Any runners out there, who are running every morning? I run but usually alternate days: if you run every day, how do you stay safe and injury-free?

Reno O.
1. Warm up and cool down before and after run Search for YT videos.
2. Keeping your cadence around 170-180
,even if you are running at slower pace.
3. Do exercises for runners at least 2 time a week
Eg. squats, Nordic curls. Search for videos on YT.
4. Increase your training gradually week by week.
5.Take rest days.(Do some Yoga to stretch and relax muscles.)
6. Be consistent. Move slowly but steadily.
Annabelle N.
Im not a runner but i have a few tips, 1 u can set a goal for how many steps u wanna do, 2 u have to bring a cold ice water bottle with u, 3 u should start slow like this “Walk, Jog, Run” so u can already get used to walking and running, and thats all!