How long did it usually take you take a shower and how long does it take you to take a shower now since you first got the habit?

Anna U.
Well, 2 weeks ago was when I installed Fabulous and it changes my life. I usually showered at night for 45 minutes but now with Fabulous I only shower 10 mins a day! Also please do not wash your hair every day, because it can lead to hairfall. You can wash them once, twice or even three times a week and that enough. I really hope I answered your question. Goodbye!
Sophia A.
I set my alarm for the specific time I want and I just put it in my head that I’m gonna do it no excuses! Stop thinking that it’s difficult because when you keep repeating that to your self then it will be difficult. Start to change the way you think about waking up early and I guarantee that it will become easier for you to accomplish.
Lordia B.
Like 1hour, 2 hours or 3 hours to 4 hours that’s how I long take shower. When I like showering I just go to the bathroom to shower myself