Do I really need to exercise every single day?

Laura N.
Yes. You will not get in shape by doing a hard workout every once in a while. You will get in shape by doing a reasonable workout every day (and also a hard workout every once in a while).
Parushi C.
No. It isn’t actually quite harmful to your body to workout everyday. Instead, you should do differently workouts based on how your body is feeling. For example, when I feel energetic, I will have a hardcore workout, when I feel stressed, I will have a yoga session, and when I am just tired, I will have a meditation session.
Hans W.
t is recommended that you should get 150 minutes per week of aerobic activity. So 20 minutes per day. But it would also depend on how intense your workouts are. You shouldn’t have vigorous workouts everyday, work out daily but different levels. I’ve read even a day of rest should have some activity with movement. For me if I don’t do something everyday I lose momentum. Hope that helps.
Tobias W.
Yes, because with exercise you get a connection with your body and make your mind rest for a bit. It’s important that the exercises are fun and lovable so you get inspired, not tired.
Alexander Z.
No because your body needs the appropriate time to recover. Pushing yourself too hard could lead to injuries. Instead active recovery days can be more beneficial
Harper W.
Yes, because it may seem like a hassle, but it actually benefits you. You feel better about yourself, and begin to form more habits. If you skip a day, you will skip the next day. Keep it up, even if it gets hard!
Henry R.
Don’t see it as ‘exercising’ – I’ve actually looked at the tasks I do each day anyway and realised that some of those would constitute exercise already. It’s made me feel better doing the task as I know it’s actually helping me by doing it. For example, walking my kids to the park and back can sometimes be a chore when they are a bit wild, now I see that as my 8 mins exercise as well and throw myself into that walk with them, meaning both of us enjoy it more and I’m making the most of that time with them. Equally, doing the housework, a huge chore, I now pump some music on and clean even more vigorously – exercise and a clean house, win win 🙂
Caroline E.
It depends on the type of exercise you have in mind, I guess. You should definitely move your body everyday, it’s extremely important for your health and to create a habit in you. Once you get used to it, your body will actually miss it 🙂 But of course you don’t have to do a knock out exercise series everyday… A good 15 minute walk will keep you busy on the days off, I think!
Joe E.
Nope. 2 tp 3 three times a gym integrated with hiit in the end plus one or two walking is enough. I focus on streching each morning.