How do you stick to exercise daily?

Ac Cio P.
I enjoy excercise so it is not a chore. Keeping a record of progress certainly helps. Biggest difficulty is finding the time. I had so much toxic time last year. Mission is to concert toxic time to productive
Johan U.
Ignoring everything around me up to the point where I start exercising; sounds simple, but it's not. But it's effective because once you start ignoring once or twice it becomes easier to your conscious mind to let go, triggering a reward cycle that unblocks the necessary mental effort to ignore all concerns, all problems, all difficulties and blockers and, like the ad says, "just do it" without rationalizing.
Benjamin W.
I walk my daughter to her school bus and then run three times a week. On the days I I don't run I meet a friend for her morning dog walk.
Guisela N.
I remind myself that the time I spend exercising now will increase the time I am physically capable when I reach old age. When I find myself losing motivation to exercise I remind myself that the discipline I show now will create freedom in my old age. I don't want to spend my life working to accumulate wealth only to be confined and unable to make use of it. There's no sequel so we have to make the most of the time here. Exercise will not only increase the time we stay alive but enrich it as well. A mantra I've used is discipline creates future freedoms.
Alexandra E.
I keep my morning exercise routine simple. To ease into my day, I move through a series of stretches. This helps my muscles and joints loosen up after being in bed, which makes my body feel good. After a solid morning stretch, I then feel ready for my day. The feeling carries with me throughout the day, so that later I have the drive to do more energetic exercise like going for a long walk.
Storm Z.
Exercising daily is easy for me, it's a stress release and I always feel psychologically better off after a workout. Not exercising is more of a challenge for me, I get agitated and stressed if I dont and quite often guilty as I feel lazy and as though I've not achieved anything.
Zulma F.
Measuring progress so that I can see incremental results. If I extrapolate the results, I can see where I will be in 3/6/12 months.
Melissa J.
At my age, I have given up on the worldly, trivial things that seem to distract us from what really matters. I wish to serve others for the rest of my life. This desire drives me to keep myself well by exercising even if it’s just by stretching, aerobics or walking for a few minutes. Every little bit helps.
Mila Z.
I have a gym membership but I tend to work out the most at home. I like to use the Nike training app for exercise routines or ideas. There's also a ton of videos to work out with on youtube, from yoga and Pilate , to crossfit instruction, all for free. My absolute favorite way to get in my exercise is by using the Xbox 360 Kinect to dance or move my body with, and I recently got a ringfit on the Nintendo switch for Christmas, it makes my workouts entertaining so I'm more focused on the fun. To stay motivated I stay away from scales, I already know I'm overweight, and while that's okay for some, I know exactly what I want my body to look like and I keep the goal in my mind, I tell myself I can do it, and I do it which makes me feel good about sticking to my word.
Leslie F.
Hello, I’ve only just started myself and I must say it’s not easy.

Firstly, I ask myself why am I doing it. That’s a push for me. My “why” is important. I don’t over do it as the App has suggested. Start small, smaller actions become one big action.

I hope that helps. Please don’t give up.

No Lie T.
If you are not use to it, it is not easy just believe something that will heal you then do one each time and don't push yourself to much…
Dylan T.
I try to feel what my body needs. I focus making workouts simple and attainable and targeting them to the muscles that don't hurt if something does. I find it necessary to have a goal as well. Something I'm working towards. My goals have been as big and desireable as running a marathon or as simple as running to the top of a hill. The important part is making sure it is something I will stay driven to accomplish and keep trying to achieve.
Sean J.
1. I make it the first thing I do during a day so I won't forget it.
2. Because the challenge is as small as possible, it doesn't cost me much effort to complete.
Cl A Y.
I made it part of my routine. It will take some time to make it a habbit and until then it needs discipline. You can always get someone to hold you accountable for it to make sure you stick to it in the beginning until it becomes automatic for you.
Erol O.
I definitely don’t exercise daily, but I am trying to work slowly toward changing this! I enjoy hot yoga and hiking, so for now I’m starting off with doing a quick at home yoga session when I have time throughout the day as well as walking more.
Julia O.
Honestly, if you exercise in the morning, getting out of bed is hard, especially in winter. But I tell myself that I am the one who is going to benefit from this workout. I am the person whose body others are going to envy. I am the person who will still be running even at the age of 60. And the post-workout endorphin rush is the reward. I think this is pretty much what one needs to complete one workout..
Astrid A.
Do things you really like. Find something that makes you feel better. The aim of exercising is not to feel devastated afterwards!