I’d love to hear about other great workout programs people have tried that kept them motivated and felt and saw a noticeable difference.

Marta T.
I've started Peleton and I'm nicely surprised how is organised and its definitely helping me to stay active. I would def recommend that to everyone.
Emmy A.
Hello mate! So I've been doing chloe ting arm challenge for 1 month now and I can see a difference, not a huge one but good things take time. To keep me motivated I usually look at my old pictures where I was a bit more chubby and just pray I will not go back to where I've been trying to stay away from and realise that I've done too much too give up now. But when I just started working out, I gained motivation from people who were once chubby and came a long way to where they are right now with discipline and commitment. I also like to hop on the treadmill at least 3times a week and After months and months of working out, It has become like a lifestyle now; to eat clean and working out. I hope this help you and if you have any queries, I'm here😊. Don't starve yourself, you are beautiful and worthy. You will be proud when you see yourself 2 years from now and remember that you are loved
Silke R.
Fit on is a really good app! It contains all different kinds of workouts (yoga/boxing/dance/stretch/HIIT/…). There is a lot to choose from so there’s a workout for every moment and mood of the day 🙂
Rosa T.
I use yoga with Adrienne, she has 30 days of yoga playlists on YouTube and it's very motivational and gives great advice and alternative postures, she's not the kind of judgy teacher, it's very reconfortant to lisent to her.
Brian Z.
Sometimes the big workout programmes are too much effort or time. What works for me is doing 10 pushups throughout the day at different intervals. For example, every day I reach a goal of 60 pushups – I do 10 whenever I feel tired, capable, or I have spare time. It increases your heart rate at key moments throughout the day and I can see a noticeable difference in how I look and my overall arm strength. Small, simple and successful.
Jess A.
I did the Chloe ting 2 weeks an challenge it was very hard but so good. It had a great variety of exercises and I saw results after it.