What are in-place cardio exercises one can do when they live in an upstairs apartment?

Rachel E.
I like looking up Fitness Blender’s HIIT at-home workout videos. Usually they show both high impact and low impact options. If you’re concerned about the amount of noise you might make, you can choose the low impact ones.
Yasmim Q.
Mountain climbers, high knees, jumping jacks, squat jumps, burpees. Try working on landing with soft feet, this helps with balance and strength.
Natalie N.
Running in place is always a good way to get the heart racing. Sideways skating as well. These can be do e in small spaces and work great.
Stefan Z.
Burpees is a good home cardio exercise as far as you do it on the carpet. Implement jumping jacks, mountain climbers, weighted squat to shoulder press (if dumbbell not available – any weight is alright).
Irene Z.
Shadow boxing or climbing Up/down the stairs. I have a mini rebounder which is fun and great exercise. Mine folds so I pack it away after use. You do need high ceilings though.
Jo N.
There are some amazing YouTube videos for apartment/hotel workouts! I spend a lot of time in hotels because I travel for work and I don’t always have gym access. A cardio workout that doesn’t involve jumping around – no room and I don’t want to upset the neighbours – is essential! If you want something a bit more structured than YouTube there’s a website called Boxx which is paid for but also has a whole section for apartment/hotel cardio sessions.