What do you do if you don’t feel like training?

Louisa Z.
I do it anyway 🙂
Even if I do a shorter session. The most important thing is to keep the habit going.
If I feel sick or really can’t because of any kind of unexpected event, I try not to be too hard on myself. It’s part of the process that we sometimes pause and need to restart.

Alberte W.
I try to remember how satisfied I felt after training or I imagine how proud I will feel if I succeed in working out every day.

Bill P.
Sometimes play some music might help or someday I jost start with stretching my neck and shoulders but I think there is the time that you should give a rest that day

Tamera O.
I work at my studio..does anyone have any hobbies. And tv is one of the greatest inventions Of all time! Yes eating well sleeping well..but aren't those things along with some form of exercise 2nd nature??

L Sma F.
Then I skip it. I dont think it should be something you regularly push yourself to do. Sometimes the best for me is just to skip it. 🙂

Derci Q.
I remind myself that training will make me feel a lot better afterwards and it motivates me. If i really don t feel like training i do something very small because it s better than doing nothing

Maeve T.
I ask why. Is it because I am tired and do I need to take it easy? Or is there something I am more interested in? Like cuddling my dog in bed… If it's the former, I set aside time dedicated to cuddling my dog. And I get up.

Kenzo Z.
Just commit to an easy couple of minutes everyday (for example some simple morning stretches). A couple minutes is better than nothing and sometimes your mind/body needs a break. However, I usually find that after the first couple minutes it's easy to commit more time/effort and I end up managing at least 30mins of training. This method works with exercise, study, working and even chores 🙂