How to build muscle doing excercise in home only?

Leona Y.
I am so happy I can help by answering this question!

I found an extremely useful and free program on subreddit "bodyweight fitness" together with helpful community

I do it at home and see how strength improves.

You will have to invest some time figuring out exercises, but overall it is a very quick and balanced program

You will need at least a pull-up bar in your home and eventually will benefit from several other items

Carole E.
You will use your household objects, you or somebody else in the same house. As I exercise, i dream to become like Sylvester Stallone, which is the hardest thing to achieve, I build my muscles by searching online biceps workouts and other muscles, or bring something heavy like a modern chair (13kg) and lift it on my bed. Same as bringing my own little sister (26kg) as a dumbbell to lift, she enjoys and I like it.

Melquisedeque E.
I do a variety of things to keep interested: weightlifting with dumbbells, barbell, bodyweight exercises like push ups and chin ups and squats, and even some martial arts and yoga.

Jacob Q.
There are various body weight exercises you can do.

I’d look into getting a foam roller for myofascial release and stretching, and combine it with some body weight exercises with a Swedish ball and small dumb bells.

Waldin Lia N.
I'd have to Google to be sure, but I think if you have some weights at home, or finding exercises that don't need any tools, you can still use repitition to build the muscle instead of just toning.

Hector Z.
What I know so far is to build muscles, weight training is best. However, body weights can also be used for weight training. Fabulous, why are you asking me? You're the experts.

Ava Y.
Look into resistance training to build strength, aka MUSCLE. Beyond that, anything you can do to utilize your own body weight will be great in the way of building muscle. Think: push ups, pull ups, tricep dips, step ups on a chair, climbing stairs, TRX band workouts, side and regular planks, arm circles, squats, lunges – the possibilities are endless! HAVE FUN! 🙂

Nikolaj G.
Push ups and squats. Check the progression for those exercises, so you can make them easier or more difficult depending on your needs. For example, you can start with regular squats and then try one leg squat, then pistol squat or sissy squat. Also check lunges and planks, another great exercises. Remember to make the exercises harder if you can do a set of 15 reps or earlier. With planks do sets of 30 seconds.

Tom T.
I prefer doing plenty of push-ups, of various different types, along with a few sets of sun salutations. Of course, If you are a beginner, this may be too much for you, so you can start with a few sets of sun salutations which build muscle, balance, and flexibility at the same time. I would also recommend the "Home Workout" app by Leap Fitness Group. It's great for building muscle at home and you can pick you pace: beginner, intermediate, or fit.

Cindy T.
If you look up on youtube, there are lots of training videos for everyone, even people who cannot go to a gym. You got no excuses 🙂

Cornelia U.
You can find plenty of videos on YouTube now that can guide you through exercises at home to build muscle. Many require little or no equipment too.

Frederico C.
I recommend visiting the website
They have many free workouts that you can filter by target area, workout type (strength, it sounds like) and equipment available. They also have 30 day workout plans and other awesome inspiration.