What’s the best way to stay motivated when you work and go to school?

Lena J.
The things that get me motivated for school is meeting the people who make you smile, laugh, and is there for you no matter what. Also, the thing that’s gets me excited for school is NOT seeing annoying people in my private life.
Ninon S.
When I was working full time and getting my masters part time online, I would try to build enjoyable things into my homework time, like getting a fancy coffee drink or my favorite microwave mac and cheese when I did homework. The "pomodoro technique" was also huuuuge for me. I still use timers whenever I have to start something unpleasant today. The idea is to work for 30 minutes, then take a5 minute break (or you can adjust the time, I think I usually did 25 work, 5 break). Just knowing that I had a break coming up was enough to get me to actually start working, which was by far the hardest part for me. Once I started, most of the time I'd end up working through the break. It basically tricked my brain into thinking that starting work was no big deal, and I'd normally work more efficiently, knowing that any interruptions could wait for the break.
A lot of my ability to do my work had to do with setting the stage, which wasn't always the same. Some days I would go to my favorite corner if the library and listen to my favorite study playlist, some days I'd sit at my desk at home with a carafe of nice tea, some days I'd have couch time in my sweatpants and a blanket and my favorite study junk food.
I'm an intense procrastinator (I couldn't even do my "homework' in kindergarten and didn't figure it out until my*ahem* second senior year of college). These techniques worked for me. Good luck!
Symoni B.
It's very difficult to give a direct answer when I don't know what motivates you. However, my personal experience, I find that reminding yourself that you're doing something great every single day and continuously referring back to when you first started going to school and the progress you've made sense does a huge difference to your dedication and confidence in what you're doing.
Eno N.
A good routine might trump motivation because you won’t always feel motivated. Create habits that allow you to meet both responsibilities.
Genilsa Q.
Think about the long term, understand that everything that is worthy takes time. Think about someone who inspire you, a warrior who is struggling and showing you that it is possible to succeed!
Skye U.
I try to remember the reasons I like school or work. What benefits when I go and always trying to keep a positive mindset
Henry G.
The best way to motivate is to think about the scenario of after success in any kind of work. The glimpse of joy helps us to follow the track properly.
Abel Y.
Water is honestly the best way- it’s fresh and always wakes me up in lessons!!! Only downside is needing the toilet all the time lol!! Good luck on your journey- you can totally do it x
Nicoline G.
I make small goals for what I want to get done, for example I'll say I want to write for 30 minutes, or answer 5 emails. It breaks down the big things and then I can celebrate my achievements even the small ones. It also helps to write it all down so then at the e d of the day I can see how much I crossed off. It makes me see my progress and encourages me to do more everyday.
Jenny F.
So, you have to remember your 'why?'. You have to think about why you've chosen to make positive changes to your life and, when you lose motivation return to these. After a while, your positive changes will become habits and part of your daily life. In fact, you won't need to be motivated to do them because they will become part of the fabric of your life. Until that happens though, focus on your 'why?'.