I am having trouble keeping up with my gym routine. How do you motivate yourself to exercise??

Adunni B.
I personally envision what I want to be in a couple of months time. Basically, set achievable goals in a reasonable time frame. You might be doing too much too soon. It helps to slow down and reflect on your goals. Putting on music also helps me stay motivated. Hope this helps! You can do it! I believe I you! <3
Baleine O.
Weight loss, body change, diversity of exercises. If everyday you do something new, maybe it’ll give more excitement and so motivation to do it.
Adunni B.
I find that listening to music helps keep me motivated while exercising. I personally do a sort of mini checklist before I workout. I ask myself "do I feel like working out today?" If the answer is yes, go ahead! You can do it! But if the answer is no, then don't. Its okay to take breaks and not workout on some days. But if this unmotivation seems to be occurring often, you might wanna look more deep into that. Perhaps your doing to much too soon? Maybe you feel overwhelmed? Reflecting on what's causing your unmotivation could help resolve it. Staying motivated is hard, but just keep telling yourself it's all for the greater good. Be confident in your abilities, and don't let that little voice get into your head. I believe in you! You can do it!
Zineb Q.
I go for workout challenges, so i know that for example i wanna finish this workout challenge in 25 days i should do my best to workout everyday and not skip a day
Justadd Z.
I think that you should find an exercise on internet that helps you with anything you want. For example I have one for my legs and one for my abs that I do. I think that thinking like “I will have thinner legs after this” will motivate you to do it. If not just take a long walk.