What is the main exercise you do?

Ethan P.
Actually it's quite difficult to say only one because I do many exercises. I think plank and squatting is the main exercises I do everyday.
Jacqui Y.
Hi there. I’ve started doing the Couch to 5K via the app that you can download. It’s completely free and it’s done really well. I was daunted by running at first but found that this app starts slowly and builds you up. Why not give it a try
Te B.
I like to run at the gym, then work my core, after that I work my chest with dumbell presses and bench press, followed by rowing machine, lat pulls then leg press and assisted squats. I also do yoga every Sunday for flexibility, but the main exercise I do, is dancing
Fl Vio A.
The main exercise I do is cardio. I love keeping my heart rate up whether it’s through bicycling, swimming, boxing, running, sprinting, etc. I love to keep my heart healthy too because I would say it is one of the most important muscles in our body even though we can’t see it. But it is literally keeping us alive day by day so it’s best we keep it healthy.