What is the best food to eat before exercising?

Abigail Z.
I would say the best thing to eat before you exercise is some kind of protein. We don’t want to eat too much but getting some protein in before exercising could be beneficial.
Nils U.
I eat a carb with some protein about an hour before working out. It's usually in the am so an egg and whole wheat toasr
Mar W.
I typically don't eat before I exercise because it's common knowledge that you shouldn't have a full stomach when you are planning to get active, especially if you're planning to do more hard-core exercises. If you really need to eat something, I would recommend something small like a fruit.
Tanya S.
Typically, I eat fruits before working-out since it goves me an energy boost and taste delicious! Doesn't have to be a whole salad or a fruit bowl, but make sure to eat something. The type of fruit doesn't matter, but eat something. I care for you <3