How do you build up your workout knowledge ( what to do and how to do it )? Too many information makes procrastinating easier

Matthew X.
When it comes to working out the best way is learning by doing. The best thing that worked for me was starting in group fitness classes. This allows for a professional to watch and guide you while working out with others provides motivation. Also find a fitness YouTube channel you connect with and learn about the different exercises and what they are for.
M Rlon E.
If you know what part of your body you want to work on, you can search the internet for exercises to match that body part. You can also find some things on YouTube.
Pooja L.
First decide which part of your body you wanna focus, as for me i wanna lose my belly fat, so i'll start from a beginner level and for 7 mins daily!!
Jill U.
Explore different fitness strategies to see what works and pick and choose trainers based on the areas i’m currently working on.
Ecrin L.
I really really don’t like to write things that i’m going to do every single day. Actually Fabulous helps me a lot i’m choosing what i’m going to do and it just reminds me. And my workout routine changes a lot. For example i did yoga today. But yesterday i did Leslie tomorrow maybe i’ll do something else or i’ll go with yoga. If you want to work out almost every day try to do it just for a week then i believe you’ll keep going. But if you don’t want to work out today that’s fine. Do what makes your soul shine 🙂
Brett C.
Since my work deals with alot of walking I count it as a workout because i walk around so much I get so tired but I will include more stuff in about three weeks because in those after those three weeks i’m just going to be sitting but I want to do be more productive during that time to continue with this journey an see results.
Matt Q.
That's how I think: the only important thing is to actually do something, doesn't matter what. So sometimes I don't feel like working out, I will just do some stretching (it's easy for me, I used to attend a dancing school so I know a lot of stretching exercises). It's a nice day outside so I go for a walk, if I feel like running I run. It's too hot or cold outside or it's raining or I just don't feel like walking/running, then I will look for workout videos on YouTube and do that at home. I figured out that the important thing for my brain is to not overdo anything, never do something I don't feel like doing or the day after I won't feel like doing it and I will have to start over again. Sometimes, on Sundays, I write down the workouts I'll do during the following week, so I can try new things and not feel overwhelmed. Don't stress yourself too much, just do what you feel like doing and what you have time to do. For example if have to leave early in the morning I won't have time for the morning workout so I just walk to where I have to go (or walk to a bus stop that isn't just outside my house).
Jicely Y.
I just go on YouTube and follow a new YouTuber. I get in great workouts and trainers typically talk about how different workouts affect the muscles.
Enrique W.
I Watch some YouTube videos every morning, for example this morning I watched a video about yoga and in 5 minutes I felt so proud of myself
L Andro Y.
I watched so many YouTube videos last year with workout routines and I simply put everything together about those videos that is quite more simple for me.
I do those exercises most likely everyday or 4 times a week.
I’m sorry about my English but I am trying !!
Luis F.
Pick out one thing you want to improve physically. For example, toning your arms. Then, research activities you could do, like using dumbbells, resistance straps, or just your body weight. Research the health benefits and positive effects toning your arms would have to make it more interesting and fun. Then you can figure out your goals and research if you should focus on eating certain foods or taking certain vitamins to enhance your workouts.
Marcelino E.
This is solely my opinion, so I hope you understand my point of view…. working out isn't about burning calories only but also is a key for a healthy mind and body.
First we should start off with light stretches which enables our joints to move flexibly for the main workout session.
Second we have to focus on the part we want to build on more… for example, strong arms, core abs, whole body workout etc. Third we should know our capacity of doing the work out… we should increase our time of doing workout little by little instead of jumping to big time gaps.
Last but not the least we should not overwork our bodies. Working out regularly or twice or thrice a week totally depends on our body. Taking regular meals, drinking adequate amount of water is required for having good amount of energy for a refreshing work out.
Thank you for reading my opinion
Stay safe and healthy.
Maria Z.
I get overwhelmed with too much info as well. I think it’s best to start simple, start with what you already know and can do without much if any equipment. Even just trying to do 10-20 crunches, push-ups, and squats is a good start. Or a short yoga session. My favorite way to workout is through dance, bc I enjoy the movement and it doesn’t always feel like I’m forcing myself to workout. YouTube is your friend
Cornelia F.
My suggestion is to start simple. There’s no manual or final destination for pretty much anything. Just pick an activity or sport that you like and just do it. And try to do it every single day. At least in the beginning, because you need to incorporate that habit in your routine. At first it’ll be hard to stick to it, but if you become aware of the mind trying to trick you into quitting, you won’t quit. As you become committed and kind of addicted to it, you will build knowledge around it and you won’t feel overwhelmed or prone to quit anymore.
Luca Q.
I build my workout knowledge through listening and watching videos. Some days I’ll slack a little but then I remember that I’m the one who wants a change through my outer appearance. So I at least try to do a minimum of 15 minutes workout at least 3-4 times per week😊.
Tatiana G.
I am using The Mirror. It is a subscription based thing similar to Peloton but not a bike. You see the trainers and follow along to a variety of work outs. You can choose the length of time and beginner, intermediate or expert. I just do the 15 minute workouts daily because I can totally commit to that.
Nicoline G.
This is such a good question! What I’ve found is that you have to create some external constraint on what exactly you’re going to do, because otherwise it gets overwhelming and you end up doing nothing. I’ve tried in the past to optimize my workout routine, and it normal results in a few highly optimized workouts followed by forgetting the whole thing. I’ve found three ways that I’ve managed to keep workouts consistent: (1) Commit to doing a short (7 or so minutes) workout first thing in the morning, guided by an app — I know I can always do what it tells me for just a few minutes! (2) Sign up for workout classes and put them in my schedule like a meeting — I’ll know I’ll go once I’ve paid, plus I know that if all I have to do is get myself to the gym, I’ll follow through on the workout once I’m there and an instructor is telling me what to do (3) Train for one particular event, like a half marathon — I had a weekly running schedule that I *had* to stick to for this, but it was feasible because on any given day I just had *one* simple task — do the run assigned. All three of these solutions have one thing in common: they outsource the decision of exactly what kind of workout needs to be done on any given day. Making someone/something else make the choice for me prevents procrastination. And while we know a fair bit about how to optimize exercise, there’s still so much evolving research, so the only thing we really know for certain is that it does you so much good to get some exercise, no matter what kind it is!
Melissa E.
What’s worked for me is just choosing something to start with. Want to try running? Start with an app that can help you through like C25K. Commit yourself to working through it. If you like it, stick with it, start learning more and researching how to get better. If you don’t like it, try something else. Once you find something you genuinely like, you’ll want to stick with it and learn more. Just remember if you aren’t used to exercising frequently, it might take a few weeks to get to the place where you’ll enjoy anything. Give yourself at least a month before you move on.
It doesn’t matter what you do as much as it matters you’re doing it consistently and you’re enjoying yourself while you do it. If you like the exercise, you’ll be more likely to stick with it and get better!
Isaac C.
yea I know, unfortunately I don’t know either hah
I think the best thing is to do some reading about it in the evening before your morning exercise etc. like preparing yourself the day before
and what about the number of information? well i still haven’t figured it out 😅 there is soooo many of them
Herminia P.
I have three sources: my main one is YouTube. Especially for new inspiration (it's for example how I discovered smai tawi, a northern African form of moving comparable to the Asian yoga). When I am enthusiastic about one specific thing I either look for a second hand book on it (I have a yoga book) or an app, so that I don't get distracted (like with YouTube)
Emilie C.
I use apps like 30 Day Fitness challenge that allow you to pick the kind of workout you want to do and the intensity of it. Since it provides the workouts each day for 30 days I just need to open the app to see what I need to do the next day. If I finish a 30 Day challenge, it has others I can do that are more intense or have different goals so I can just move on to one of those.
Letisha T.
I've always been athletic from an early age. I was last in a sport or physical activity. I've used the knowledge I have accumulated over the years of staying hydrated, stretching, and changing up the routine to trick my muscles and not get bored. I do a mixture of yoga / stretching, weights, aerobics, elliptical, and walking fast ( less wear on my knees). I sometimes watch youtube for new workouts or motivations.
Shawn Y.
Determining your reason for working out is essential for figuring out the exercises/routines you need to get into. Once you do, you can narrow down your search. For example, if you’re main motivation is improving your spine health, looking at a Pilates instruction video (without the reformer) may be right for you. If you still want to stay more general, searching for introductory stretches and exercises may be a good place from which to make a workout schedule.
Danny A.
Despite what you’re feeling, the knowledge doesn’t just teleport into your brain. Just like working out most days are failures on how much progress but what matters is the consistent baby steps towards your goal
Baldemar Z.
Pick one program for beginners and go for it. You could do a Nike program, a Chloe Ting program, or a YouTubers program. Whatever you do, just do that one program you picked until you finish.
Anthony U.
Definitely agree that too much information causes me to procrastinate and delay action in favor of overthinking decision making. I have found the most success in just jumping into a workout video or a program that takes steps for you, and allowing yourself the opportunity to reassess and adapt your routine as time goes on.
Arron U.
I started with something simple. Just a few easy yoga poses, I looked for an app that suggests a few easy poses for a few minutes. And little little, I add more and more poses each day. Its okay to go slow, do it at your own pace. It's easy to make a habit of something when you're willing to do it everyday than forcing yourself to do it.
Shelby N.
If you can get to a gym, start there with a personal trainer/gym instructor. If you plan to workout at home, try YouTube “body weight full body workout” or the like, watch some different instructors and find someone you like. Subscribe to their channel, save some videos in your Favourites, and cycle through them once a day.
Halley Q.
I started with researching on YouTube very specifically what I was looking for. For me I knew I didn’t like cardio and weight lifting etc. i wanted to just tone my body with gentle and calm movements. Yoga is great for me because it is movement and spirituality wrapped in one so it doesn’t even feel like excercise.
Alaina G.
I look at workout videos on YouTube mainly Chloe Ting I search up exactly what my goal is and look at workout moves designed for the area I’m doing. Also if you are a member at the gym good to watch people who have been members for a while can also ask them “hey what’s this you are doing” and learn from those around you
Villads P.
I was more active in the past, so I am using the tools I found out to be the best for me when I was active… books were the source for me
Vanesa N.
I’ve been working out for a long time now so I only need to Google things every once in a while. I focus on what feels good to my body. I keep my routine pretty simple and experiment from time to time when I feel I need something new. I keep a log in my notes to know what I’ve done.
Wilma W.
The best way to build up knowledge for working out is to first, watch videos to see types of workouts you would like to do! I have different days for focusing on different parts of my body. So, look up routines for each part of the body you want to specifically work out. Take a day to try out all of these workouts that you like and then once you find which ones will work out for you, create a routine. Routines are very important as you have a plan when you go in and it just makes things much simplistic for me personally.
Danielle E.
I think I should look into different splits again, try to make a better timed schedule for myself, perhaps 3 times a week is better for me instead of 4 rn cause school just makes me so tired . So I’m thinking 1 upper body and 2 lowerbody a week with weights and then the other days do more mobility, tricking, and joint strengthening (agt knees over toes guy)
Darienne N.
Start simple. Like you said to much information muddles things. The reality is you’re not gonna be able to walk into the gym and automatically be doing those fitness routines you see online. At least not on a consistent basis. Start with adding it in to your usual activities like actually walking your dog instead of just letting them out into your yard or parking at the end of the lot and taking the stairs. Move up from there once you’ve had a base of an active lifestyle and find something FUN to do. Something like a weighted hula hoop or a bike ride or a morning swim. Finding something we really enjoy doing will make it so much easier to keep up with working out than making it chore that must be completed
Troy J.
I believe in picking something that you enjoy and that is convenient. I prefer running over going to the gym. All I have to do is get my shoes on and head outside. Plus a good training app keeps me motivated, especially in the beginning when I was building up my stamina.
Susan Y.
That may depend on how you yourself operate. A family friend created a daily workout schedule/checklist for me years ago that I followed diligently for quite a while. Life happens though and I ended up procrastinating and ditching it altogether in favor of other things. Methods like these dont work for everyone, so if you know what you can handle and how much/how often then stick to what works, increasing the difficulty to further challenge yourself. If it doesnt, find what does and start out small and easy to learn routines and how your body handles it. Hope this helped!
Mari F.
Find a trainer whose program to follow. That way you'll get the knowledge and can move on. I started with Sweat. Everything is shown and told, trainers help in instagram. In my opinion best program for beginner.
Stella Z.
Learn one new thing at a time that is suitable to your current fitness level. Look at how to do it on Youtube (pick a video that resonates with you) and practice it a little everyday. When you have the hang of it, try another thing.
Elspeth Z.
I'm not sure but working out if great for mental and physical heath make sure to do it daily and always try your best or / and keep a diary or tracker of your progress over the weeks x
Ibrahim N.
I build up my workout knowledge by testing things out. If I don’t test things out then I will never know if this will be good or not
Jenny Q.
Find a program and stick with it. Look for coaches/trainers that are educational in their focus. My current favorite is Amoila Cesar with Beachbody’s 645 program. The training schedule tells you exactly what to do on which days and Amoila explains the why and how through every workout.
Paolo F.
That’s a really good question. My suggestion would be to just pick one “source of information” (ex. an app – like FitOn, a website, a book, classes at a gym, etc) and just stick with that until exercising becomes a habit. That way, you don’t always have to think about what you are going to do and you won’t be as likely to procrastinate. Once it is more solidified as a habit, you can try other sources of information to increase your workout knowledge.
Hilmar T.
I look up work out videos. At first I follow the recommended routine and depending on my strength and Stamina, I add or remove exercises. In the end I end up with a semi personalized regime that I can adjust as I go on.
Gerald R.
I’ve done many workouts in my life, but the best way to figure it out is to try different things, sometimes the gym isn’t the best way to workout instead it could be something like, going on a bike ride, going hiking or even swimming. Make the workout fun, and enjoyable rather than making it feel like a job!
Drago V.
Start small, with as little as 1 minute of body stretch, I recommend to do this after you drink a glass of water when you wake up, this little exercise is really helpful for starting the day
Simon G.
well… I'm a huge kpop fan so I just play some kpop music on YouTube and then just dance! I usally listen to BTS, StrayKids, Enhypen, TXT and Blackpink. The music is just so good that I can't just sit and listen to it… I have to stand up and just dance and maybe even sing! 🤩
Shonda N.
Start small. Three days you do something. Something you enjoy. Walking with music? An exercise YouTube video of Adriene Yoga or Pilates or dance aerobics. Write down what you did in a calendar. Start small with week one. Do the same from week one on week two and note how it’s a tiny bit easier. Do something different week three and four. Body weight squats, step ups, glute bridge, push-ups, planks. Build from there. Research correct FORM, and always adhere to correct form to prevent injury. Don’t ever jerk your body around, move with purpose and thought.
Lorenzo G.
no tinc una rutina específica pero si que hi han certes coses que m’agrada fer pero mai de la mateixa manera. m’agrada canviar i provar noves coses
Same Q.
Choose easier exercise to do. Need less time and can do them at home is my ideal work out cause I don’t like to go out and don’t want to spend a lot of time on exercising.
*Short and at home!
Wendelin X.
I do the pamela’s exercises which are structured daily for different group muscles
If it’s a workout that i don’t really like, i change it to one that i like in order not to associate working out with bad vibes
Lilian F.
This is how i build my workout knowledge. I used to hustle finding a workout plan that suits me so i would try different workout routines which i ended up quitting.

I now have realized that if you are struggling with procrastination, then you should find a workout that is simple and easy to follow at least for the first few weeks. This will help you get to it easily and will help you build discipline then afterwards you can see if you need to change depending on your body goals.

Also, it's best to work out in the morning.

Remember the hardest part is just in starting. Once you start and get your body running you are more than likely to get it done.

Hope that helps.

R I S.
Watch YouTube videos, watch Tiktok and try new things out like new exercises. There's a lot of info in the industry but you don't need to know that much to get progress.
Taz N.
By just starting or initiating what u want to do .. I will eventually get into the flow .by motivating u’re self .. thinking of what I need.
Noelle F.
A way to find out the right workout for yourself is a workout that make you comfortable. And you know how to do it, sometimes. Watching videos of other people exercising sometimes helps as well.
Lucy Y.
The best way is to do your research and talk to a personal trainer so you can work out your needs and things you need to do to get to your goal
Antwan N.
Four months ago, what I did was do small steps like stretching. After the week of me doing it, I started a 5 minute workout. Basically do small steps. If you think 10 min workouts seem long, do 5 minutes
Rom O Q.
Your workout knowledge can be obtained by doing lots of researches, testing on your own body, watching on YouTube many training videos. Personally I strongly recommend to start your workout at home and after that going to the gim.
Recomandition of training videos on YouTube: "Perfect Workout" by ThatchingMensFashion. It has the perfect 7 minute workout that is equal with going for a long run and hitting the gym at the same time(based on science).
Im glad I was able to help you!
Keep going!💪💪💪
Hamna E.
I'm a beginner. I've never worked out in my life. I just started 2 days ago. So,I just do a 7min morning work out with fabulous and that's it.
Gabby N.
I know too much information it’s hard to retain and more chances to procrastinate. I need to start and and think about myself and try to figure out what I can do to reduce procrastinating. I need to start building healthy habits and need to try to convert me to a new person. That way I will Succeed and have more opportunities to interact with people.
Nathan F.
I get knowledge from my dad, who also recommends videos to watch on YouTube about guys who know how to workout and tell you what works for them. I watch all of them, see what they have in common, what matches up, and experiment to see what works for me. I can come up with my own workout routine from there
Kirsty P.
Develop a systematic approach and try to repeat this registry so it becomes part of the daily routine and second nature.
Zena Q.
I write it down and u start practicing I put an alarm to know and I always put some time in it to make it happen and do my workout everyday
Theodore J.
I do a list of which area of my body I want to work and the do a list of exercises(to give you some ideas:push ups, abdominal crunch up, the plank…)
Amanda E.
Well I try use some helpful apps my phone which tells my what to do. At first we really need someone to tell us what.
Just search online. You'll find them so easily.
Stefania R.
Felt like that A LOT in the past. Don't know if it can help, but I downloaded a yoga app and it tells me what to do and how to do it. I chose it because I am anxious and it helps with meditation too. I try to do the exercise the app tells me… I just check I don't exercise too much because I don't want to drop this good habit. Plus, I am becoming more flexible so I am super happy and the satisfaction helps avoid the procrastination too.
Zaidh T.
Sometimes I walk, sometimes I running or just cycling. I all it alternately when I got bored. I do it in the morning, 20 minutes after I woke up. Usually I do around 15 until 25 minutes every single day.
Sophia F.
My workout routine is the seven minute intense workout Fabulous itself provides, it is quite simple and free of too much info, you should try it!
Elsa N.
I usually went for 25 days shred challenge and repeated them for almost 3 times which almost made it 3 months then later I added middle splits routine and stretching exercise… I try to do 2 exercise vid which is almost 40 min at home itself …I have never been to gym ..and I can see a huge change in my mental health and physical health .
Over time these videos gave me the idea of which exercise helps which part of your body and sometimes for fun I do the workouts with songs which is available on YouTube…so that is how I know 😊
Alberte C.
I would highly suggest a coach! Having someone who is knowledgeable and can teach you is a great step. Eventually you will not need their services but hiring someone who knows what they are doing makes all the difference!
Destiny B.
I was a personal trainer for years. I use what I learned & how I’m feeling to determine what regime I will use for the day
Tamanna N.
I prefer a YouTube channel Joanna so official. I found out her plan building technique to be the most helpful for me. If you prefer a more physical trainer than you should definitely go for gym trainer. Whatever you do make sure to understand what works best for you it might take time and records but it would be worth it after all. Good luck 🙂
Leu V.
Hey, darling! Here's what I do to stay on track with my workouts. I downloaded an app especially for that (Workout: Fit at home) and it helps me mentain a healthy body (it has easy, medium and hard workouts, morning and night exercises). It helped and still helps me a lot but the app doesn't give me the motivation, this has to come from you and a wish you have (this may sound weird, but my motivation is to have my legs and abs, especially, *muah* all worked out). Now it depends on you, rather you want to have a healthier lifestyle, you only want to create a habit or other reasons. Hope I helped you, at least a little! :3
Myla T.
I actually used to do gymnastics and in that we would do conditioning (push-ups sit-ups ect) that’s how I built up the knowledge
Ilayda H.
I have struggled with my weight for years I still do the thing that motivates me is when I look at other people such as celebrities or family members and I think to my self that if I really tried I could become that I could look like that most things like going out dressing up I avoid all of those things just because I care about my weight so instead of making myself tired everyday for lazy people like myself I find at home workouts so that I can work out at home and myself have lost so much weight since and I try to eat healthier but that doesn’t mean I don’t have snacks every once and a while
Brittany Y.
I've done sports on and off all my life (dance, basketball, crew) so I decided I would start right where they did: with stretching. There are some pretty intense stretches that wake me up and get me ready to go for the day. After that, I went back to elementary school P.E. My teacher always had us do very simple "boxing" drills where we would throw a single punch and then throw the same punch with a cross jab from the other fist. Repeat a few times, then switch which arm leads. I've found that it's great for ramping up intensity because it starts simple and only gets as difficult and intense as you make it. From there, maybe just find a single workout video you enjoy and do that every morning, but really try to do the same one for at least a week before switching. The repetition makes it seem less daunting every morning.
Shalini U.
There’s a really good video on this topic by Johanna Soh (check out her channel). It’s always easy to follow a workout challenge (I recommend Chloe Ting or Lilly Sabri) so you are motivated to complete the daily goals. Hope this helps!
Douglas U.
There are a lot of fitness apps with pre-made workouts like ClassPass Go. If you don’t like apps, is a great (and free) resource, with thousands of workouts to choose from that don’t require equipment. They also have several 30- to 90-day programs based on ability and focus, as well as a video library showing how to do nearly all of the exercises used in the workouts.
Sophia F.
My workout routine is the seven minute intense workout Fabulous itself provives. It is quite simple and free of too much info, you should try it!
Vito Z.
Just do simple things. You don’t have to have workout knowledge to exercise. Just do some push up’s and squats, or a plank for a minute. Do whatever feels right. I workout by commuting to work by bike and it feels great and is good for me. Just start simple, and if you like it, then you can start doing complex things!
Kim E.
I’ve set aside 30 mins every evening to stretch, I will also do something in the morning even if it’s 5-10mins that’s more energetic, the mornings are harder but holding yourself accountable through this app has definitely helped me and strengthened the good habits I already had (not a bit or a shill 😂 just honest)
Latisha Y.
You’ll have to find what works the best for you. What i did was watching alot of videos and followed their routines but everyone works differently, for me it was impossible to start with an entire workout i couldn’t keep up or gave up. How i did it was starting with one thing that i wanted to work on for example: abs. I would do an abs workout only abs workout for maybe a week i would for example start of with 50 scrunches a day and work my way up through the week like i would add more scrunches or more workouts after it became easy i would add another workout for example maybe legs ya know
Laura F.
I make a routine and if I don't know how to do a certain workout, I'll basically jus search it up and if I don't do it right, I'll take time and work on my form to do that workout correctly.
Virgil P.
I begin with exercise that more naturally fits into my day. For example, incorporate a walk with friends or hike into your day, do a few pushups throughout the day, jog to work, etc. Simply increasing activity will increase caloric output and your enjoyment of life.
Only for specific muscle gains do I personally tend to “work out.”
Hope this helps:)
Nancy Y.
Honestly, walk for the first two weeks, then run for a week. Just short bursts for both. Don't press it. Know that your goals are long term and short term pressure isn't necessary. Then start lifting in month four, with just twenty five pound weights and just an easy lift exercise. And then repeat!
Louis I.
Hi, excersize is good for health and keeps you fit!I am addicted to excercising but it wasn’t easy for me before.I always used to say ok this time is enough no more.Later on I realised that you can have fun while doing excersize.You can always wear headphone and jam to some music while working out.If you think you are too out of shape, excersize for thirty minutes and start working your way up.Always think positive and enjoy in different ways like dancing, vibing, running, jogging, even self defence works.Always remember to have fun and stay safe!!!😀
Arianna W.
Unless you are a body builder the truth is you don't need all the knowledge, and alot is incorrect or excessive. We as humans need to move but there's no set one way. Activities like dancing, walking, and running are all helping your body and mind. Doing a variety of things works best, different dance moves use different muscle groups. Different yoga poses loosen different muscles. Just try not to worry about what exactly your doing and just get moving! Its fun and easy
Gayatri E.
For someone new to working out, it’s best to join a class at a convenient time to get into the habit and find motivation. It also helps you build knowledge on how to workout by learning from a trained teacher and won’t lead to wasting time in researching what and how to work out.
Isaiah J.
I start with the basics and go from there. During your workout, start with what you know then add a new excersize and work at it till you fully understand, then add another new one until your comfortable with the full workout. Research new excersizes on your break days then pick the ones that are appropriate for the workout you are doing. I am very much a procrastinator so when it comes to new excersizes I like to practice those first before the rest of my workout. Just like the rest of your life, new exercises are something you have to work at it until you feel comfortable with it.
Laurine Z.
It’s about believing in yourself.Working hard and pushing through.Let’s say you have a dog and you don’t want to walk it ,start with walking your dog for 2 minutes 10 times in a day . And as you go on add 2 more minutes and subtract the times in a day so
Malo S.
If I have a question about something specific I’ll look it up, but I try not to worry too much about “workout knowledge” and just do what feels good for me individually. That way I can listen to my body instead of my worried mind!
Rebecca Q.
I have purchased a fitness programme online for a very modest price. Compared to the workouts I did by myself, I am seeing more results and I'm trying out new things. Also,.for my short morning workouts, ilI just saved a playlist of all the 10 mins workouts I could find and every morning I try a new one. Some of them work for me, some of them are gentler, some of them tougher. I am building my knowledge as I go and use my morning 10 mins space to explore and experiment.. it's a great feeling to get even before you get out of bed!
Maxine U.
Me and my dad ussualy do it.

But some time I procrasinate so now my exams are going on so I just do a small excersize which my dad thought me or I dance

Jalen Z.
Main thing really is to keep it very simple. My biggest mistake first starting was making it way mire complex then it needed to be. Go to the gym. Eat a lot. Rest. As long as you put %100 into those three steps you will have no choice but to naturally learn as you go.
Muntean Vovea P.
Yt and quora. After I saw some responses at the questions I have, I take in consideration the answer which was said by the most people.
Cristina X.
Remember the 80/20 rule. You only need 20% of the right information to get you 80% of the results. You'll never learn everything so stick with the basics, get the habit down, and then worry about modifying your plans latter. See also a personal trainer if you think that will help.
Jolita N.
Must research before doing anything to avoid procrastinating . When you choose one do it with all your strength. if it does not work you did the Smart thing and researched a lot beforehand. Next you just choose a workout that could possibly work after the previous did not work.
Last have a backup workout from all the research for example creating your own workout either. weights or body weight .
Liva C.
A go-to breakfast for me is yogurt and granola. you could also have toast with peanut butter on it. And you can also just add some fruits and vegetables to your regular breakfast to add more flavor
Rachel Q.
Start with 4 workouts, google them if u have to, do 10-15 reps of each workout 3 times! Add a new workout or 2 every week! There’s no other way to do it besides learning a long a little bit each time u work out
Jolei N.
I just made a clear mindset that I as a college student I always need to have a little improvement in myself foe me to cope up in everything around me.
Kledian N.
I was easy beings on procrastination, but something that’s truly help me take action is that I prepared my to do list for tomorrow and also my phone reminder’s and Fabulous reminders make my life easier, I wish know that truly earlier! 🙏 Thanksgiving to a Great 😊 Dream Team of Fabulous Excellent Work Research 👌🏻
Kashfia M.
Hello! I start my day with a 10 min HIIT Workout. HIIT is better at burning calories and helping you shed unwanted pounds. The biggest reason is the anaerobic form of exercise. It burns more calories than cardio both during and after exercising. It basically means that your body continues to burn calories hours after your high-intensity workout is over. Sometimes I don’t get the time to this workout in morning, so I do it anytime of the day but not too near my bedtime. If I feel lazy or not in the mood, I try to exercise using an upbeat song. Remember, doing it for 9 minutes or 45 minutes does not matter, what matters the most is if you’re consistently doing it. Best of luck!
Zee N.
Do your research online and decide on the purpose of your workout eg, mental or physical, weight loss or gain etc and start with beginner stages, consistency is key.Just keep repeating the same workout until it feels easier then start transitioning into more challenging workouts for the same purpose and with that comes more knowledge about diet and the fitness lifestyle and you feeling accomplished in your fitness goal.
Kendall O.
Usually I like to use a video or guidance to help me! If you need some tips or ideas try subscribing to Vicky Justiz on YouTube! I actually use one of her videos as part of my daily workout. Let me know if you want more tips! Have a wonderful day/night!