I’m living in very cold city, and outdoor exercises are not the option, also I don’t have gym close by, so the only option to do something is at home. I’m also very sensitive to pain during exercising; if I will be exhausted at least once, I would not do it again. So the question, which easy exercises without pain and in 10 minutes can I do in the morning? And more importantly, how do you adjust quantities/kilometers/number of exercises to stay in the same time frames? (As I don’t have much time in the morning)

Ariel J.
I have 3 workout apps on my phone. I will usually scroll through and find a workout that I like or think I can do. And before you select a workout, they have the time it will take you listed, and it will have the excercises that it will have you do listed. If you get too tired or sore from an exercise, I would suggest doing it slower or doing fewer reps so you won't be in pain or get too tired out. Some of the ones I'm doing have you doing an exercise for about 30 seconds at a time. The apps are Yoga For Weight Loss (the icon is red with a girl sitting with her legs crossed), Home Workout (the icon is red with a man in the push-up position), and FitOn (the app is purple and has the name of the app). I'm mostly using the first two right now, but I know the third one has healthy food options in it too. So, if a workout is too much or too hard, you can always tone it down on your own to fit what you need.

Amy C.
Search YouTube for 10 minute yoga, Pilates, or body-weight strength training! If a workout is too strenuous, modify it (go slower, do less repetitions), or choose a different workout that works better for you. If you live in an apartment or need to be careful of making too much noise, include “apartment friendly” or “no jumping” in your search.

Ismael P.
Just move, keep it very simple, dance, do a light yoga sequence, yoga with addriene on you tube, experiment with it. For a while my exercise routine was 4 calestenic exercises (sit-ups, squats, pull-ups and push-ups. I skipped the pull-ups when I didn't have a bar.) What ever you do star with very little and if you feel you can add a few more reps go ahead. Maybe try the 4 or 3 calestenics 15 reps of each, except pulls pull-ups, 1 or 2 reps would do if you can't even do one just hang and lift your knees a couple times, if you can't do push-ups, do it with your knees on the ground. Do 1 set and if have time and energy do another one.

Suzanne F.
I started out riding my indoor bike very slowly for five minutes a day. It’s been a month and I haven’t increased my time yet 🙂 I’m just starting slow and listening to my body. I’ve always gone all about it really hard and then I enjoyed myself. Slow and steady wins the race!!

Jen O.
Just get some type of moving in the morning. There are plenty of youtube videos out there that are beginner friendly and can be done in your home. Just pick one that suits your time frame and go with it. Fabulous also has little mini 4 and 7 minute exercises that can be done in home and are not too stressful.

Natalia N.
I seriously injured both my leg and shoulder just before covid started. Walking, standing and even sitting still hurt me over a year after I injured them. I started doing tai chi in the mornings, there are some nice beginner videos on YouTube that walk you through the movements.

Kat U.
Have you tried yoga? it can be really energizing and good workout, while also helping you listen to the limits of your body

Carol D.
Do simple stretching. Do not force yourself. Start with 5 minutes and do not increase until you feel comfortable about it.

Sarah I.
I found that if you can’t go outside and are prone to pain during exercise at home yoga is a great place to start. I do this every morning, for 10-30 minutes. Yoga with Adriene is a great YouTube channel with practices for all time frames and all levels and she is a great and compassionate teacher. Over time I’ve also added some Hiit and kettlebell YouTube classes in the mix, because I felt I was craving more intense workouts as a counterbalance to the yoga. But that’s up to you and yoga in itself is also a great workout I find.

Lee U.
I am happy to do some walking and get to sweat myself out via stretching. Indeed the gym is not somewhere reachable for our current situation. Hence, I have another indoor option which is the yoga.

Jorja N.
You could do 10 squats on the first day and everyday add another 10 squats so on the second day you would be doing 20 squats, if you have a garden you could do laps around that!!

Rouven S.
One of my favourite exercises is yoga- it does more then you realise and makes you feel so good about yourself plus you can do a good amount in 10 minutes. Plus it’s good for your mind too! Plus with your sensitivity and exhaustion it’s a nice gentle way to exercise. Following that if you want something slightly more strenuous but still gentle Pilates is really good. You can get really good apps that for example if your running you can say run for 10 minutes and then work out how much you can do in that time to convert to kilometres. Then for reps- I think focusing on one muscle area each day would allow you to really maximise these body parts so your not having to fit in reps for all body parts every day!

Lisa G.
Honestly, I'm just going to answer with what I personally do and what personally works for me.
So first, in the morning, I also used to think I didn't have time, but I changed some things and woke up just 15 minutes sooner so I could do some yoga. So, right when I wake up, I do some yoga with a video (by Alivia d'Andrea) and it only lasts 8 minutes, and then I just go on with my day.
As for working out, I personally find motivation in YouTube videos, I would advice to just try multiple videos and just see what works best for you. If you're not motivated, just put some music that you really like and dance on it, you can do whatever you want, it will just bring you some joy and maybe motivate you.
I hope my answer will help ^^

Mello N.
Good question! I would suggest tai chi or some other form of exercise. Tai chi is very good because while the movements are slow, to make it easy on your muscles, it is also very controlled and can help you build up endurance and good form. Yoga is another good choice.

Carely T.
We all have to start somewhere even if it’s 2,3,5, or even 10 minutes. As long as you start moving, something is better than nothing.

Take a moment to analyze where your body pains are, and your limits. I recommend speaking to a doctor before starting any exercising to determine if it’s something more than just an ache that needs conditioning.

Furthermore, understand your limits, keep track of how often you can do an exercise so you can gage your progress.

Once you have done all the above, I highly recommend going on YouTube and searching for short videos that consist of workouts for beginners. If not, yoga for beginners to stretch your body.

Simple exercises I recommend.
Planks , start at 15 second intervals. Bicep curls, can do them with no weights, even water bottles in each hand.
High knees, you can modify them by skipping the jumping and just raising one leg at a time.

Time wise , it’s up to you and the pace your body can go. Start by setting 30 second intervals or setting an alarm.

Do what you can with the time you have.

It’s a journey not a race.

Katherine C.
Yoga is a good start and can be done gently in the morning for 10 minutes. Or a 7 minute work out or training with resistance bands or a jump rope

Robyn Q.
If you have a exercise bicycle at your place then i think you should use that or if you have a home gym you should use it more often

Sara C.
Try with 3 excercixes of joga-5 minutes each day. After a few days add yet a new pose and do this set for few more days. After few more days yet add a new one and again and so on and so on.

Eric T.
Will I’m no expert but if I’m working out indoors i use this app called “workout women” it’s been really helpful and you can choose what exercises you want to do they have tons of short workouts and it’s free hope this was helpful ☺️

Henry E.
I wish i knew!! I would try to take longer breaks inbetween and make sure you stretch or do yoga before/after. But for time idk, maybe do have of it in the morning and half at lunch.

Karl Josef Z.
I like to commit in small steps or what I call lateral improvements. Just showing up for that morning workout counts. As for finding indoor workouts, I’ve found YouTube to be so helpful these days. I’ve started a playlist for yoga workouts. For me, that’s my thing I can do in a few minutes or even up to an hour. I save classes with props or gear that I have around the house. All I do is press play and if something comes up I can always pause or stop. No matter how far I get I know I showed up and that is a win for me.

Sam E.
Have you search for exercise Apps? I love 'Down Dog'. You can select a level called 'restorative' which is gentle you can do as little as 8 minutes . If that is too easy there are other levels. There's plenty out there for all levels. Any movement is good – just dancing round the kitchen is fun!! Take care and enjoy.

Alexa S.
Hello, I live in Scotland! I appreciate it might be colder where ever you are but currently it's too cold for me to exercise outside. I have been working out almost daily for 3-4 years. All in my home, and I use a website that is free called fitness blender, there is a paid to use part of the website but I don't have that. They have shorter workouts and they have ones with low impact. Something like yoga or pilates might be what to look at and they have those too. Means your moving and it easy to adjust and you shouldn't feel exhausted. Good luck hope this helps

Dulce Z.
Yoga is my go to at home. 20 minutes is my minimum. There are great apps out there, Down Dog, for example, where you can set parameters for how your body feels that day.

Alaa N.
Probably doing something you enjoy for example dancing it doesn’t have to be complex movement anything will do. I’m not fit and I found most exercise difficult, however, I found that walking at home 1 Mile is something that I can do 🙂 there’s many channels that do this type of exercise but personally I prefer Lesley.

Good luck!

Guilherme Z.
I’m no expert on what an ideal workout is, especially if you are experiencing pain from doing certain things, but I think any kind of movement is fantastic. If there are any workouts you’ve done in the past that haven’t caused you pain, make a list of them and do very small sets of each of them for the 10 minutes you have in the morning. Personally I like doing a good stretch in the morning and try to focus more of flexibility and mobility. This could also be a really great option for you and may help reduce pain/ risk of pain during any activities later in the day. It’s also just a really great way to start the day and help you feel awake and refreshed without getting sweaty or anything from exercising. I also really like this, because rather then setting weight goals or anything like that and getting bogged down by all that nonsense, I am more focused on just becoming more flexible and sinking deeper into the stretch and it’s actually helped me feel like working out is less of a struggle. If this sounds like a good option for you maybe just find a 10 minute stretch video on YouTube and follow along with that. Hope this helps!

America T.
I love, love Kaiser Permanente’s exercise videos. They offer a variety of options and you get to choose the modifications that work for you. And I love that I don’t feel pressure with the “no pain, no gain mentality”.

Thea R.
i would suggest a HIIT workout. however, lower the intensity if you feel like you’re pushing your limits. or for something more low intensity, try pilates or yoga

Alyssa E.
There are a lot of videos on YouTube. But, I think you should change your mindset initially. Excersise will always come with slight pain and exhaustion.

Tyler Q.
It might sound silly, but jumping in place will get you going in the morning. Start with 2 minutes, and build from there.

Ante B.
There are many yoga videos online for free. Also peloton has an app where you can pick different workouts ( non cycling ones) that you can chose the length and intensity. ( lots of different 10 min workouts)
I personally have hand weights from 5- 30lbs. So i can vary my intensity. And a treadmill which you can walk, jog at different paces and inclines.

Wyatt U.
Yoga or stretching is a low impact exercise that you can do. Set an alarm or a timer so that when the time is up you can move on and get ready for your day.

Em P.
I am in a similar situation, it's cold out. I have started incredibly small with the exercise, as little as 8 minutes. I pop on my gym t shirt and leggings, no shoes, and I do either some basic stretching or a very short aerobic routine. As regards the pain and exhaustion, set the bar low. My thing is I sweat a lot and don't cool down for half an hour. At first I just concentrated on moving. As long as I moved, it was OK as long as I felt some sort of muscle movement and stretch. As the days have progressed, I have started to do some low intensity routines, but I do between 15-20 minutes. What's interesting is that waking up my body slightly with movement has helped me be less of a couch potato the rest of the day. Walking, even cycling have now been possible. I am the slowest mover on earth, more like a tortoise or a sloth than a human. But I'm accepting that as the start of the journey.

John C.
Stretching is better than nothing at all, and leaves you freer in movement through the day. Try 5 different stretches holding for a minute each.

Ana Y.
There's an app in Google store that's called lose fat for women and the icon is a woman with a big belly and a woman with a narrow waste. There you can find several types of exercises and workouts that you can modulate for your needs. The thing is for exercise to work will not be comfortable

Angelo P.
Well, you aren't going to be able to work out meaningfully without getting sore or out of breath. If you aren't getting out of breath, you aren't training your endurance. If you aren't getting sore, then you aren't training your strength. If you want something simple that will make you feel better, then do yoga for stretching and light strength training and jumping jacks for cardio. Eventually, if your body is ready for it, you could work in lunges.

Vera I.
What about some yoga, there are a lot of easy exercises programs online, you can choose your own time length and depending on the exersices is it painless. Start small, mabye stretching. 3 squats, sitting up strait. Then make tiny steps towards a intenser exersice.

Kylie N.
Hi there, if I only have 10 mins I usually just stretch. There are heaps of 10 mins stretches on the internet. This can be quite passive or more dynamic and warming depending on how you feel. If it’s very cold and I am home by myself I sometimes put some old 80’s stuff on and dance. I just let my mood dictate what I do. I would also advocate sleeping is your tights or some workout gear so you don’t have to strip off or get changed before you can start. Good luck!

Rebecca P.
So I would focus on more of a yoga-type workout. It's always good to start with yoga before any other type of workout. YouTube has tons of small videos to watch that aren't long.

Mariano Q.
If you have a smart phone there are a lot of interesting apps to exercise and they are have a range of options of the time you spend exercising try them, i already use female fitness app

Rae O.
My answer would be to do some gentle yin yoga in the morning! There are tons of 10mins ooey gooey stretchy yoga sequences on YouTube and the like. Yoga is great because there are modifications for flexibility levels and for those who experience pain in certain areas. It’s not cardio or meant for weight loss but it just feels so so good and is just the best opportunity for some self care.
I actually read recently that going for a walk x3 a week is all you need for good heart health. Sometimes it’s not about the high intensity, work out until you pass out, go as hard as you can but more so about doing what feels good and reminding yourself that you are worthy of love even if it’s self-love.

Peggy Z.
Yoga has been extremely helpful and wonderful to me. You get in some good core, arm, leg workouts but you’re also not overexerting yourself depending on the class you pick. I recommend start with a morning yoga for beginners routine. They are on YouTube and free (I love Yoga with Adrienne) and then once you get the feel for it, you can do more to improve your skills with yoga.

Lynette U.
I live in a similar situation, cold temperatures & quit easily. I have just creating a dance routine to favorite songs, walking in my house, stretching, and using small hand weights. I picked up the weights at Target. Just keep moving!

Xaver E.
I don’t know about the pain specifically (joint, muscle?) so I can’t comment on that. Researching some therapy exercises could help with that. There might be some stretches you can do without equipment.

If you’re stuck in one spot, try squats as you can do them as slowly and quickly as you want. Punch squats are good for strength and bops for cardio.
3×10 beginner
3×25 intermediate
4×30 advanced.

Pace yourself and stretch out your legs (don’t forget butterfly stretches) as it will hit some neglected muscles.

Jumping jacks are good too.

My journey with fitness started with push-ups. I did 20 every day. Not the best routine, but the important part was that it became a daily habit. Honestly just find one exercise you like and make it so easy, you can’t say no. Then scale up.

Asma U.
Begin with beginner HIT or cardio exercises then build upon these toward a more advanced levels.
Choose your own type of exercises may be so useful too. Pilates yoga cardio or just strength training are options

Reagan W.
If it's debilitating pain I understand not wanting to try again but the saying "no pain no gain" is absolutely true. I do 2 repetitions of 10 sets of squats, push ups, sit ups, and bicep curls every morning, on a good day I'll add 5 to each exercise. It should always hurt a little, that means your muscle is working and growing! Stay positive! By the way running can be good, but unless you're trained how it can hurt your whole body too and end up giving back and knee issues in the future!

Yasmin Y.
The 4 minute ab work out usually helps me or the 1 minute get moving helps as the time isn't so long and the exercises are good. If not that then yoga for sure.