigger goals seems to work for me.
Annie G.
It is a constant struggle. I am exhausted and stressed and I really try to just take it one task at a time. Literally, getting out of bed is hard, I talk myself into it everyday. I bargain, I cajole, I sweet talk—whatever it takes to get going and then I try to be gentle with myself if I struggle.
Lo S T.
I have troubles with this. I think good results make me more motivated. If I see no results yet, it is hard to continue working. Also a deadline makes me highly motivated, since I cannot really handle unurgent tasks. Urgency motivates me for the start. Money motivates me too.
Ron N.
Just take each step at a time, don’t worry about the rest. Check off your action and before you know it more steps are checked and you have completed your goals. Small steps, one thing at a time.
Mandy U.
I don’t feel motivated, I just do. Except de exercise bit, that’s not really a habit yet. Some days I go to work on my bike, other days I have to think of something consciously
Anna Z.
Doing makes me achieve. By achieving I get motivated. It is a cycle. If i stop doing I dont schieve and therefore dont get motivated. Keep doing.
Th Odore T.
I added habits I already do to my list. For example make my bed, shower, brush my teeth, take my meds.

The satisfying feeling of ticking a lot of the habits on the list off makes me want to do more habits.

I also don't beat myself up if I miss a habit. Some are harder than others to keep up, like exercising. When I do exercise it's very short. Currently I just do plank for 30 seconds. If I have to go from not exercising to exercising for 8 minutes every morning, I won't do it.

At one stage I added all the habits I would like to be able to do at once but realised I was overwhelming myself so I removed them. Now I only add habits that the app suggests.

Loris T.
How I stay motivated is by not thinking so far in advance that I overwhelm myself. Just take it minute by minute. Don't listen to the self-talk of nothing is happening, nothing is changing. Breathe and keep breathing. Permanent solutions aren't quick and easy…. permanent solutions take time, effort, endurance and hard work! Cry… get upset… let out whatever is weighing on you…. once you do, that will release the heaviness that is stifling your heart and mind. 💙❤💚💓💛💕🧡💜💖
Frederick E.
I don’t , what I mean is that there’s times I don’t feel like doing anything and I don’t do them but then I realized that I waste more energy complaining about not doing in it then actually doing it so you could say that’s what motivates me
N Ia T.
I stay motivated by believing in myself, that I am capable of reaching and accomplishing my goals for the day. And if I do miss it or the day doesn't go according to plan and I fail, I always remind myself that I have another chance to make it better tomorrow, and I should strive to do so. I don't know if that makes much sense, but as much as I believe that tomorrow is a new day, and I can always do better tomorrow, I also believe that I should do the best I can in case tomorrow is my last day.
Jonas T.
I have a really hard time staying motivated. I’m always really into things at first, and then they go away. I guess I stay motivated with constant reminders from different places about why I’m doing what I’m doing. I listen to a podcast or watch a video. The Secular Buddhism podcast always puts me back in the right mindset. Last week I took a walk to say good morning to the Buddha statue at the temple down the street from my work. It was such a beautiful way to start my morning. I lit incense and the smell of it was such a strong trigger in my brain. I hope to say hello to the Buddha and light incense almost every morning. Then I will also have a smell trigger that will help me stay motivated. It will be a reminder that I can do this. It will be a reminder to reflect on the path I am on and make sure I am present and taking steps in the right direction. Even writing this is reminding me of my goals and I didn’t even realize that I was starting to feel lost and distracted. My goals are to feel like I have control Over my life, to be happy, and to be content with where I’m at physically and mentally. I’ve never written anything like this on my phone before but now I am looking forward to the next prompt so I can again reflect on what I am doing. Thank you.
Tammy W.
I need to self-care so I can sustain my health and accomplish my professional goals. I love feeling strong and energized.
Sabine S.
I have my three long term goals written down and every time I feel myself getting stuck in old habits I imagine myself having completed these goals and I find myself motivated
Cindy C.
I struggle every day – some days more than others. As it happens I am struggling right now to deepen my commitment to a daily routine despite the gravity of lazy habits.
I have proven to myself that setting goals and working hard to achieve them is the healthiest way to live and the only path to a real sense of inner peace.
Work includes failure. Getting back up counts.
Friederike I.
I stay motivated my remembering my why. Why I want to change my life. Why small daily habits will help me make big shifts. I review my why, my vision and visualise what it will feel like when I am living better every day, how fulfilled I will be and how much more energy and good health I will have.
Hunter U.
Make sure you celebrate every completed task and routines! Give yourself some positive reinforcement and you will stay motivated! Plus, don't add too many tasks. It must not take your energy, but give you energy!
Michelle G.
To be honest, I don't stay motivated. I just try to pair the good habits with celebration and i may have days where I don't do what I need to, but I talk to my friends about it so I can get back on track.