Do you care how many kcal you’ve burned off?

Tey U.
I don’t never pay attention to how many calories I burn, calorie intake has always been my weakness. But I train very hard and do a lot of explosive movements with my workouts and try to eat the best I can so it never really matters unless I start getting lazy and procrastinating but that’s rare and if I’m to do that then I’d have to be lazy/procrastinate for a long time because my metabolism is very high as well. 9/10 I’m usually around the goal weight I want to easily though.
Lia G.
Honestly I am only 11 but either way I would not care at All it’s not about that it’s about balence and what is going into your body
Jonna Y.
Alltså jag brukar inte hålla koll på det eftersom att jag bara är 13 år men eftersom att jag tränar väldigt mycket är det bra att jag vet att jag får i mig mycket så att jag inte bara tränar bort allt liksom
Claire E.
I mean, I’d that’s my goal them yeah but if I’m just doing it for fun then I don’t care too much but it does make me feel good
Neil C.
For me as a ketogenic diet lover is not important. I believe that consuming helathy fats is more important rather then counting kcal
Martufa N.
Not really. Even though I'd be happier with more than less, I don't want this to become an unhealthy obsession.
Have a lovely day my friend!
Baptiste E.
I usually never count the calories I've eaten or burnt off because I have found that it is damaging to myself. Counting calories or what I eat during a day can make me obsessed with food to the point I might even have an ED. So no I don't care how many calories I consumed or burnt off but I make sure I feel full and energized after every meal <3
Froggo M.
To be honest not really, I have an Apple Watch and it’s good to see how much you have burned for personal records and things, just for fun, but if it wasn’t there it wouldn’t make a big difference. For me what matters is how I feel after exercising, not how many calories have been burned
Daisy F.
Not particularly! I personally just try to do what feels good for my body, both in terms of exercise and eating. Try to find healthy foods you love and keep them on hand, as well as find exercise you think is fun! 💕
Allan C.
No I rather see the physical change. Seeing how you were before is a much better motivator than seeing how much you weigh or how many calories you’ve burned off.
Brookelynn O.
I could care less about how many calories I burn as long as I see and feel the difference then I don’t care about the calories
Sarah Q.
Sometimes I do because I want to get rid of the little belly I created in my past. So I care how much weight I gained and have eaten. But then there are moments I don’t care because I want to enjoy life. What give up on something you really love. I love food.
Nasser Z.
I don’t care how many calories I have burned because I don’t know much about it or how it may effect me and also i don’t follow a specific diet so i don’t know how much calories i have gained.
Luna Q.
absolutely no way. in my opinion even considering the existence of calories in our food is a destructive and (definitely not) a sustainable mindset : from personal experience it haunted me for 2-3 years, always trying to count my calories and lose weight. only people with medical requirements should count their calories they've burned off at their own will. otherwise it will leave you feeling exhausted, not good enough, disgusting and undeserving. there's so much going on between the innocent-like and trendy world of counting calories.
Abigail Z.
No, honestly I’ve worked very hard to accept my body at my current weight/appearance, because at the end of the day, I’ve gotten to a point where i care most about what my body can do/how I feel (strength, endurance, being capable of tasks that would have tired me previously). If you’re an athlete or you have serious health conditions, keeping track of how much energy you use throughout the day can help you replenish it appropriately. But once i walked away from the numbers game, i reached a point where my weight no longer fluctuated up or down (it’s been consistent for a few years). When i die someday, I don’t want to look back and regret spending so much time carefully calculating kcal, i want to be proud of the capabilities of my body and the things i could physically do
Victor F.
No, that's quite unimportant for me bc it makes me think sometimes that i didn't do anything (which isn't true, we all work hard). Those little things shouldn't be something you consider important. You'll see a change soon, don't try to ruin your experience by making yourself believe you're not doing much and overworking or giving up.
De U.
I do exercise to stay healthy I don't care about how many Kcals did I've burned off, because at the end exercises will burn it.
Mille Z.
I personally do, I’m quite a numbers person so it’s easy for me to focus on how many calories I consume every day, how many steps I take, burned calories etc.. but that doesn’t mean you have to focus on that! Every one does things differently and there’s not really a wrong way to do things!
Naana B.
I actually do care about the kcal that I burn off. I’ve been trying really hard to loose some weight and so I really care about that. If I have to much calories then I always try my best to loose it
Hector Q.
Not really. We're trying to build a habit. So, we start small. The smallest problem. We solve it. Make it a habit. Then, we move into the nitty-gritty
Jacqueline Y.
I do and I hate how I look at my body when I don’t. I want to accept the way it is but it’s hard with all this negative thoughts.
Gediminas T.
I have been working out for some time and I've actually gained since I was quite under weight and if we talk the daily calories I burn and eat I probably burn maybe 2500kcal I'm not really sure how to calculate it since per day you should eat 2000kcal so I probably burn more than 2000kcal. And I eat about 3000kcal so, I've been slowly gaining weight and muscle mass
Martufa N.
Not really. Even though I'd be happy with more than less, I don't want this to become an unhealthy obsession.
Have a lovely day my friend!
Diana I.
No, because I am not overweight for my height. I am older though and feel very weak at times. I also need to be less sedentary for better heart health.
R Mi T.
Not anymore, it used to be an obsession in my early 20s… But it had a more negative effect than positive.. it's like counting cigarettes when you quit. The less you do the more freedom you have. Which leads you to be happy with yourself ☺️
Ilina Z.
Not really. I find that to be rather time-consuming and potentially dangerous for my mental health. When it comes to food, I trust my body to tell me whether I need more or not. And when it comes to burning off those calories, I just make sure I get some movement in everyday and I judge how much more I need by my overall endurance during everyday activities/workouts. So far it has worked well for me and I haven't had any mental or physical issues with food and burning calories.
Nat X.
nope, I'm working to get abs! For abs, you need to have a low body fat percentage (this doesn't depend on your weight, it depends on how your weight is distributed). the best bf% (body fat percentage) for defined abs is 10%-15%. My bf% is 10.8! so now I need to build up muscle so my abs can actually show!
Pauline A.
Not really. Currently I'm focusing on building the habit fast. Working out for me has always been about health and not the kcal I've burned.
Albert W.
I do not. This is because I am exercising a lot and want to build muscle not loose weight. I am more interested in tracking the macronutrients in the food than the number of calories. I need to make sure I am eating enough protein and carbs (but not much sugar) in order to fuel my body.
Ruby T.
No, I use to and it made me super sad when I didn’t do enough. That is no way to live, it is important to be healthy but not at the cost of your happiness. At this point I don’t think counting calories or how many you have burned is healthy because it can really damage your mindset.
Alfredo P.
I don’t really care about how many calories I take in (I just care if I’m eating enough and feeling good after eating)🍳
Clelia I.
If u r goung through a tough time, it is totally normal that u struggle succeding in having a productive routine. Make sure to put health in the first place. Once u got this, go ahead one step at a time. I’m doing the same, u r not alone.

No, i don’t (anymore). This answer triggers me a bit so I’ll just ignore it to avoid thinking about the topic too much.

Brittany P.
Yes, I want to burn off a lot especially on my belly and waist. I’m not fat but I want my toned body and abs back and a tinier waist!!
C Sar T.
I don't care about how many kcal I have burnt. What i do care about is progressively getting stronger and more comfortable in my body.
Greg Ria Z.
In some respect, yes, but only to be sure what I am doing is effective. The cumulative effort of being less tired, more flexible, more able to do exercises I find challenging, or to go a bit farther is much more important. Looking for health not beauty.
Fabien Z.
Nope that doesn't help me at all. I would only do that if you find it helps you control what you are eating, particularly in the long term.
Bianca Y.
I’m just happy that I’m do some sort of exercise within my daily routine. Either way it is going to help me feel better about myself in the long term. If I feel confident I can add a more complexity to exercise later down the track.
Helen E.
yes, I did. I watched some videos and I was so confuse, one day I started to choose workouts that made me burn more kcal.
Tia N.
I actually don’t focus on how many kcal I burn. I want to be more active and healthy with my body, I mainly do workouts to target my abs so I don’t really focus on how much I burn but to make sure I don’t have any problems with my body or become lazy, I try to get up and do a simple full body workout and later, do a abs workout.
Chelsie F.
No because keeping track of kcal can get difficult and be negative to eating patterns, so I base progress off of how I feel and what changes I see in the mirror not the amount if kcal I've burned
Sav Q.
Yes I am interested in how many canaries I burn. I am on a protein shake program and I count the amount of calories I consume per day. I try and target about 1200 cal a day. It’s only been 7 days but so far so good.
Freddie I.
I think that in a un-healthy way it would be something to care about but most of the time it’s not really something that you should think about that much 💗
Josh A.
Yes I do actually care! I don’t like feeling unhealthy so burning kcal is making me feel heathy and more comfortable, confident and proud of my body. I’m not saying that you need to burn calories to feel more healthy but if you want to then do it is all up to you! But if you don’t want to burn calories, you can instead eat more heathy and stop eating fast food. I hope this answer your question.
Tha S F.
I do care but I force myself not to pay to much attention to it because I have noticed it discourages me more they anything. I just try to be satisfied with the simple feeling I have after the exercise.
Ariadna Z.
I use to, but not anymore. This don’t help to lose weight if you are trying it, you need at least like 2000 kcal, just try to eat healthy and a balance life
Jules T.
No, I don't because I don't want to make it an obsession.
But if you think that you seriously need to loose weight you can do it.
Amber R.
No I don't care. As long as exercise is done, it is good. In the long run what matters is that both increased exercise and healthier eating are the default.
Geena R.
Yes, one of my long term goals is to lose fat and become more toned. In order to do so, I have to try and burn more kcal than I consume on average, which is something I try to be mindful of.
Aubrey O.
It’s different for everyone, but I exercise not to lose weight, but to feel good in my skin. Not because working out makes you look beautiful, but because it makes me feel beautiful in my own skin. So really, it depends on you.
Lorraine J.
Not really. I’m trying to gain weight not lose it. And I don’t think it’s that healthy to be so stressed about numbers. What matters is how you’re feeling, not what number of calories you burned off today.
Arnalda Q.
Well for me i don’t really care that much about how many kcal i burned . I exercises cause I enjoy doing it and even without caring about my kcal , after exercising regularly I can totally see the changes . And I hope that’s answers your question and good luck on your journey !!😊👍
Holdina Y.
at first yeah, you want to see a change, but as time goes on i notice the change in my muscles or how my clothes fit or how i have an increased appetite and it fuels me to keep the journey alive
Lule X.
Not really. I mainly like to do exercise to have fun and keep fit and healthy.

But Sometimes i like to challenge myself to burn off some calories.

Just don’t put to much stress on yourself to burn of all those calories.

Maybe set an exercise schedule to help you. Like for example:

Monday – rest day
Tuesday- go for a walk
Wednesday- go for a run
Thursday- rest day
Friday- go for a swim
Saturday-challenge yourself
Sunday- rest day

Your S.
I really don't. I give my body time, the time it needs to help me live a better life. For me, your connect with your body is very important. I do not count and force calories and let my body lose weight gradually by workouts and healthy eating.
Sophie E.
No not really because I'm learning to love myself but I truly can't lie and sometimes I do but that's alright all I wanna do is track my progress and tell myself that I deserve my crown
Farah O.
Yes I do actually! It might not be a good thing, but I always think about calories. I would advise you not to pressure yourself too much, and not calculate every bite. It makes your life a lot harder!
Andreas A.
Depends on if I want to lose/gain weight. Usually i have good estimate on how much i burn/eat. Learned that via myfitnesspal when i tried to lose weight and counted calories
Zeilane C.
No because I don’t count how many go into my body as long as I know at the end of the day I have a full stomach a healthy mind and am happy with how I look in the mirror I am happy but if I don’t meet one of them I work towards it the next day because if I sit and worry about it that isn’t going to fix it if I want it to be fixed I have to put in work to get what I want
Andrea C.
I don't care, but I care more, how many calories do I consume rather than spend. Because sometimes I have an uncontrollable desire to chew something. Sometimes it worries me a lot and I start to monitor my diet. But it is difficult to control my desire to chew something
Rianna N.
No, not really. My health is more than my weight. Sure weight is a part of it. But how my body feels is more. My body should feel good, rested, refreshed not sore, and energetic. If something is off there it means I should take action. Either exercise, or eat differently, or cut out sugar, or get more sleep. Weight loss or gain is a result not a goal to me.
Kl Ra Z.
No, I do not. I believe, we can't count that properly. Every body is unique and it burns differently every time, because this depends on many factors and situations. Moreover, counting it can overgrow into an addiction to fulfill your daily limit and even to an eating disorder.
Aly O.
It depends on the day. Sometimes I’m like “you only live once” so I eat all of the Doritos, on others I care so much I eat, throw up, don’t eat for a bit, eat a big meal, throw up, and eat a desert, throw up, go to bed and body check. It’s not healthy but I am not really fully convinced when I say it. I don’t need help and can stop when I want to but I believe I can since some days I do and others I don’t. That’s sound like something someone who actually needs help would say but I can actually stop. I don’t want to since I feel good (afterwards) but other then that it does not harm me or anyone. I het enough food and some leftover so I can have the pleasure of eating without it’s affects.
Jamie W.
Yes I do. While I am not as obsessed with it as I was in later years I still care. Especially when I binge I count calories. I hate it.
Debra Z.
I don't know what to think when it comes to this matter.
I want to put on weight desperately but not just any weight and idk how to deal with it.
Sofia N.
Personally I Was obsessed with it and now I’m getting back to this bad habit, I stopped because I just didn’t care but now it’s difficult to not think about it
Rosa Maria S.
I don’t care much about that right now. I am trying to start out and pick it up on the way. I am starting with yoga and I think it is not important because it is just a number and it doesn’t have much importance. If you want to keep that as a goal than that is different.
Niharika N.
no i don’t. and it’s because i’ve realized it makes no difference to me or how i feel about myself. yes, i do work out a lot, but i feel great and accomplished after working out… i don’t feel disappointed that i didn’t lose kcals. push your limits, but don’t forget to love yourself ❤️❤️
Jimmie Z.
no, i try to focus on being happy and enjoying life, rather than worrying if i have done enough exercise or not. i hope this helps.
T O U.
No, I don't. I'm happy with my body the way it is, though I would like to build more muscle. I don't want to overthink my eating habits beyond knowing what fuels me well and what doesn't.
Jadyn N.
I used to track my calories. But i don’t really care about the calories but more what i put into my body and how it makes me feel. More healthy options will make my body feel better than a treat. But i treat myself, all the time! I loveee fruit and that satisfies me as a dessert. you also can’t go wrong with hot coco!
Avery O.
Yes an no, because I’m14 i shouldn’t have to worry about it but yes because again I’m14 so i can start being healthy now
Zilda O.
Not really, I’m a soccer player and I feel like I have perfect weight, I’ve playing it since I was 5 so I can’t tell because I’ve never in my life cared cuz I was always training and doing stuff like that
Charity P.
Ummmmmmm not really. I just want to feel good. I'm 16 and I've stopped worrying about my weight. In fact, I'm more on the muscular side and am going to try to run track this year.
I don't know if I needed to tell you that… Oh well.
Heitor Y.
I’ve been more conscious of it lately, yeah. It’s just hard to find ways to burn them that don’t leave me feeling awful afterward.
Claire A.
Not really, because I’m more underweight rather than overweight. And even though I don’t count calories, I’d be more interested in gaining more.
Elif N.
No, I don’t care and I don’t read the labels of my food anymore either. I believe if I want something my body needs it. Of course in some kind of limit. I try to eat more healthy foods instead of fast food. Only because of the vitamins and fibers I need. I think if you switch to mre olant based product and eat less transfatty food, you’ll be fine 🙂 love x
Isobel N.
For me it doesn’t really matter but you can set such specific goals to allow you to track how many kcals you are burning
Steve Y.
Losing kcal will only divert you from your goal i try to focus on how my workouts have a balance of high intensity and low intensity
Jimmy T.
kind of, lately i’ve been somewhat insecure about my body. i mean, i like most of it, but my thighs and fat on my stomach make it really hard to try jeans and i’ve been wanting to lose weight.
Paula Z.
Not rlly, it’ll pile up in time , no need to be controlling everything. I just focus on what’s healthy and that it’s enough to keep me going
Celine F.
I guess that is a pro to doing this no sugar challenge, as well as having self control and feeling more energised. But I believe that if my main intention was to lose kcal then I would add in workouts or something like that 🙂
Eva Y.
You know, not really. I have tried counting how many calories I gain and how many I burn, but I ended up gaining more than losing, which is not to say you shouldn't do it, I strongly recommend it, but start slow. I had big ambitions, I threw a lot of calorie counting and paying attention to that stuff all at once and didn't get to ease in. As a result I got overwhelmed and stopped completely. Now I'm slowly approaching my goals and not doing too much at once. I hope this helps!
Mathilde T.
For now, I’m glad to simply have some sort of daily intentional movement that is for the sole benefit of my body’s needs.
Charlotte P.
Yes, I do. I've always had a really carefull attention on this things, as a concequence I feel guilt when I eat too much, so I worry about the kcal I will burn off with a workout.
Katrina F.
no i don't track it. i just exercise as much as i can that i enjoy and notice how it makes me feel. it's easier to cut back on eating than trying to burn it off afterwards
Sophie P.
I used to be really concerned with the calorie side of things whilst working out, but now I intentionally avoid counting the calories burned in my workouts. I try to just pick workouts I enjoy that get my heart rate up and challenge me. I personally love running and HIT workouts, but also like to go on walks when I’m not too busy. I think it’s more fulfilling to feel satisfied and confident after a workout rather than obsessing over calories burned, because that sort of fixation can really detract from the enjoyment of the activity and leave you feeling agitated if you don’t make the right number.
Stefania C.
sometimes i do, sometimes i don't. these days i do because i really want to lose some weight and by wanting to do that i have to look at what i eat (don't obsess over it!) and i exercise a bit (i usually don't, i just walk to school). my advice is not to care too much: your body asks you what it needs, so don't feel like you're eating too much! it's perfectly fine. just don't confuse the "eating because i'm bored" with the "eating because my body is asking it"!
Kristi Y.
No, not really. My weight does not really matter to me ( most of the time) sometimes though I worry about my weight. When I try to lose weight I focus more on eating healthier then losing actual weight.
Barry Z.
I am very interested to know how many calories I burn in a day because then I will know how much I should be eating and how I should be grocery shopping.
Eleonore C.
Yes I do care abort how many I burned off because I can become fit and be healthy and it is a big difference to how I was not to long ago, but now I am getting stronger and better so I’m pretty proud. 😁😁✨✨
Shannon J.
I do! Life has its insecurities, But when I workout it makes me feel good and I will work to get my body in a healthy state.
Mohammed O.
I used to beat myself up for it. But now I realize that this doesn’t get me anywhere. So it’s better to be kind to yourself. Try to understand the “why” And go from there.
Rabs N.
It really depends. Every body type is different. If you have a larger body with more muscle, you will burn more calories. I personally don’t have much muscle on my body so I don’t set my calorie goal too high. If I know my body will naturally burn at least 250 calories, I’ll set my goal to 300 to motivate me to be active. It’s important to keep in mind that we naturally do burn calories even while sitting down on our phones. This is why I don’t focus too much on my calories and more on achieving how I feel while being active. To me, being active and feeling good is a lot more important than the amount of calories I burn. I know I probably won’t ever talk to you again, so I wish you the best on this journey, and I really hope this helped! Good luck! <3
Tha S U.
Sometimes. It depends on if I’m in the middle of a sport at the time or not. If I’m on a break from sports, then I care if I’m burning off kcals, because I’m more likely to be eating less healthy as well. I feel that if I lose weight while not doing sports that’s okay. However, if I’m in the middle of a season I want to be maintaining my weight, not losing. This is because I want to be gaining muscle and toning myself, not losing weight. Plus, as a swimmer I need a lot of calories anyways.
Mikkel E.
Yeah,Because see everyone likes to be fit and fine if are exceriseing daily you care like how much u got fit how much in daily basis u have burned you kcal it matter if u excerise like I care a lot how many kcal I have burned 🔥
Donna J.
I care a lot about that kind of stuff. I don’t like my body so it would be nice to know how hard I’ve been working and durning Kcals
Axel S.
I honestly don’t care. As long as I feel an improvement with how much energy I’ve gained or a positive change in my appearance when I exercise, that is all that matters to me.
Nikolaj B.
Not really, I maintain a calorie count via my food intake (calculated based on my BMR). I exercise around 20 minutes to feel fit and don't really track my calories lost during the workout.
Zelaci Q.
I'm trying to loose weight so yeah! Actually I used to count each calorie I received and burned but at some poit I stopped. I would like to start counting it again ^^
Alexandra O.
I am not really care how how many kcal that I burn a day. I just know that my job is excercise and do it. I also try to create a morning habit- doing exercises every morning that I wake up
Rebecca N.
No… If I said that I work out only to feel better without caring about my shape I would lie… However, counting kcals I've burned would become an obsession, it would be setting the wrong goal for myself. I have to worry about the shape, but not about the numbers.
Matt Q.
Actually no, I don't. I'm very busy everyday and my mind is busy too, I had to prioritize everything, even my thoughts. I have to think about a lot of stuff throughout the day so if I stopped thinking about the calories I eat/burn I would have less time to think about what's really important to me. But even if I had time, I guess I wouldn't mind cause there's no way to know exactly how many calories I eat and how many I burn, I can guess, I can try to calculate, but I will never know the real exact number so I just prefer not doing it and sticking to my routine that I know works and keeps me healthy without thinking too much.
Katie E.
I don’t care how many calories I burn. Because I’m reality getting caught up in calorie counting will take over your life. Are you happy with how your body looks? Are you happy with how your body feels? If not stretch, start exercising, start eating foods that fuel you well. The calories are a number. But how you feel inside is what’s important. Measure your results but the way exercise gives your body energy, and how you don’t get winded anymore doing tasks, and how much stronger you feel after putting some work in.