How do you wake up happy in the morning?

Lucas B.
I have something to look forward to. Seeing my husband, enjoying a day off, nice yoga class, tasty cup of flat white, going out to stay on the sun and meet a friend, or exciting work I need to do. I know what also helps is to smile first thing after opening eyes when waking up. 🙂
Jacob P.
First of all. Make sure you have enought sleep. At least 7 hours. Second of all, make sure to complete your habits because then you will feel fulfilled and happy. Second, smile, even if forced.
Isabelina Q.
i reflect on my dreams. And then somebody yoga. If I’m with my partner I will cuddle in and sleep some more in his warm strong arms xx
Katrine Z.
When I have slept well and know what are my tasks for today. I make my to-do lists in advance to make my weekdays productive. My weekends and evenings are mostly reserved for chilling out or doing house chores etc.
Ekaterina O.
It’s important to have enough sleep and be balanced before sleep. After you open your eyes it’s important to start being grateful for what you have and understand that another day has arrived to enjoy your life and to be closer to your dreams and goals
Cate N.
I wake up happy knowing I’m going to do exactly what I want to, for 30 mins before I do anything else. Usually it’s drink coffee outside and listen to music.
Heinz Otto N.
I enjoy doing the things I love in the morning like listening to some positive music I think French songs are so positive like the song of ratatouille film 😂😂❤ make some food and it's useful to do some meditation or yoga to clear ur mind then you can start your day
Sarah O.
I don’t. I struggle to wake up to get up and to get my day going. I’m trying to build habits to help me with this but it’s been difficult
Frida E.
I always try to give myself time before bed just for me. Listen to my favorite music, read a good book, make some art. Doing the things that make me happy before bed sets my tone for how I wake up in the morning. If I go to bed happy, I wake up happy.
Audrey B.
Self care the night before to wake up clean an fresh stay of your phone to a certain time to much negative on your phone
Christoffer U.
I try to focus on the positive things of that day, and the fact that I can create some of those; my actions will have that impact. A motivating song always helps.
Jorge Z.
I first drink some water, which gives me very quick energy and wakes me up faster. Normally I am absolutely no morning person but that helps a lot. Then I remind myself of all the self-care awaiting me and the help of this App that brings me to really doing it. Plus I set a goal for something I love that I wanna do today.
Hannah J.
I like to make sure everything thing is clean the night before and prepped for the next day. And I like having my morning to myself without Abby up. So I can get ready in the quite.